Maria Sharapova by Jan Welters
The Edit Magazine August 31st, 2017

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Photography: Jan Welters
Model: Maria Sharapova
Styling: Tracy Taylor
Hair: Adir Abergel
Make-Up: Kara Yoshimoto Bua
Manicure: Ashlie Johnson
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77 Reasons to Upgrade…

If you have an older EOS camera, find out how far Canon DSLR technology has moved on…

Canon EOS 77D
Canon’s new enthusiast DSLR offers the technology of the EOS 80D in a smaller, cheaper body. Phil Hall gives it a test

77 reasons why Canon’s new camera is better than yours!

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The Canon Magazine
Issue 128 – July 2017

It’s a camera, it’s a lens, NO it’s a …

Power Bank !

REMAX Lycra Dual USB Power Bank – 10,000mAh design Lycra camera shape. Built-in 10,000mAh high capacity Polymer battery extends the battery life of your mobile device. Compatible for iPhone, Android phones and other mobile devices. Dual USB output allows you to charge up to two devices at once, convenient and efficient.

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The new Nikon D7500 | 20 things you need to know

Nikon’s new DX-format DSLR offers enthusiasts speed, performance and value. We list the 20 key features you need to know about.
The new D7500 slots in between the D7200 and the D500, right at the top of Nikon’s DX-format digital SLR range. It’s designed for keen enthusiasts who want the best possible combination of performance and value, and it would also suit those who are looking to upgrade to a more powerful camera from their first Nikon DSLR. The specs are very exciting. The 20.9-megapixel sensor is one of Nikon’s latest, and the 8fps continuous shooting speed is really impressive for a DSLR in this price bracket. Almost more amazing, though, is the D7500’s incredible maximum ISO setting. We make a lot of comparisons between the D7500 and the existing D7200 and D500 models in this special six-page preview, because this little group of cameras poses some interesting choices. The D7200 is great value, but is starting to show its age, while the D500 is extremely powerful, but more expensive. So maybe the D7500 combines the best of both worlds, with the affordability of the D7200 and the power of the D500? Let’s take a look…

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The new Nikon D7500 | 20 things you need to know
via NPhoto Magazine — Issue 72 – June 2017

More than just beautiful hardware

More than just beautiful hardware

Relonch, Camera as a service

Unleash your talent.

relonch12a5 NOs on the path to remarkable photos
No Screen, No Flash, No Settings, No Zoom, No SD Card

relonch12bOnly the viewfinder
We’ve removed the screen so that you are not distracted by reviewing photographs, but keep searching and shooting. The viewfinder is the best way to immerse yourself in the shot, especially in bright sunlight.
Only one button
Settings and modes are pointless if no one can figure them out. We’ve left one special mode that allows you to shoot confidently under any conditions.

relonch12cJust Natural Lighting
We took away the flash, because a built-in flash kills the picture. We believe that natural lighting, even in low light, makes a photo real, alive, and remarkable.
Only the prime lens
Having a zoom is handy. However, a good zoom is heavy, huge, and expensive. Everything else compromises picture quality. We picked the ideal lens for shooting in any conditions. The best way to get a close-up shot is to actually get close.

relonch12dOnly a sim card
With Relonch, there’s no need to transfer your photos from an SD cards. Your camera automatically uploads all images to the Relonch cloud through its built-in SIM card.

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relonch12eWe made the camera you want to take with you. Every day.

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