Celebrating 44 years of images captured by the light microscope

Stunning Weevil Eye Wins Forty-Fourth Annual Nikon Small World Competition
Nikon’s Small World is regarded as the leading forum for showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope. The Photomicrography Competition is open to anyone with an interest in microscopy and photography. The video competition, entitled Small World In Motion encompasses any movie or digital time-lapse photography taken through the microscope.

Eye of a Metapocyrtus subquadrulifer beetle
by Yousef Al Habshi
1st Place – 2018 Photomicrography Competition
— – —

Fern sorus (structures producing and containing spores)
by Rogelio Moreno Gill
2nd Place – 2018 Photomicrography Competition
— – —

Stalks with pollen grains
by Dr. Csaba Pintér
10th Place – 2018 Photomicrography Competition
— – —

Vespa velutina (Asian hornet) with venom on its stinger
by Pierre Anquet
19th Place – 2018 Photomicrography Competition
— – —

Quartz/Amethyst specimen with a mountain like inclusion scene
by Nick Prince
Image of Distinction – 2018 Photomicrography Competition
— – —

The Nikon International Small World Competition first began in 1975 as a means to recognize and applaud the efforts of those involved with photography through the light microscope. Since then, Small World has become a leading showcase for photomicrographers from the widest array of scientific disciplines.
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Grand Imaging Award 2019 finalists named by Professional Photographers of America

Professional Photographers of America has announced the Grand Imaging Award finalists for 2019.

The 100 finalists’ images have been deemed the best of the 2018 PPA International Photographic Competition. The Grand Imaging Award finalists, 10 each in 10 categories, were selected from 5,200 entries judged by a panel of 32 jurors.

At Imaging USA 2019, the top three photographers in each category will receive awards, with one of the 10 first-place images taking the overall Grand Imaging Award and a $1,000 cash prize.
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Grand Imaging Award 2019 finalists named by Professional Photographers of America
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Ultimate Sea View

National maritime charity, the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, has revealed the eagerly anticipated results of its annual photography competition showcasing the UK’s coastline and its associated people and industry.

Following a challenging judging process of almost 1,000 entries, the prize for the overall winner was awarded to Chris Herring for his entry, ‘Fighting until the End’, a photo capturing an abandoned yacht at Cart Gap on the Norfolk Coast. The image landed the professional photographer a £500 prize voucher for photographic equipment.

Chris Herring – ‘Fighting until the End’, Cart Gap, Norfolk – Overall Winner & Winner of the Ships & Wrecks category
— – —

Owen Humphreys – ‘Stormy Seas’, Seaham, Co. Durham, Winner of the Coastal Views category
— – —

Rob Amsbury – ‘Clear Communications’, Anglesey, Highly Commended in the Coastal Views category
— – —

Justin Minns – ‘Shipshape’, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, Highly Commended in the Ships & Wrecks category
— – —

Craig Scott – ‘Just a Shell’, Aberdour – Highly Commended in the Ships & Wrecks category
— – —

Photography Competition 2018
The winners of the 2018 Ultimate Sea View have been announced!
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Royal Air Force Photographic Competition

Judging for the 2018 Royal Air Force Photographic Competition recently took place at the Royal Air Force Museum London. Over 1,000 photos and 25 videos were entered across the competition’s 13 categories, with the best 9 images being whittled down by 3 industry professional judges, before going head-to-head online to win the ‘Peoples’ Choice’ category.

Cpl Tim Laurence, Photo ACSSU RAF Halton
— – —

RAF Centenary
Cpl Tim Laurence, Photo ACSSU RAF Halton
— – —

Sgt Paul Oldfield, RAF Cosford
— – —

SAC Hannah Smoker, RAFAT RAF Scampton
— – —

Cpl Tim Laurence, Photo ACSSU RAF Halton
— – —

Smoke In The Sun
Mr Mark Thompson, The Amateur Military Category
— – —

Royal Air Force Photographic Competition
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Winning photographs from the 2018 RHS Photographic Competition

The RHS Photographic Competition inspires young and old alike to get outdoors and record how enriching and inspiring gardens and plants can be

Kristina Zvinakeviciute
Overall adult winner of the competition Welcoming garden wildlife
This image is of a soldier beetle spotted during summer in a meadow of wavy hair grass (Deschampsia flexuosa) near Manchester. Taken with a Sony 77.
— – —

Aleksandr Ivanov
Winner Pure plants
— – —

Damjan Voglar
Winner Abstract and details
— – —

Madhura Tilve
Winner Under 18s
How the colours change when the sun sets
— – —

Indigo Larmour
Overall Young Winner Under 11s
Am I camouflaged?
— – —

Winning photographs from the 2018 RHS Photographic Competition
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Scuba Diving Magazine’s 2018 Underwater Photo Contest Winners

The underwater photo contest continues to be one of our favorite issues to produce here at Scuba Diving magazine. With this year’s reader photo contest, you’ve done it again — completely blown us away. For the 14th year, we’ve asked underwater photographers of all skill levels to submit their best work to the Through Your Lens photography competition, and we marvel at how many beautiful images you all have shared. Pick a photo —any photo — and it could have been a contender; imagine how we felt trying to narrow them down from more than 2,100 entries to the dozen or so winners you see here.

Grand Prize Winner
Rodney Bursiel, Tonga
— – —

First Place – Compact Camera
Jamie Hall, Tiran Island, Red Sea
— – —

First Place – Wide-Angle
Alex Dawson, Tala Bay, Jordan
— – —

First Place – Macro
Cai Songda, Janao Bay, Anilao, Philippines
— – —

Second Place – Conceptual
Lucie Drlikova, Prague, Czech Republic
— – —

Second Place – Wide-Angle
Karen Smith, Tulum, Mexico
— – —

Third Place – Compact Camera
Ferenc Lőrincz, Marsa Shagra, Egypt
— – —

2018 Underwater Photo Contest Winners
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Chelsea International Photography Competition

The Chelsea International Photography Competition exhibition features the diverse works of 28 professional and amateur photographers. The works on view were selected by a distinguished panel of jurors and convey the astonishing breadth and global nature of the photographic medium. Through expressive portraits, still lifes, and conceptual works, the exhibition conveys a unique perspective on the tradition of photography and how the medium conveys ideas, creates fictions, or captures attitudes.

Korean photographer and photojournalist HaleLee Seoyeon masterfully captures the paradox of compassionate isolation in urban spaces.
— – —

Self taught Brazilian photographer Sidney Gaspar documents the play of light and shadow in his theatrical landscapes shot in black and white.
— – —

French-Russian artist Misha De-Stroyev’s beguiling works capture the grandeur and enormity of the natural world.
— – —

Eli Matityahu’s recent photographic series masterfully weaves together architecture and abstraction within a minimalist aesthetic.
— – —

The works of Vincent Chahley are a cross-section of digitality and physicality, where details commingle with perceptual gestalts to give viewers a novel perspective on the interrelationship between geography and art.
— – —

Chelsea International Photography Competition Exhibition
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