Mother’s Love

This Vietnamese woman has a speech disorder but it does not stop her from continuing her life as a mother of two.

A mother’s love is unconditional despite her speech disability, a hardship that can be too much to overcome, yet she stays strong for the sake of her children.

Having a month-old baby behind her and a two-year-old baby in her hand, life must go on. When life gets tough, the tough gets going. That’s how this mother overcomes her daily hardships. However, her life is full of hope when she is looking down at her children.

Edwin Ong Wee Kee | Malaysia (Grand Prize Winner) | “Hope” Category
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Small bully
A small bird snoops in on a bird of prey mid flight almost bullying him while he transports his next meal.

Chen-Kuang Chen | Taiwan (1st prize winner) | “General – Colour” Category
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Tibor Kercz | Hungary (3rd prize winner) | “General – Black & White” Category
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A Stormy Day
A young boy plays in a street filled with water after heavy rains in Sabang, Central Jakarta, 2010.

Fanny Octavianus | Indonesia (1st prize winner) | “Hope” Category
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An Unlikely Encounter
A baby humpback whale, interacting with a freediver in the clear waters of Tonga. At less than 2 months old, he is bigger than a car, feeding on milk until he is strong enough to make the journey back to Antarctica with his mother. This playful giant swam around us while his mother rested down below.

Karim Iliya | United States of America (2nd prize winner) | “General – Colour” Category
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Winners of HIPA’s eighth season ‘Hope’ announced.
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The Moment

‘The Moment’ is that split second occurrence that could happen in the blink of an eye and yet have a profound visual effect if captured properly. Such instances often have the magical ability to alter a person’s life and his or her surroundings forever.

Life is a collection of moments that shape our destiny. For photographers, a destiny defining moment is the junction where the time and place of a photograph meet to form a visual masterpiece.

TantoYensen | Indonesia
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Paul Nicklen | Canada
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Muhammad Babar Swaleheen | Pakistan
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Daniel Riffal Roneo Tantono | Indonesia
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Marek Biegalski | Poland
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Mahdi Pourebadi | Iran
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Abdullah BouHamad | Kuwait
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The Moment
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Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award

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HIPA Awards: The Moment Category Winners

Over the years, the Hamdan International Photography Awards have showcased incredible imagery from all around the world, symbolic of the unique themes of their contests. The Moment was the theme of their latest contest, where photographers made submissions based on their interpretation of the theme.

Photograph/Mahdi Pourebadi
General (Black & White) Category
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Photograph/Quanhui Liu
General (Black & White) Category
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Photograph/Michael Christopher Brown
General (Colour) Category
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Photograph/Zuhe Ding
General (Colour) Category
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HIPA Awards: The Moment Category Winners
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The Challenge

Photographers are very familiar with the challenges faced in their line of work. They often have to deal with challenges in order to be able to capture the right image at the right moment and deliver the intended message or provoke the right feelings. However, this category is about conveying the theme of challenge in a clear manner either in the way the photograph was shot or in its content and subject matter. The scope is quite wide; the challenge could be shown in the composition of the picture, the arrangement of its elements, sequence, the lighting, or in expressing the odd and unusual (without digital manipulation). It can be in capturing a fleeting moment that may never pass again, or in delivering a piece of information or situation that is quite hard for most people to do. Don’t limit your mind to what the challenge may be; seek it and capture it.

Grang Prize Winner
Landfill Ballerina
Arash Yaghmaeian | United States of America
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1st Winner
A Butterfly in Water
Giulio Montini | Italy
— – —

2nd Winner
Knowledge, the Most Powerful Weapon
Adel El Masri | Palestinian Territory
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3rd Winner
A Fight for Survival
Mohammad Khorshid | Kuwait
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The Challenge
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La vie en couleurs | Life in colour | 2014-2015 | HIPA

Ce qui fait La beauté de la vie, c’est sa couleur.
Du bleu froid et frais, en passant par des teintes de terre cuite apaisées, du rouge riche et profond au jaune dorée et brillant, la couleur a cette capacité de toucher notre psychisme. Ils peuvent apporter une lueur chaleureuse dans une journée maussade et de créer un sourire sur notre visage.
Grace à La couleur, on peut reconnaitre des peuples, des lieux, des animaux, des plantes et des consommables qui jouent un rôle prépondérant dans notre vie quotidienne.
La couleur peut ajouter une touche de drame.
Elle peut être discrète et simuler le calme intérieur.
Elle a la capacité de dire beaucoup plus que son nom composé d’un ou deux mots.
Un Blanc brillant peut s’identifier à de murs fraîchement peints, à des dents dans un visage bronzé, ou à draps lavés dans la brise – chacun dépeint une histoire très différente.
Mais quel message «La vie en couleurs» vous communique ?
C’est à votre esprit créatif d’en décider.

HIPA2015aAnurag Kumar – India (Grand Prize Winner)

— – —

La vie en couleurs

HIPA2015bAruna Mahabaleshwar Bhat – India (1st Prize Winner)

HIPA2015cZhang Xiangli – China (2nd Prize Winner)

HIPA2015dZeki Yavuzak – Turkey (3rd Prize Winner)

HIPA2015eMujeeb Rahiman Kizhakkechalil – India (4th Prize Winner)

HIPA2015fFabrizio Moglia – Italy (5th Prize Winner)

— – —

Général / Choix des participants

HIPA2015gHarish Chavda – United Kingdom (1st Prize Winner)

HIPA2015hAli Rajabi Shomali – Iran (2nd Prize Winner)

HIPA2015iAntonius Andre Tjiu – Indonesia (3rd Prize Winner)

HIPA2015jYvon Andre Pierre Buchmann – France (4th Prize Winner)

HIPA2015kJaime Singlador – Philippines (5th Prize Winner)

— – —


HIPA2015lRudoi Danil Vladimirovich – Russian Federation (1st Prize Winner)

HIPA2015mKenneth Brut Geiger – United States (2nd Prize Winner)

HIPA2015nChi Hung Cheung – Hong Kong (3rd Prize Winner)

HIPA2015oAli Salem Zohari – United Arab Emirates (4th Prize Winner)

HIPA2015pXyza Dela Cruz Bacani – Philippines (5th Prize Winner)

— – —

Photographie de nuit

HIPA2015qPeng Li – China (1st Prize Winner)

HIPA2015rHo Sung Wee – Malaysia (2nd Prize Winner)

HIPA2015sNguyễn Minh Tân – Viet Nam (3rd Prize Winner)

HIPA2015tAlexandre Buisse – France (4th Prize Winner)

HIPA2015uAlain Daniel Koo Hin Cheong – France (5th Prize Winner)

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HIPA ‘Creating The Future – General’ Winning Entries

For the ‘General’ category of the 2013 Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards (HIPA), winners were picked from the international community as well as the United Arab Emirates and five photographs made the final cut.

hipaCTFgeneral1General 1st Prize Winner – Vladimir Proshin from the Russian Federation

— – —

hipaCTFgeneral2General 2nd Prize Winner, Emirati – Sulaiman Ahmed Eid Al Hammadi from the United Arab Emirates

— – —

hipaCTFgeneral3General 2nd Prize Winner, International – Muhammad Alamsyah Rauf from Indonesia

— – —

hipaCTFgeneral4General 3rd Prize Winner, International – Saeed Abdalla Jumoh Al Yahyaee from the United Arab Emirates

— – —

hipaCTFgeneral5General 3rd Prize Winner, International – Muhamad Saleh Bin Dollah from Malaysia

— – —

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HIPA Beauty of Light 2012-2013 winners and more

beautyoflight01Grand Prize Winner (Beauty of Light) – Osama Al Zubaidi – United Arab Emirates

beautyoflight02Beauty of Light (International) First prize – Jingsheng Nie – China

beautyoflight03General (International) First prize – Klaus-Peter Selzer – Germany

beautyoflight04Black & White (International and Emirati) First prize – Chan Kwok Hung – Hong Kong

and more …

beautyoflightentries01 beautyoflightentries02 beautyoflightentries03 beautyoflightentries04 beautyoflightentries05 beautyoflightentries06Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award