7 Ways You Can Achieve Better Poses (For Models and Photographers)

You’re a model or photographer, you’re in the middle of the shoot, and you’re stuck. You’re thinking: How can I get a better pose? How can I make this picture shine?

1. It’s All About the Hands (or Lack of).
2. Use a Prop or Object
3. Don’t “Try To Model”
4. Use a Mood Board
5. Study Other Poses
6. Create a Scene
7. Don’t Worry

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Morey Spellman is a Los Angeles based photographer. His work combines a love for beautiful light, authentic beauty, and natural scenery.
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7 Ways You Can Achieve Better Poses (For Models and Photographers)
by Morey Spellman
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Cats Are Born To Be Models by Maria Basti

Cats are born to be models. They are elegant and composed, mysterious and curious, but with the right amount of goofiness thrown in the mix.

‘basti | photographie d’animaux | photographe animalier situé à Lisbonne
‘basti | pet photography | fotógrafa de animais localizada em Lisboa

Eterna despassarada e desde ’89 com a cabeça nas nuvens. Sofro de um desejo (quase) incontrolável de abraçar todos os animais que se cruzam no meu caminho, o que não é uma coisa má… Não fosse eu alérgica a cães e a gatos. Uma fotógrafa de animais alérgica a animais. Sentem a ironia? Eu sinto. Todos os dias. O aspirador tornou-se no meu melhor amigo e gasto uma pequena fortuna todos os meses em rolos autocolantes para tirar os pêlos da roupa.
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Cats Are Born To Be Models by Maria Basti
via The Big Photo E-Zine

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Fashion Photography 101 by Lara Jade

In this fashion photography course, learn every stage of a fashion shoot, from casting your styling team and model to the shoot day itself: shooting in-studio and on-location, lighting techniques, model direction, and finally, retouching, business, marketing, and social media advertising.

Whatever type of photographer you are and whatever your experience level, you can learn something from this fashion photography course — the elements of fashion photography and how to integrate them with your own business techniques! Lara will instill you with confidence as she shares her personal experiences of her journey in the industry thus far, guiding you towards making your own mark within the industry.

Lara Jade is a fashion and advertising photographer from England who currently resides in New York City. She was fortunate enough to chance upon photography at the age of fifteen, taking early fortes in self-portraiture and fine art photography. At only seventeen, she decided to start her own business – Lara Jade Photography.

Fashion Photography 101 by Lara Jade

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Supermodel Magazine

The publication where the world’s great photographers and models come together to display their most stunning images. Features world renowned supermodels and photographers and as well as newcomers. Also featured are various modeling agencies from around the world and select clothing and gear companies.

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Supermodel Magazine
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Portraits from MyAlternative Magazine

Model: digitaliss demiwolf
Instagram: @digitalissdemiwolf
Photographer: rob neal
Instagram: @rob_neal_photographer
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Model: selina hall
Instagram: @_soulbeautiful
Photographer: rachel mehan
Instagram: @ladymehanphoto
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Model: allie valentine
Instagram: @bellamuerta
Photographer: rachel mehan
Instagram: @ladymehanphoto
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Model: sam howlett
Instagram: @samhowlett
Photographer: rachel mehan
Instagram: @ladymehanphoto
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Model: gwen anastasia
Instagram: @hairmetalx
Photographer: william joseph photography
Instagram: @williamjosephphotography
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Portraits from MyAlternative Magazine

Mastering the Model Shoot: Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During, and After the Shoot

For the first time ever, world-famous photographer and fashion lighting instructor Frank Doorhof takes you behind the scenes to reveal every step of his model-photography workflow–the same workflow that has made him a hero to photographers around the world thanks to his practical, budget conscious, no-nonsense approach.

In this groundbreaking book, Frank starts right at the beginning with how to find models, find great locations, work with backgrounds (you’ll be amazed at his tricks for creating stunning backgrounds for just a few bucks), and work by yourself or with a team (stylist, hair stylist, and makeup artist) to create an image that will get your photography noticed. Then, it’s on to an in-depth look at the lighting setups and looks that made Frank famous (complete with diagrams and detailed explanations).

You’ll see how Frank lights his images (you’ll be shocked at how simple most of his lighting setups are and you’ll be able to create these same setups yourself), plus he covers the critical little stuff nobody else is talking about, including: how to calibrate your monitor (and why it’s so important); how to use a color target to nail your color every single time; and why (and how) to use a light meter to get consistent, reproducible lighting each and every shoot.

Frank also shares his own retouching techniques through step-by-step tutorials, and he takes you from start to finish through a number of different looks so you can see exactly how it’s done, and recreate these same looks yourself. If you’ve ever wished there was one book that covers it all, the whole process of photographing models from start to finish, not leaving anything out, then this is the book for you.

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Mastering the Model Shoot: Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During, and After the Shoot

by Frank Doorhof

Portraits by Erica Rockabella Lundin

Before I got behind the camera, I was standing in front of the camera as a model. I thought it was really fun, but I did not feel that I got an outlet for my own creativity and ideas. So I finally decided to get my own camera and started shooting and I loved it. I started shooting 8 years ago now, and I still have the same passion and love for photography today as then.

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more by Erica Rockabella Lundin
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