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Nature photography is one of the most popular genres – who hasn’t walked past amazing scenery and tried to take a snapshot with whatever device was handy. Human beings have always been fascinated by nature and its creations and tried to depict them in some way – from cave paintings to classical art and contemporary landscapes. Nature photographers though, are weird creatures – they are able to hike for hours in the rain, mud, snowstorm or blazing heat and then camp for a week or a month to get a single killer-shot. Of all types of photography – nature photography must be the most difficult one – being at the mercy of the elements of weeks on end, hiding in a damp small hut just to have that animal pass before your lens, or spending a fortune to be on location just when Aurora Borealis is out in the sky. It takes a lot of dedication to keep getting up at 3 a.m. and drive through that storm seven times to get the breathtaking sunrise you want. …

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Capture Mania Photography Magazine | November December 2017 | issue 7
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Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland has so much to offer that even the scenes alongside the road are little jewels. It is of no surprise it is the most inspirational destination for Nick Page

Iceland is one of the most entertaining, diverse landscape for the landscape photographer. What could be better than an easy to navigate land filled with green moss, waterfalls, glaciers, seascapes, volcanoes, midnight sun and Aurora Borealis?
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Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice
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The Art of Night

Sydney-based street photographer David Sark has spent the last two years capturing city streets around the world in his own unique way. This is how to create art in the black of night.

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The Art of Night | David Sark, Street Photographer
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A Depiction of Reality by Carmine Chiriacò

Carmine Chiriacò is a self-educated photographer based in Rome, the place where his passion for photography started in 2014. His remarkable work is a depiction of reality as he perceives it and also a mean of portraying his own layered reality. Carmine’s passion for photography comes from narrowly observing the everyday life on the street; he is most interested in capturing what it is beyond the scenes happening in front of his camera, thus revealing us the unique and sophisticated visions on the urban surroundings. The combination of the multiple and long exposure techniques is successfully mastered by Carmine in his admirable photography and the results convey the impression of detailed overlapping sketches of the beautifully chaotic (but still organized!) composition.

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A Depiction of Reality by Carmine Chiriacò
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Nightlife in Singapore – A photographer’s perspective

Apart from being a sprawling metropolis, Singapore is also a fabulous photographic destination. At dusk, Singapore transforms itself into a glittering extravaganza of light and colour that makes it irresistible for photographers. A creative eye, a decent camera and a tripod is all that you need to photograph this vibrant city at night. From popular tourist attractions like the Merlion Park to the lesser known Johor Straits, you have an ample choice of hotspots to explore and capture.

Antara Sharma is a software engineer by profession and extremely passionate about photography. Her passion for photography has stemmed from her undying love towards nature and wildlife, which is reflected in most of her earlier images. Gradually, however, Antara has managed to venture into travel, food and architecture photography. Her current camera gear includes a Sony A7R II and a Nikon D500, accompanied by a wide variety of lenses.
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Nightlife in Singapore – A photographer’s perspective
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Street Photography | Denys Nevozhai

Street Photography by Denys Nevozhai

Steam-powered police car.
Manhattan is a special place for photography. You can find funny scenes on every step.
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Flatiron permanence.
I had to spend like 15 minutes sitting in crooked position on the ground to take many many shots with different exposures. Beauty is everywhere.
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Street Style Sunset.
This sunset was possible because of the street that ends at the waterfront of the Hudson River in New York.
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Cyber noir.
Took this shot from the top of a tunnel in San Francisco downtown.
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Street Photography
Photographer: Denys Nevozhai
via BackDoor Magazine

Seamless Spotlight: Frank Zschieschang

Frank Zschieschang experienced life in different parts of the world. Born and raised in a small town on the idyllic coast of the Baltic Sea in East Germany, he grew up in a socialist environment. His childhood and adolescence were very safe and protected, however, he longed for freedom as citizens were not allowed to travel to non-socialist countries.

Frank suffered with the knowledge that he would never see the vast extent of the Grand Canyon, the colourful display of the Northern Lights or the setting sun over the majestic dunes of the Sahara. But then, very unexpectedly, things changed.

The German wall came down and a completely different world presented itself. All of a sudden, the whole world was open to being explored. This was when Frank Zschieschang first came into touch with photography. He borrowed two rolls of film and the family SLR to explore the world and discovered photography as his true passion.

In years of self-study, living in Italy, the UK, Spain and Hong Kong he developed his photography skills to a professional level. It was during his time in Spain when he also started working on time-lapse projects and studied web development. The wanderlust never released its grip on Frank and it has become an essential part of his art. He now lives and works as a photographer and web designer in Hong Kong.

Seamless Spotlight: Frank Zschieschang
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