Rakotzbrücke | The Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge (Rakotzbrücke) was built almost 150 years ago, back in 1860. Because of the unique construction accuracy, the bridge and its reflection merge into a perfect circle, regardless of the point of observation. This extraordinary sight is beloved spot of the professional photographers.

DevilsBridge01Image Credit: Michael Ahler/Flickr

DevilsBridge02Image Credit: cнαт-ɴoιr/Flickr

DevilsBridge03Image Credit: Michael Ahler/Flickr

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Rakotzbrücke | The Devil’s Bridge

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Portraits of the 20th Century

A collection of iconic and rarely seen portraits of visionaries, leaders, writers, actors, artists, musicians and notable personalities from the 20th Century.

portraits20th01Martine Franck
Henri Cartier Bresson – 1992

portraits20th02Yousuf Karsh
Ernest Hemingway – 1957

portraits20th03Jürgen Schadeberg
Nelson Mandela – 1994

portraits20th04Yousuf Karsh
Ansel Adams – 1977

portraits20th05Yousuf Karsh
Marc Chagall – 1965

portraits20th06Henri Cartier Bresson
Henri Matisse – 1944

portraits20th07Elliott Erwitt
Simone de Beauvoir – 1949

portraits20th08Arnold Newman
Senator John F. Kennedy – 1953

portraits20th09Arnold Newman
Igor Stravinsky – 1946

portraits20th10Sid Avery
Audrey Hepburn & her dog “Famous” – 1957

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Portraits of the 20th Century

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Mondes souterrains | Bernard Lepley

Mondes souterrains
Un projet ultra-secret de base expérimentale sur une exoplanète? Les décors d’un film de science-fiction? Non, juste le métro de Montréal! Bernard Lepley a exploré les méandres de cette ville souterraine…

BernardLepley101 BernardLepley102 BernardLepley103 BernardLepley104— – —

Bernard Lepley Photographie

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Sharon Tate: Recollection

Sharon Tate in Photos: Remembering the Tragic Star
Forty-five years after Sharon Tate’s brutal murder, in 1969, when she was just 26 years old and eight months pregnant with her first child with husband, Roman Polanski, the people who knew her best—including her sister Debra Tate, Polanski, and many others close to the actress—celebrate Tate’s life through stunning photographs (some of which have never been published) and poignant memories in Debra Tate’s new book, Sharon Tate: Recollection, out June 10. Below, see some of Tate’s most iconic images featured in the book, which highlights the actress’s unparalleled beauty, brief film career, and lasting influence. — by Lenora Jane Estes

SharonTate01photographed by Jean-Jacques Bugat, 1967

SharonTate02in character for her first film, Eye of the Devil, 1966.

SharonTate03photographed by Hatami, in 1969, the year she was murdered.

SharonTate04photographed by Hatami, 1969.

SharonTate05photographed by Milton Greene, 1966.

SharonTateContactSheet SharonTate06— – —

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