A Different Look | David S. Allee

David S. Allee Interview: Finding the Unreal and Strange in the Buildings Seen Every Day
In this interview, Allee explains how he got his start in photography, explains how he captured his unique project Dark Day, and reveals how he’s able to make cityscapes look so unreal.

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“I’m obviously inspired by the built world. But I also feel as though I see and notice things differently than most people and that I’m able to find things to photograph that are interesting or compelling or beautiful that most people wouldn’t notice or might take for granted. This is very meaningful to me because I enjoy the idea that after people see my photos they might look at certain things differently.”

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Written by Freddy Martinez
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Outdoor Scenes

Outdoor Scenes
National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014

NGosMarkoKorošec1The Independence day
Photo and caption by Marko Korošec
While on storm chasing expeditions in the Tornado Alley in USA I have encountered many photogenic supercell storms. This photograph was taken while we were approaching the storm near Julesburg, Colorado on My 28th, 2013. The storm was tornado warned for more than one hour, but stayed an LP storm through all its cycles and never produced a tornado, just occasional brief funnels, large hail and some rain.

NGosDonJacobson2Kyoto Train Station
Photo and caption by Don Jacobson
Kyoto Train Station, Kyoto, Japan

NGosDavidWhyte3Happy Camping
Photo and caption by David Whyte
Camping beneath the beauty of the Aurora Borealis in Southern Iceland in the Fall of 2013. An odd sort of reflection with the tent and the sky happening.

NGosMaxSlastnikov4Hidden Village
Photo and caption by Max Slastnikov
Nepal, Everest region, Amazing view of Milky-Way in Dole. Dole is a small village in the Khumbu region of Nepal. It lies in the Dudh Kosi River valley just north of Khumjung and south of Machhermo at an altitude of 4038m

NGosMichaelPerry5A Love Mysterious
Photo and caption by Michael Perry
The sun sets as the majestic fog of the Pacific coast glides under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The long exposure of the fog reveals a silky texture as the low clouds rise and fall over San Francisco’s trademark hills. All the while, tourists and locals alike make their drive along the mountainside, to try and capture the moment for themselves.

NGosKarenMesserman6Rainy Night in the Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy
Photo and caption by Karen Messerman
It was a long day of travel and I arrived in Siena tired, hungry and a bit lonely after a few weeks of traveling alone. The rain was steady and did little to help my mood. Still, I wandered the streets until I found myself at the edge of the Piazza del Campo and was immediately drawn to the neon glow cast by the cafes along its periphery, reflecting off the wet bricks and providing an amazing backdrop for the silhouettes of umbrella’d figures making their way home on this rainy night.

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Outdoor Scenes
from National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014

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Spontaneous Moments

Spontaneous Moments
National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014

NGsmShanuSubra0Gentoo Walking On Water
Photo and caption by Shanu Subra
A returning Gentoo on the shores of New Island, Falklands with a belly full of Krill for its young ones.

NGsmBoFu1Oryx at the Dune Top
Photo and caption by Bo Fu
In the afternoon, it was so hot at the bottom of the dune that the oryx ran to the dune top for coolness. When getting to the top , the oryx stopped and posed for me to capture a shot.

NGsmTeruoAraya2The First Train
Photo and caption by Teruo Araya
Taken at Mishima town in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. The first train goes across the railway bridge through in morning mist. The train moves forward little by little slowly.

Photo and caption by Kathrine Webb
I was woken at 7am by the sound of 5000 mewing wildebeest readying themselves to cross Kenya’s Mara River. I grabbed my camera and ran down to the riverside to watch the scene unfold. It was terrifying, breathtaking and totally disturbing. A moment I will never forget.

NGsmGregSnell4Are you here for the Winery Tour?
Photo and caption by Greg Snell
This is a Western Grey Kangaroo caught lounging in the wineries of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. This past Autumn has been a spectacular time for wildlife viewing and I got lucky to spot this guy while mountain biking in the hills. Such a funny stance it just begs the question… Have you been drinking? …and or… Are you here for the Winery Tour? Such a spontaneous moment I figured it would be perfect for an entry. I hope you like it! Cheers.

Photo and caption by William Chua
A giraffe showing affection for another

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Spontaneous Moments
from National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2014

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