Seeing The Light

Understand these six qualities of light for optimal in-camera exposures
Text & Photography by Rick Sammon

seeingthelight01We all want to get the very best in-camera exposure, and a good exposure is all about correctly capturing light, the main element in every photograph. That said, your idea of the best exposure might be different from mine because, for one reason, you may prefer photographs that are a little darker or lighter than I prefer.

seeingthelight02 seeingthelight03 seeingthelight04The first step in capturing the light is to “see” the light, to visualize the effect of light on a subject. After all, if you think about it, a photograph isn’t a picture of an object, it’s a picture of light falling on and reflected off an object. No light, no picture.
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Seeing The Light
contrast, direction, quality, color, intensity and movement

Виктор Попиль | Viktor Popil

Виктор Попиль | Viktor Popil

ViktorPopil1 ViktorPopil2 ViktorPopil3R&C


ViktorPopil5Be Second

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Но невнимание людей друг к другу не имеет предела.. Страшно выговорить, но люди видят только то, что хотят видеть, и слышат только то, что хотят слышать. Говорят “в основном” сами с собой и почти всегда отвечают себе самим, не слушая собеседника. На этом свойстве человеческой природы держится 90% чудовищных слухов, ложных репутаций, свято сбереженных сплетен. Несогласных со мной я только попрошу вспомнить то, что им приходилось слышать о самих себе…
Анна Ахматова.

Камера — это инструмент, который учит людей видеть без камеры.
Доротея Ланж

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Garth Lenz’s Abstract Energyscapes

Garth Lenz’s Abstract Energyscapes

GarthLenz“The scale is just insane,” photographer Garth Lenz says of the industrialization he photographs in the province of Alberta. Lenz was drawn to the area because of the dramatic changes in the landscape that accompanied the development of the oil sands there and the visual variety it created. GarthLenz1“Some of the tailings ponds are up to 9,000 acres, about two-thirds the size of Manhattan,” he explains. And it’s impossible to show that scale without using aerial photography, a process that Lenz had to adapt to as he began playing with abstraction in his landscape work, which focuses on the extraction and consumption of resources. “Certainly, for the first number of years that I did aerial photography, I didn’t enjoy the process that much. It was such an intense experience; I just found it so stressful. And it’s still an intense experience, but I love it. I love the opportunity to make the kinds of images you can’t really make in any other way,” he says.

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Author: Becky Harlan

GarthLenz2 GarthLenz3 GarthLenz4 GarthLenz5Garth Lenz Photography

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Top 25 Most Liveable Cities

Monocle’s 2014 Quality of Life Survey Lists the Top 25 Most Liveable Cities
“For the second year in a row, Copenhagen has claimed the number one spot. This makes the Danish capital the first three-time winner of the report. Filling out the rest of the top three, Tokyo has risen to second place and Melbourne has slipped to third. Vancouver is the highest ranked city in the Americas at 15 and Berlin is the highest riser over all, moving six places to 14.”

MostLiveableCities0011. Copenhagen, Denmark

MostLiveableCities0022. Tokyo, Japan

MostLiveableCities0033. Melbourne, Australia

MostLiveableCities0044. Stockholm, Sweden

MostLiveableCities0055. Helsinki, Finland

MostLiveableCities0066. Vienna, Austria

MostLiveableCities0077. Zurich, Switzerland

MostLiveableCities0088. Munich, Germany

MostLiveableCities0099. Kyoto, Japan

MostLiveableCities01010. Fukuoka, Japan

MostLiveableCities01111. Sydney, Australia

MostLiveableCities01212. Auckland, New Zealand

MostLiveableCities01313. Hong Kong, China

MostLiveableCities01414. Berlin, Germany

MostLiveableCities01515. Vancouver, Canada

MostLiveableCities01616. Singapore

MostLiveableCities01717. Madrid, Spain

MostLiveableCities01818. Paris, France

MostLiveableCities01919. Amsterdam, Netherlands

MostLiveableCities02020. Hamburg, Germany

MostLiveableCities02121. Barcelona, Spain

MostLiveableCities02222. Lisbon, Portugal

MostLiveableCities02323. Portland, Oregon

MostLiveableCities02424. Oslo, Norway

MostLiveableCities02525. Brisbane, Australia

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La Canzone Del Mare

Dolce & Gabbana by Boo George
for Vogue Japan October 2014

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La Canzone Del Mare
Photo: Boo George
Models: Nadja Bender, Kinga Rajzak & Dalianah Arekion
Styling: Anna Dello Russo & Giovanna Battaglia
Hair: Andrew Guida
Makeup: Isamaya Ffrench
Designer: Dolce & Gabbana
Vogue Japan October 2014

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