Finding Inspiration in Collaboration

Great photography takes the viewer on a journey, sometimes to a world we know but from a new perspective. Sometimes that journey is to a place of wonder and fantasy. Fantasy is a realm Hasselblad Ambassadors Kevin Then and Sails Chong specialise in.

Using the Hasselblad X1D and H6D-100c, the work that Kevin & Sails produces invokes a strong sense of fantasy, romance and wonder, utilising breathtaking locations and advanced lighting techniques to create images that have a striking cinematic and other-worldly quality to them.
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Finding Inspiration in Collaboration
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Frozen Moments in Time Reveal the Poetic Side of Darkness and Solitude

Inspired by the lush forests and volcanoes of his home in Indonesia, photographer Mikael Aldo creates stunningly emotive images that highlight the beautiful side of darkness. In 2015, he embarked on a 366 photo project and took one picture every day for a year, quickly honing his skills by adapting his creative style into cinematic images rich with story. Mikael’s ability to perfectly pair moody landscapes with the emotion of his subjects creates a well-balanced portfolio of powerful images.

MikaelAldo08a MikaelAldo08b MikaelAldo08c MikaelAldo08d MikaelAldo08eMikael Aldo Photography
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The Cinematic Look

How To Make Your Photographs Look Like Films

AndrewMohrer1 AndrewMohrer2Andrew Mohrer Photography

DennisCacho1 DennisCacho2Dennis Cacho Photography

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“I recently noticed that a handful of photographers were producing images that had a look as if they were stills captured from films. A couple of the most well known photographers of this genre are based here in New York so I got them together and challenged them to not only come up with a dynamic personal project on the fly incorporating this cinematic look, but to share with us how it is achieved. Read on to find out how it all went down…”
by David Geffin

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