‘C’est comme retrouver un vieil ami’

Matt Stuart a essayé le Leica M10.
Le photographe britannique Matt Stuart a été l’un des premiers à avoir la chance d’essayer le nouveau Leica M10, à Bruxelles. Malgré la diversité des différents quartiers de la ville, les résultats présentent beaucoup de points communs : l’originalité et la résonnance authentique de la vie quotidienne de la cité émanent de toutes les photographies réalisées par Matt Stuart, comme autant de véritables petits chefs-d’œuvre. Le boitier lui est tout de suite apparu familier : « Le M10 est exactement comme un Leica argentique : petit et discret. Pour moi, c’est parfait ! C’est comme retrouver un vieil ami. »

mattstuart02a mattstuart02b mattstuart02c mattstuart02d mattstuart02e mattstuart02f— – —

New camera, new city, brilliant as always
Matt Stuart and the Leica M10

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Ellen von Unwerth

What role does the concept play? How important are spontaneous ideas during a photo shoot? How does a large production develop? What people does she prefer to work with? What female types does she prefer? You can discover this and more about the icon of fashion photography in an interview that we carried out with this exceptional photographer on the occasion of the publication of the Ellen von Unwerth issue of the S Magazine.

ellenvonunwerth11a ellenvonunwerth11b ellenvonunwerth11c ellenvonunwerth11d ellenvonunwerth11eLeica S Magazine Featuring Ellen von Unwerth
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— – —

ellenvonunwerth11f“I just like it when people move and something happens. Posed images are not really my thing.” Ellen von Unwerth

Celebrating 10 Years Of Digital M Photography

Celebrating 10 Years Of Digital M Photography
A journey in images

A wonderful time, it’s the birthday of digital M photography. We would like to take this significant anniversary to share a small but nice selection of M photographers and their images whom influenced digital M photography with their inspiring pictures: Max Malatesta, Ram Shergill and Alex Webb.

leica10aRam Shergill – Leica M9
— – —

leica10bMax Malatesta – Leica M8
— – —

leica10cAlex Webb – Leica M ( typ 240)
— – —

Celebrating 10 Years Of Digital M Photography
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Music Photo Contest

To convey the idea of a song in seven images: that was the challenge of the Music Photo Contest organised by LFI in collaboration with Edel Records and Huawei.
We congratulate the winners!

musicpc10a musicpc10b musicpc10cThe first prize – a publication in Vinyl Stories and a Huawei P9 Plus – goes to Andrea Lavezzaro for her series on the song These Walls by Kendrick Lamar.
— – —

musicpc10d musicpc10e musicpc10fSecond prize, Wish you were here – Pink Floyd by Andre Terlingen
— – —

musicpc10g musicpc10h musicpc10iDark Paradise – Lana Del Rey by Christian Geisselmann
— – —

Music Photo Contest
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Special Gallery by Daniel J. Cox | Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm f/4-6.3 Asph. Power O.I.S.

Special Gallery by Daniel J. Cox
Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

DanielJCox05a“Bosque del Apache is a premier waterfowl area in North America. Each year, starting in October, hundreds of thousands of snow geese and tens of thousands of sandhill cranes typically migrate to this location to spend the winter. I chose Bosque del Apache for the number of birds I would have access to. Although this season the numbers of birds are down, due to warm weather in the northern part of the US, there were still an ample number of subjects to test the new LEICA DG VARIO-ELMAR 100-400mm / F4.0-6.3 ASPH. / POWER O.I.S.(H-RS100400).”

DanielJCox05b“Auto focus accuracy and speed with the new Leica 100-400mm and the Lumix GX8 as well as the GH4 was exceptional. There’s not much I have to say about this since it was so good. The speed is rocket fast and generally very accurate. I’m guessing future cameras will make this lens even more impressive.”

DanielJCox05cSpecial Gallery by Daniel J. Cox
Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm f/4-6.3 Asph. Power O.I.S.

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One city, three photographers and the Leica M-D

A journey with the Leica M-D through the streets of Porto

If music is the universal language, then photography is the language of your inner self. It’s the constant art of observation that comes with discipline, patience, criteria, and openness.

There comes a point in time when one must look back at the past and observe what can be learned in order to improve the future. This happens in almost every aspect of the human life, and it very much happens with photography. A single camera is capable of doing this. Of inspiring and reinvigorating three professional photographers who may come from different backgrounds or speak different languages, but are united by the language of photography, in a journey that takes them to a city with a unique camera, bringing the past to the present, reimagining the future and exploring their inner selves.

Here, we unravel the new Leica M-D through the eyes of Nicholas La, Rui Palha, and Daniel Arnold.

LeicaM-D05aNicholas La

LeicaM-D05bRui Palha

LeicaM-D05cDaniel Arnold

— – —

One city, three photographers and the Leica M-D
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The New Leica SL by Ben Franke

Ben Franke is a New York-based German/American photographer, whose work focuses on movement across a range of athletic disciplines. Since 2008, Franke has been photographing parkour athletes, and began his ongoing series Parkour Motion in 2012. With this series, he aims to capture the energy and power of parkour athletes’ movements in a single still image. In the past year his work has appeared in The New York Times and was chosen for American Photography 30 and AP 31 editions. Here he talks about his recent use of the new Leica SL.

BenFranke10a BenFranke10b BenFranke10c… Q: There’s a ton of movement in the images. What is the white powder used? Can you tell us more about the decision to use this and how you achieved these shots? What was the inspiration behind it? Would you call this a signature look of some of your motion work?

A: The white powder is regular baking flour from the grocery store. My inspiration came from similar shots I had seen done with dancers in a studio, as well as the Holi Festival where colored powder is thrown. I wanted to apply that idea to parkour and shoot it outdoors, since parkour generally takes place in an outdoor environment. I suppose you could call this my signature look.

Ben Franke: Capturing Parkour Athletes with the Leica SL
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