Kate Upton, Dree Hemingway, Anais Mali and Catrinel Menghia by Peter Lindbergh

peterlindbergh303 peterlindbergh313 peterlindbergh323 peterlindbergh333The Modern Beauties – For its fall 2013 campaign, David Yurman taps top models Kate Upton, Dree Hemingway, Anais Mali and Careinel Menghia for a series of black and white images shot by Peter Lindbergh.

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Cara Delevingne for Pepe Jeans by Josh Olins

La marque Pepe Jeans London voit le jour en 1973 sur un étal de Portobello Market (Londres) où ses fondateurs, les frères Shah, personnalisaient des jeans originaux. En quelques années et suite au succès rencontré, les frères Shah deviennent propriétaires de plusieurs boutiques et s’imposent ainsi comme le numéro un du marché anglais du jean, dans les années 1980.

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Cara Delevingne by Josh Olins

Une séance de haut vol avec Brutus Östling et l’EOS 70D

brutusostling70d01Lorsqu’il a été demandé au Brutus Östling, ambassadeur Canon et photographe animalier reconnu, d’essayer l’EOS 70D et de faire part de ses impressions, il a avoué être impressionné par les capacités de cet appareil. David Corfield, le rédacteur de CPN, a cherché à en savoir plus. — lire la suite au cpn.canon-europe

brutusostling70d02 brutusostling70d03 brutusostling70d04Photographie Brutus Östling

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Black and White photography examples and tips for beginners

Learn to see the world in shades of grey and discover the art of black and white photography.

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Pictures of Street Scenes of Hong Kong in the 1950s

HongKong1950s1 HongKong1950s2 HongKong1950s3 HongKong1950s4 HongKong1950s5“In the early 1950s, Fan Ho, a 21-year-old writer and film student, began photographing Hong Kong — a city known in the West as the Pearl of the Orient — in a time of dizzying transformation. Bored by his studies, Ho turned to his camera as a source of entertainment and relief, exploring Hong Kong’s streets and making images that, seen a full seven decades later, somehow manage to mask any overt, telling signs of the era in which they were created.”

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Those shredded boyfriend jeans and the light in her eyes by Peter Coulson

petercoulsonR01” On and off camera, in the comfort of our homes or on the busy streets, clothes become our second skin, our armor, our string of emotions untold, of feelings unsolved. And for as much as we like to hide and rediscover ourselves in intricately crafted layers of fabrics, it’s when we finally let go of all exquisiteness that we commence to learn about our true natures. Beneath the surface, in full essence. “

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