A Fine Line | Angelo Ioanides

Angelo Ioanides is the founder and publishing editor of Extraordinary Vision Magazine.
Driven by his conviction that an image’s ultimate source of power is derived from the photographer’s creative vision, Angelo first published EV mag in 2012 to serve as the outdoor photographer’s source of insight and inspiration.

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A Fine Line | Angelo Ioanides
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Drone photos from around the world

Drone photos from around the world

Hong Kong
Andy Yeung Photography
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Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
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Tokyo, Japan
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Al Hishman, Oman
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Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France (high tide)
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from “24 breathtaking drone photos that show the majesty of our world”
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Wallpapers from the Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2017

Wallpapers from the Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2017

Singing in the Rain (or just after)
Photo by Mat Rick
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Photo by Aya O.
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The Fog and Mist in Hong Kong
Photo by Edward Tin
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Monastery Of Light
Photo by Kok Tien Sang
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Yosemite Valley
Photo by Cheyne Walls
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Marble Caves
Photo by clane gessel
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The power of nature
Photo by Sergio Tapiro Velasco
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Wallpapers from the Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2017
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Black and White by Anna Niemiec

“I live in Poland. I have a magister scientiae degree in biology. I have always been interested in photography, although I have just recently started shooting my own photos, not long before the July of 2010 to be exact. But, well, before I had time to reconsider, I have found myself addicted to photography, so I really cannot live without it anymore. I am trying to learn and I do learn a lot every day, I try hard to make up for many passed years, so I am really keen on everything what comes with the photography.

I like taking photos of the city – empty streets at the break of dawn, which unveil the unexpected landscape of forms and figures. And that run of the mill routine of city’s life, when every second, caught by the lens of my camera, tells an untold tale – sometimes a gay one, sometimes peculiar, reflective or just purely absurd.

The light, the shape, the colour – its greyness, its peculiarity, some interesting man, an evanescent spell, a pleasantry. To make it last just for a second longer by keeping it in a frame! Wishful thinking! – it’s tedious work, but, still, I do my best. And, although I do not always succeed, I do feel extremely enthusiastic about it.”
— Anna Niemiec

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Black and White by Anna Niemiec
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Projections | Sabine Wild

London, Paris, Rome, Berlin – Sabine Wild toured Europe’s major cities armed with a camera, ready to transform monuments and skylines in her very special way. Her architectural images are works of art composed of structures and light. Wild captures the world in lines. Her typical vertical and horizontal hatching creates a flickering structure. A fascinating picture in which only hints of the underlying reality remain.

Thanks to Sabine Wild, the Römer in Frankfurt seems like a gothic convention of lights. At the same time, it is not a picture that gives off a feeling of medieval confinement; bright and fresh colours dominate. In the Sachenshäuser Ufer, the artist brings a natural element into her normally very abstract visual language. Arising from the “real” cityscape, the wintry boughs are naturally formed shapes that do not want to assimilate into the horizontal lines of the river or the verticals lines of the Frankfurt skyline. In this way, Wild’s art creates an exciting contrast between art and reality, between alienation and naturalness.

In New York Projections and Asian Projections, Sabine Wild discovers the beauty of the night, which experiences a special appeal in cities full of artificial lights. The lit-up buildings, streetlights, and headlights serve as creative material for the artist’s urban compositions. Luminous batches of colour break through the graphical austerity that Wild otherwise consistently sticks to. The famous skylines of New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai appear as if painted: Action Painting 2.0.

Sabine Wild has further developed her vertical-line visual language and discovered the digital means for creating her work. In post-processing, she designs her thrilling compositions – dark horizontal and vertical lines stand by powerful colours, painterly passages by graphical areas. As in painting, the energetic way the colour is applied determines the effect the image has. Sabine Wild reveals a new, impressive look at the world and its architecture.

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by Sabine Wild

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Monochrome Photography

Monochrome Photography Awards conducts an annual competition for professional and amateur photographers. Our mission is to celebrate monochrome visions and discover the most amazing photographers from around the world.
The winners of the Professional and Amateur categories will receive the titles: Monochrome Photographer of the Year and Monochrome Discovery of the Year along with cash prizes. We are open to all points of view, all levels of expertise, and all ideas of black and white photography.

Monochrome Awards Winners’ Gallery

Torre di Pisa by Ronny Behnert (Germany)
1st Place Winner – Architecture Photographer of the Year 2016
— – —

The magic of the night by Isabella Tabacchi (Italy)
Landscapes – 2nd Place Winner
— – —

Cleaning the Buddha by Gunarto Gunawan (Indonesia)
Conceptual – 3rd Place Winner
— – —

Vertical Horizon by Michel Kirch (France)
Fine Art – 1st Place Winner
— – —

Humanity by john gubertini (Italy)
Nature – 2nd Place Winner
— – —

Entre Noir Et Blanc by Patrick Ems (Switzerland)
Abstract – 1st Place Winner
— – —

In anticipation of a wonderful evening at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, 1931 in New York by Fierz Madeleine-Josephine (Switzerland)
Fashion / Beauty – 1st Place Winner
— – —

The shepherd by azzam alshuaibi (Kuwait)
People – 2nd Place Winner
— – —

Artemis by Andris Apsenieks (Latvia)
Nude – 1st Place Winner
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Monochrome Awards Winners’ Gallery
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Pictures Of Russia You’ll Never See On Postcards

Photographer Alexander Petrosyan has spent years and years discovering and documenting infinite layers of St. Petersburg. His wide collection – not only beautiful, but also grotesque – invites outsiders to step inside the raw and unpredictable streets and experience them without a filter, common for polished postcards or travel documentaries.

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from: “10+ Honest Pictures Of Russia You’ll Never See On Postcards By Street Photographer Alexander Petrosyan”

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