Explore New Ideas | Babul Bhatt

Babul is a Telecom Consultant by profession. Photography has been a passion and a prominent part of the journey of his life. He was born in India and has been lucky to travel and live in different parts of the world. Babul first started clicking photos when he bought a 2.5 MegaPixel Sony point and shoot camera in the year 2000 while he lived in Singapore.

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Explore New Ideas | Babul Bhatt
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Bajo el sol de la Toscana

Los últimos rayos del verano ayudan a calentar la llegada inminente de la temporada otoñal, que se anuncia de nuevo intensa, colorista y sin miedo al exceso, sobre todo en los accesorios. Primera toma de posiciones en la cuna del Renacimiento.
Por Beatriz Moreno de la Cova
Fotografía de Guy Aroch

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Bajo el sol de la Toscana
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2017 Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year

Amateur and enthusiast photographers from all around the country have gathered their best images and submitted them to the expert judgement of our panel of industry leaders — Brett Stanley, Charles Howells, Katherine Williams, Kaye Davis, Mark Gee, Michael Miller, Richard Wood, Peter Robertson, and Simon Devitt.

For several years, the Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year has been the country’s largest amateur photography contest and certainly the most popular online gallery of its kind. Each year, the quantity of entries increases, and so, too, the calibre of images improves. 2017’s contest received a record 9337 submissions across the 11 categories, many of which prove that advanced photographic technologies and techniques, such as focus stacking, aerial imaging, and timelapse, are no longer reserved for the pros.

Grand Prize Winner
Sarah Caldwell / Houston Main Street Metro
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Landscape Category 1st place
Andy Thompson / Hawea Iinversion
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Travel Category 1st place
Javan NG / Morning Rush Hour at Grand Central Terminal in New York
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Action Category 1st place
Bill Hodges / Surfboat Chaos
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Macro Category 1st place
Murray McCulloch / Vespula Vulgaris
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Congratulations to the winning images of our 2017 Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year competition.

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Eyes On The World

Travel photography tips for documenting places and cultures
Text & Photography by Mark Edward Harris

Experiencing cultures and getting access to people and locations are key components of successful travel photography. From assignments that have given me the opportunity to explore 95 countries on six continents, I have developed a working methodology that helps me bridge cultural gaps and maneuver through unfamiliar territory. These are my top travel photography tips gained from decades of experience.

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Eyes On The World
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Expat Living Photo Competiton 2017: The Winners!

Stunning Shots: Check out all the winners of this year’s photo competition

Grand Prize Winner
Pacujawi (Cow Race) by David Wirawan
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Colours by Andrey Petrov
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The Great Outdoors
Magical Moments by Lemjay Lucas
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Dante’s Inferno, First Circle by Justin Fernando
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Once again, hundreds of fantastic photos flooded EL’s inboxes for the eighth annual Expat Living Photo Competition. Thank you to everyone who entered their beautiful images. Whether it was a close-up of a leopard in Sri Lanka, a gorgeous Jaipur sunset or a scene from a Thaipusam festival, one thing’s for sure – there’s serious talent here in Singapore.

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Venice in Solitude by Christopher Thomas

Christopher Thomas began his career as an advertiser for German magazines including GEO, Stern, Merian and others. In recent years he has concentrated his efforts on creating portraits of cities including Paris, Venice, the Engadin and New York. Thomas uses Polaroid film and long exposure techniques for this ongoing series.

Christopher Thomas’ captivating and atmospheric images show the Venetian landscape through his unique style of city portraiture, originally established with New York Sleeps (2009) and Münchner Elegien (Munich Elegies, 2001-2005). He transports us to a silent city, devoid of human presence, which could remind us of photographs from the 19th century, when the photographic image was not fast enough to capture the quickening pace of human activity. The series includes classical views of the Canal Grande, the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridge and others.

At the crack of dawn, just before dusk falls, or at night by the light of the moon, Thomas would set off through the sestiere – the various districts of Venice – with his heavy equipment comprising a large-format camera, a selection of lenses, a tripod, a dark velvet cloth and many boxes of Polaroid Type 55 film. Armed with a compass, azimuth and sun chart, pen and notebook he would select the view he wanted to photograph. The photographic material he uses – most of which is no longer produced today – ensures that the images are rich in detail. Thomas’ own eye, sensitivity and technical skill enabled pictures to emerge that return the city to its historical roots, with a sense of mystery.

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Venice in Solitude by Christopher Thomas
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