Nature par David L. Labrie

Paysages Marins, Nocturnes, Sauvages, et Urbains
David L. Labrie Photography

DavidLLabrie11aShow Off
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DavidLLabrie11bTime Distortion
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DavidLLabrie11cBloody Sunset
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DavidLLabrie11eGuarded City
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DavidLLabrie11fUnderwater Mountains
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DavidLLabrie11gUndisputed Beauty
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DavidLLabrie11hNight Play
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DavidLLabrie11iPhotogenic Iceberg
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DavidLLabrie11jDavid L. Labrie Photographie
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David L. Labrie est originaire de Québec et pratique la photographie depuis 2013.
Il travaille dans le domaine maritime, sur des bateaux ce qui lui permet d’avoir des prises de vues remarquables du paysage québécois.
“Du Grand Nord au Grands Lacs, se retrouvent des paysages fabuleux facile à troquer par l’œil de la caméra. Autant en hiver qu’en été, la diversité de la faune et de la flore offre une volupté inimaginable.”
David L. Labrie Photography

Street Photography Guide – Part 3

Street Photography Guide – Part 3
What to shoot in the streets
7 things to look for…

SP3guide11a… I firmly believe hat there’s only 3 complementary ways to develop your photography:
To go out and shoot
To learn it
To be inspired by others

Nothing beats shooting for yourself or having someone by your side. Inspiration is the second best thing and I will dare say that Inspiration is crucial for photography. Ansel Adams got inspired by a book given to him while sick, Henri Cartier Bresson picked up a magazine and found one image that inspired him to take on photography seriously. You can go ahead a find the photographers to be inspired from or they can come to you…

SP3guide11bStreet Photography Guide
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Test terrain: Nikon AF-S 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR

Nikon AF-S 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
Test terrain

… Ce 200-500mm Nikon est très performant, il ne lui manque que quelques petits raffinements ergonomiques à glaner sur les concurrents, comme le système de verrouillage des focales des Sigma. Lui ne dispose que du verrouillage à la focale la plus courte pour faciliter le transport …

AFS200500TTCI11a AFS200500TTCI11b AFS200500TTCI11c AFS200500TTCI11dà voir dans:
Chasseur d’Images N°379 – Décembre 2015
Leader européen de la presse photo, vidéo, téléphonie et nouvelles technologies. Chaque mois, des tests techniques, des leçons de photo et une multitude de conseils pour choisir votre matériel et améliorer votre vie pratique photographique.

Natural Beauty by James Houston

“By celebrating the incredible beauty that exists in nature, my hope is that these images will inspire people to appreciate and value nature’s beauty. The environment is a gift we can’t afford to take for granted. We all need to do our part to protect it.”
-James Houston

JamesHouston11aCaitriona Balfe by James Houston
Model Caitriona Balfe appears enveloped in mystical energy, in this surreal James Houston photograph.
Majestic orange canyon walls rise up behind her while her black crepe gown blows over her head as if caught in an otherworldly wind.
— – —

JamesHouston11bArizona Muse by James Houston
Super model, Arizona Muse is naturally stunning in this James Houston portrait.
Shot in black and white, the bare-shouldered Muse clutches a flaxen-haired child, their bent arms mirroring one another.
— – —

JamesHouston11cEniko Mihalik by James Houston
Model, Eniko Mihalik appears radiant in this James Houston photograph, dangling over the branches of a tree in a wispy white gown like a maiden in a fairytale.
Dappled in sunlight, the tree’s lush pink blossoms and elegantly curving limbs give off an otherworldly feel.
— – —

JamesHouston11dChristy Turlington by James Houston
Featuring Christy Turlington, the epic cover shot for James Houston’s book, Natural Beauty, depicts the original supermodel’s portrait superimposed with sun-dappled branches.
— – —

JamesHouston11eBianca Balti by James Houston
Rimmed with kohl, and dripping with gold paint, this photograph of Bianca Balti’s eye and metallic eyebrow channels the avian, calling to mind a certain hawk-likeness in both markings and carnality.
— – —

JamesHouston11fEmma Watson by James Houston
Actress, Emma Watson radiates sensuality in this bare-shouldered portrait by photographer, James Houston.
Wet-haired and clutching an orchid to her face, Watson portrays an unexpected and lovely vulnerability in her mannerisms.
— – —

James Houston Photography
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Postures de Paix | Méditation d’un photographe sur l’essence du yoga

L’oeil de la conscience
Le photographe Michael O’Neill évoque son voyage à travers l’univers du yoga

«Autant le yoga que la photographie supposent une ouverture d’esprit permettant de voir la réalité telle qu’elle est.»

MichaelONeillY11a MichaelONeillY11b MichaelONeillY11c MichaelONeillY11d MichaelONeillY11e— – —

L’esprit et la lumière
Un hommage à l’histoire et au phénomène planétaire du yoga

TASCHEN Magazine – Hiver 2015/16

Mario DiGirolamo

Mario DiGirolamo is a physician and scientist who has pursued his artistic muse with a camera for over 60 years. His images have been gathered over many years of exploration and meeting photographic challenges. His current portfolio encompasses multiple perspectives and techniques.

MarioDiGirolamo11a MarioDiGirolamo11b MarioDiGirolamo11c MarioDiGirolamo11d MarioDiGirolamo11eIn 1994, DiGirolamo hosted his first solo exhibition at the Shatten Gallery of Emory University in Atlanta. Since then, he has participated in numerous other shows, solo exhibits and competitions. Through the Atlanta Photographic Society, he has received yearly awards in both black and white and color categories; during 1994 through 1998, he also received the annual Francis Wu Award for Creative Photographer of the Year. In 2001, DiGirolamo exhibited both black and white images of Italy and color abstract prints at the Lamar Dodd School of Art Gallery at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. Currently his work is collected and shown both publicly and privately. His black and white images, capturing the simple beauty of everyday life, feature the people and places of his native Italy, of Europe and of other countries around the world visited during his frequent travels. Seven years in New York City produced a portfolio of urban American images. DiGirolamo has published two books of black and white images, one in 2000, entitled Sole e Ombra / Sun and Shadow, and another in 2015, entitled Visione.

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