Irish Landscape | John Taggart

Irish landscape Photography
by John Taggart

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“I am a professional photographer living and working in Northern Ireland. I started off in press photography, now working mainly on weddings and portrait and have a passion for landscape and nature photography.” — John Taggart

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Irish Landscape

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João Bracourt | Surf Photographer

João Bracourt is a surfer, a fisherman and one of Portugal’s most popular surf photographers with photos published in the best surf mags including The Surfers Journal, Stab magazine and Surf Europe. For whudat he exclusively put together some of his favourite surfing images from recent photo shooting trips.

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João Bracourt | Surf Photographer

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The Cinematic Look

How To Make Your Photographs Look Like Films

AndrewMohrer1 AndrewMohrer2Andrew Mohrer Photography

DennisCacho1 DennisCacho2Dennis Cacho Photography

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“I recently noticed that a handful of photographers were producing images that had a look as if they were stills captured from films. A couple of the most well known photographers of this genre are based here in New York so I got them together and challenged them to not only come up with a dynamic personal project on the fly incorporating this cinematic look, but to share with us how it is achieved. Read on to find out how it all went down…”
by David Geffin

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Danny J. Sanchez Photomicrography

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As a fun hobby, Danny is a photomicrographer who seeks out gemstones with interesting and unique inclusions.  He then sets up the gemstone with the inclusion he’d like to photograph under the microscope in the most precise way, and carefully focuses the lighting just right.  Using up to 120 shots, he uses a technique called focus stacking to create his images.  This is a skill that takes years to master and achieve.  His pictures are works of art and he actually sells them framed or as greeting cards.

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Drew Gurian

Drew Gurian
Focusing on the intersection of photography and music culture

DrewGurian1 DrewGurian2 DrewGurian3 DrewGurian4 DrewGurian5 DrewGurian6 DrewGurian7 DrewGurian8 DrewGurian9— – —

Drew Gurian has an uncanny ability to seek out and capture raw and intimate moments. That is what defines his style. His personal aesthetic has translated seamlessly to brands like Red Bull and Urban Outfitters, and his work has graced the pages of world-class publications including Rolling Stone Magazine and The New York Times. Gurian began his career in earnest by traveling with world-renowned photographer Joe McNally for five years as his first assistant and right-hand man. Logging close to half a million miles in the air, he assisted McNally with client shoots, workshops and conferences around the world, working with tens of thousands of people. One of his specialties is delivering memorable and emotionally charged imagery of music celebrities in and out of the spotlight. He once shot a lit studio portrait of a major rock band in eighteen seconds!

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