Landscapes In Black And White

Landscapes In Black And White Photo Contest Winners

bwlandscapes02aCongratulations Grand Jury Winner « The Perfect Splash » by garyhunter_6788
« I found that Perfect Splash by Gary Hunter succeeds in meeting all of the above criteria. It meets all of the benchmarks of both photography in general and B&W in particular. Congratulations, Gary. It’s a stellar image. The moment, mood, composition, and B&W treatment are all exceptional! » – Tim Copper
— – —

bwlandscapes02bCongratulations Runner Up « Winter Sunrise in Bagan » by zayyarlynn
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bwlandscapes02cCongratulations Runner Up « Princes Pier » by MissionMan
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bwlandscapes02dCongratulations Runner Up « EROTIC LANDSCAPE – II » by nikosladic
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bwlandscapes02eCongratulations Runner Up « Dark Hedges » by rogerhampton
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bwlandscapes02fCongratulations Runner Up « The Pier » by CurtisReese
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bwlandscapes02gCongratulations Amateur Winner « xarárfoss s-h (1 of 1) V » by sverrirjnsson
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bwlandscapes02hCongratulations People’s Choice « Reflection Row » by jamierichey
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bwlandscapes02i« Mirror of the sky » by aidagri
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Landscapes In Black And White Photo Contest Winners
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Finding Myself in the Stars

Finding Myself in the Stars
by Don Whitebread

California, USA – I spent the summers of my youth wherever my father’s work as a geologist took us, usually camped deep in a desert mountain range.  Watching the slow change of light and weather during the day, and the flow of stars across the night sky was my best entertainment. This background fueled my interest in photography, and has drawn me to remote locations throughout my life. I chose to photograph this series using only natural light, and rarely moonlight, to show that faint, diffuse starlight that few people really see any more.

donwhitebread02a donwhitebread02b donwhitebread02c donwhitebread02d donwhitebread02e donwhitebread02f donwhitebread02g— – —

Finding Myself in the Stars
by Don Whitebread

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Toronto Instagram star captures the city at its prettiest moments

This Toronto Instagrammer got her first DSLR camera last year, and she thinks it changed her life. Before then, she experimented with black and white film, but after going digital she’s developed a real passion for photography.
Aneta Iwaniszczuk, or @anetkaiwa, has more than 13,000 followers and by shooting Toronto, she’s realized how gorgeous the city, and its skyline, truly is.

anetaiwaniszczuk01a anetaiwaniszczuk01b anetaiwaniszczuk01c anetaiwaniszczuk01d anetaiwaniszczuk01e— – —

Toronto Instagram star captures the city at its prettiest moments.
Aneta Iwaniszczuk

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Photography as a Medium for Inspiration

Photography as a Medium for Inspiration by Juan Pablo de Miguel

Juan Pablo de Miguel is an editorial, landscape and cityscape photographer based in Madrid, Spain, with great collections of inspiring versatile landscapes and B/W fineart photos; all sharing a unique style of his artistic signature.

juanpablodemiguel11a juanpablodemiguel11b juanpablodemiguel11c juanpablodemiguel11d juanpablodemiguel11e— – —

Photography as a Medium for Inspiration
by Juan Pablo de Miguel

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Михаил Воробьев | Mikhail Vorobyev

Воробьев Михаил — профессиональный фотограф, путешественник. Основатель клуба фотопутешествий «MB-WORLD.RU». Участник российских и международных выставок. Автор многочисленных статей о путешествиях и фоторепортажей из разных стран мира, опубликованных в туристических изданиях, путеводителях и интернет-изданиях. Участник проекта «Мир глазами блоггера».

mikhailvorobyev10aХрам Апостола Андрея Первозванного на Вуоксе
— – —

mikhailvorobyev10bБелые ночи на Соловецких островах
— – —

mikhailvorobyev10cГород неоновых огней…
— – —

mikhailvorobyev10dНа встречу бесконечности…
— – —

mikhailvorobyev10eВодопад Pearl Shoal Fall в нац. заповеднике Цзюч
— – —

Михаил Воробьев | Mikhail Vorobyev
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Beautiful Landscapes by Lior Yaakobi

Beautiful Landscapes
by Lior Yaakobi

I’m a passionate self-taught Photographer from Israel. I used to live in Boulder, Colorado, for several years and recently moved back to Israel. Photography becomes a real passion for me, mostly in the last couple of years. I travel a lot and always combining my travel hobbies (treks and mountain climbing) with my photography passion. Landscape photography is what attracts me the most but I’m trying to open myself to other types of photography. I’m always trying to give my additional view or look at my photos and to bring something that will tell a story of the place. I’m working for an international software company and currently living in Kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud. Been using Canon 7D with 10-22 lens for most of my work but recently I’m working with the Nikon D610 and the 16-35mm for landscape with the “support” of the 70-200mm lens.

lioryaakobi10a lioryaakobi10b lioryaakobi10c lioryaakobi10d lioryaakobi10eBeautiful Landscapes by Lior Yaakobi
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Polar Regions | Joshua Holko

Interview with Joshua Holko

joshuaholko10a joshuaholko10b joshuaholko10c joshuaholko10d joshuaholko10e… Although I studied fine art photography and photojournalism formally in my early years, it was not until many years later that I could honestly call myself a full-time professional nature photographer. The interest in photography was always there and I was pursuing it as often as I could. Even from a very young age I would carry around my father’s tripod on weekends. That’s where my passion really first started.

The transition to full-time pro was to take many years though. Part of that transition was also finding my niche and understanding what it was that I most wanted to photograph. When I fell in love with the polar regions I knew I had found my niche. …

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