Rangefinder is proud to present the winners of the second Fine Art competition, which celebrates the beauty of fine-art photography.

How do you share your vision with an audience? Rangefinder‘s Fine Art Photography Awards calls for your best fine-art work in the travel, portrait, abstract, composite and still life categories.

Grand Prize
Nadine Rovner
Through orchestrated narratives, Nadine Rovner creates lush cinematic scenes with heightened tension, anxiety, anticipation, longing and desire. Says Rovner, “There is something idyllic yet broken, thrilling yet vulnerable, beneath the veneer of the characters that speak to the current complexity of a society filled with palpable tension and fraught with resistance.”
— – —

Winner – Conceptual
Ellen Jantzen
Unexpected Geology
Having moved from America’s flatlands to the mountainous West, Jantzen says she approached this series as both a window through which she could observe her new surrounds, and as a mirror to reflect her inner state of being. she says, “I use layering and blending modes to merge the observed environment with my internal intuition.
— – —

First Place – Composite
Gabriel Isak
The Blue Journey
In this series, Isak envisions a dream world where solitude is more than being alone—it’s a world of soul searching and dream interpretation inspired by the photographer’s years suffering from depression. “the objective of the series is to let the audience envision themselves as the subject, alone in this serene blue world,” says Isak. He hopes the work will shine light on depression and mental health, “a subject that is still very hidden in our society.”
— – —

First Place – Travel
Emmanuel Monzon
Urban Sprawl Emptiness
A series that depicts the “inbetween state” found in the american landscape—places of transition, borders and passages from one world to another.
— – —

Rangefinder is proud to present the winners of the second Fine Art competition, which celebrates the beauty of fine-art photography.
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Artist, Mentor, she is devoted to create, share, and teach. | Robin Griggs Wood

I love all imagery genres––even black and white. I am a capricious creative and try not to limit myself or take my creations too seriously. I love nature and all its myriad facets––widescapes, macros, flora and fauna. I love fantasy and imagination. I love expressing common human values; community, compassion, family, optimism, harmony and humor. I love to make folks laugh. Mostly, I love people.

I discovered that there is something wonderful in every single person on this planet, if you only pay attention long enough to find it. When you find what those wonderful things are, you can derive constant and consistent inspiration and motivation every single day. I’m inspired all the time by my students, as well. These people that I help are my “tribe”––a group that is passionate about creating beautiful or surprising imagery. Being there for them keeps me going. I read a lot, too. I’m a life-long-learner. I never presume that I know everything about a subject, even if I’ve been doing it every day for years. The constant quest for understanding takes me to the most enlightening places.

Ultimately, my greatest inspiration and motivation comes from the question I ask myself, “How can I give others a positive moment in their day today?”
Robin Griggs Wood
— – —

Artist, Mentor, she is devoted to create, share, and teach. | Robin Griggs Wood
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MonoVisions Photography Awards

This photo of a Bosnian gypsy boy was taken during a wedding party in a gypsy camp on the outskirts of Rome. In particular, this melancholy look represents a little of all Gypsy children born in a very hard and sometimes cruel reality, which gives them no hope for the future (Accomplice of all this is also the very low schooling of the younger generations). These authorized camps today have become large Ghettos where in addition to overcrowding, and the presence of large quantities of urban waste that make the camps more similar to large open landfills, different ethnic groups are forced to live together. Often these ethnic groups also belong to different religions such as the Orthodox Christian and Islam. All this does nothing but make the environment highly explosive. Next to all this there are many illegal situations, famous for example is the phrase: “Gypsies make more of the drug”. Words used by the boss Salvatore Buzzi, intercepted by the Police in the investigation “Mafia capital” that overwhelmed the administration of Rome in 2015.

Grand Prize – Black & White Photo of the Year 2018
Pietro Di Giambattista — Gypsy Boy
— – —

Imagine, dream; bend and break the rules. That’s what I’m aiming for. GRVTY2 is a series of deconstructed architecture that tries to show us what would happen if suddenly there wasn’t gravity anymore, what would the world look those first seconds when nothing is capturing us.

Grand Prize – Black & White Series of the Year 2018
Daniel Garay Arango — GRVTY2
— – —

The story of 100 years.
What kind of scenery would one pine tree watch?
I felt everlasting time in the figure which stood calmly.
Taken in Hokkaido,Japan.

1st Place – Black & White Landscapes Series of the Year 2018
Aya Iwasaki — Ippon-One Pine Tree
— – —

Long exposure shot at East Sea, Fukui Prefecture, Japan 2018

1st Place – Black & White Fine Art Photo of the Year 2018
Seong Joe Woo – memory
— – —

Model: Kateřina Krobová

1st Place – Black & White Portrait PHOTO of the Year 2018
Markéta Nováková – Soul of nature
— – —

The leading lines remind me of the slot canyons in Arizona.

1st Place – Black & White Architectural PHOTO of the Year 2018
Mike Hollman – Modern Architecture, Singapore.
— – —

Huge waves on the Icelandic west coast after 2 days with winds over 100 Km / h. The winter is ending and the snowfall alternated with the sun’s rays. The main difficulty in obtaining this image was to stand close to the cliffs in the gusts of wind.

1st Place – Black & White Nature and Wildlife PHOTO of the Year 2018
Romain Tornay – Ocean Fury
— – —

Shooting in a hotel room in Stuttgart Germany with an old camera Rolleiflex, the goal was to get everything out of 2 120 films. No Photoshop only crafts

Honorable Mention
Patrick Rupp — The Analog Boudoirshooting with 80 Years Old 6*6 120Film Rolleiflex-T f3,5mm
— – —

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Welcome to Ocean Capture, high quality fine art photography workshops, tours, photo courses and holidays to the best water locations worldwide.
We have been in business since the spring of 2007. We cater for all levels of photography, from beginner through to professional.
Our tutors are all experienced tour leaders, but equally importantly are successful, renowned professional fine art photographers themselves.

White Horses of the Camargue
with Jonathan Chritchley
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with Jonathan Chritchley
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Venice Creative Workshop
with Jonathan Chritchley
— – —

Miami & The Florida Keys
with Jonathan Chritchley
and Jorge De La Torriente
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China Li River Private Photography Tour
with Jonathan Chritchley
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Vee Speers’ newest body of work Dystopia — for which the artist presents an array of mature subjects grappling with an uncertain future.

Fine art photographer Vee Speers (1962-present) was born in Newcastle, Australia. She is best known for her painterly and surreal portraits. Though subject matter varies, Speers tends to investigate themes related to youth, glamour, sex and immortality. She studied photography in Brisbane before moving to Paris in 1990 to work in fashion and photojournalism, where she continues to reside today.

— – —

Vee Speers’ newest body of work Dystopia — for which the artist presents an array of mature subjects grappling with an uncertain future.

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Fine Art Weddings

Scott Johnson FBIPP FSWPP Master Photographer is an Internationally recognised, award-winning photographer based in Essex, U.K, and has photographed wedding all across Europe and the United States. Known for being fun and energetic, Scott also travels the world as an educator and mentor.

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Fine Art Weddings
by Scott Johnson

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It Will Always Be About The Light | Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape photographs is one way for busy, modern people around the world to connect to Mother Earth. There is however a great difference between an original, vivid landscape photo full of meaning than a photo created without love. We asked the award-winning landscape photographer joseramos if he could share his best tips on how to create fine art landscape photos. Trust us, You don’t want to miss this!

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by José Ramos
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