Teach Yourself Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography is one of the most difficult genres to define. Everyone has their own interpretation and that is what makes it an incredibly exciting genre. It all begins with a concept. Fine art photography is a way of expressing a message or emotion. It is a way of pushing boundaries and creating more than just a photograph, and a way of creating a piece of art that would not look out of place on the wall of a gallery.

Teach Yourself Fine Art Photography introduces you to the idea of fine art photography and explains how to go from concept to execution. Discover how to refine your compositions, shoot stunningly striking black and white imagery, impactful portraits and tasteful nudes. Learn from the informative features and follow the in-depth shooting and editing tutorials that will help you to produce high-quality professional looking captures. If that wasn’t enough, hear from four experienced photographers about why they got into the genre and how they develop and produce a successful body of work.

Fine Art Photography Awards

Art is born out of passion. Fine Art photography is a perfect instrument, which allows a person to communicate with the world and share their vision. It results from the author’s deep sensitivity, a need to express feelings through image, a unique view of the surrounding reality. It can be spontaneous, but it can also be a conscious and deliberate manifesto. FAPA is searching for photos born out of passion – your passion.

Namib Desert by Jirawat Plekhongthu
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Lights and shadows by Ignacio Municio Casado
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Frost byJames Hersey
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Red Crown Crane by Eriko Kaniwa
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Come hell or high water by Coco Amardeil
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The magic of the night by Isabella Tabacchi
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Untitled by Marc Lamey
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International Contest Honouring Fine Art Photography 5th Edition / 2018 – 2019
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An Interview with Wolf Ademeit

Wolf Ademeit’s stunning images have graced the covers of several books and magazines, and also regularly appear in advertising. His photographs have been chosen by artists as templates for drawings, paintings and tattoos.

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The International Magazine for Contemporary Fine Art Photography. Lens is a monthly publication that exhibits the best and brightest photography works.Lens Magazine follows the same the foundations laid upon by its predecessor, aiming to unearth and showcase both leading artists and emerging talents alike. Anyone can contribute to the monthly publication, which covers the entire spectrum of photography – from the individual interpretation of a single concept explored in each issue from a variety of international artists, to handy tips and tricks for any amateur or aspiring photographers. Lens Magazine takes a single concept each month, and allows its contributors to delve into any ideas and emotions evoked from this theme, leading to a rich and varied selection of photographs and stories behind them.
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An Interview with Wolf Ademeit by Anne Pinto-Rodrigues
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The Body, A Celebration of the Human Figure

The body has been celebrated in art since the dawn of art history. From the Venus of Willendorf, dated nearly 30,000 years ago, to today, the human figure has been painted, sculpted, drawn and photographed endlessly. Continue the tradition and be a part of The Body, honoring contemporary photographers who capture the beauty of our anatomy. Presented by Rangefinder magazine, the competition covers boudoir, commercial, editorial and fine-art photography.

Professional : Fine Art — 1st Place
“Oyster Bed” by Dario Impini
A portrait of a woman laying on ancient rock, captured after a two-mile hike into a desolate wilderness.
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Professional : Boudoir — Grand Prize
“Untitled” by Riana Lisbeth
An intimate lifestyle session featuring cancer fighter and amputee Kim, captured “to build the appreciation and love she has for her body.”
— – —

Amateur : Boudoir — 1st Place
“Morningness” by Kevin Abery
A natural-light boudoir portrait captured near a bedroom window in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
— – —

Professional : Boudoir
“Alice in wonderland” by Marco Ibanez
With this series, Ibanez looks to capture the personality of his subjects using only the resources available on location.
— – —

The Body, A Celebration of the Human Figure
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“I Capture My Girlfriend In Thrilling Abandoned Locations Across Europe”

We are Jade Stacy Maria & James Kerwin, an adventurous couple who met in early 2015.
Firstly, I am James, a keen photographer who for the last 9 years is known for the interior and abandoned architecture fine art photography work, however, I have occasionally dabbled in taking portraits of Jade and others to practice the art of lighting and to assist Jade in the up-keep of her portfolio as a fashion and beauty model.
Since 2014, Jade has taken modeling seriously, attempting to branch out and work with both amateur and professional photographers across the United Kingdom, starting from her base in the East of England.

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I Capture My Girlfriend In Thrilling Abandoned Locations Across Europe
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Rangefinder is proud to present the winners of the second Fine Art competition, which celebrates the beauty of fine-art photography.

How do you share your vision with an audience? Rangefinder‘s Fine Art Photography Awards calls for your best fine-art work in the travel, portrait, abstract, composite and still life categories.

Grand Prize
Nadine Rovner
Through orchestrated narratives, Nadine Rovner creates lush cinematic scenes with heightened tension, anxiety, anticipation, longing and desire. Says Rovner, “There is something idyllic yet broken, thrilling yet vulnerable, beneath the veneer of the characters that speak to the current complexity of a society filled with palpable tension and fraught with resistance.”
— – —

Winner – Conceptual
Ellen Jantzen
Unexpected Geology
Having moved from America’s flatlands to the mountainous West, Jantzen says she approached this series as both a window through which she could observe her new surrounds, and as a mirror to reflect her inner state of being. she says, “I use layering and blending modes to merge the observed environment with my internal intuition.
— – —

First Place – Composite
Gabriel Isak
The Blue Journey
In this series, Isak envisions a dream world where solitude is more than being alone—it’s a world of soul searching and dream interpretation inspired by the photographer’s years suffering from depression. “the objective of the series is to let the audience envision themselves as the subject, alone in this serene blue world,” says Isak. He hopes the work will shine light on depression and mental health, “a subject that is still very hidden in our society.”
— – —

First Place – Travel
Emmanuel Monzon
Urban Sprawl Emptiness
A series that depicts the “inbetween state” found in the american landscape—places of transition, borders and passages from one world to another.
— – —

Rangefinder is proud to present the winners of the second Fine Art competition, which celebrates the beauty of fine-art photography.
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Artist, Mentor, she is devoted to create, share, and teach. | Robin Griggs Wood

I love all imagery genres––even black and white. I am a capricious creative and try not to limit myself or take my creations too seriously. I love nature and all its myriad facets––widescapes, macros, flora and fauna. I love fantasy and imagination. I love expressing common human values; community, compassion, family, optimism, harmony and humor. I love to make folks laugh. Mostly, I love people.

I discovered that there is something wonderful in every single person on this planet, if you only pay attention long enough to find it. When you find what those wonderful things are, you can derive constant and consistent inspiration and motivation every single day. I’m inspired all the time by my students, as well. These people that I help are my “tribe”––a group that is passionate about creating beautiful or surprising imagery. Being there for them keeps me going. I read a lot, too. I’m a life-long-learner. I never presume that I know everything about a subject, even if I’ve been doing it every day for years. The constant quest for understanding takes me to the most enlightening places.

Ultimately, my greatest inspiration and motivation comes from the question I ask myself, “How can I give others a positive moment in their day today?”
Robin Griggs Wood
— – —

Artist, Mentor, she is devoted to create, share, and teach. | Robin Griggs Wood
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