Fine Art Weddings

Scott Johnson FBIPP FSWPP Master Photographer is an Internationally recognised, award-winning photographer based in Essex, U.K, and has photographed wedding all across Europe and the United States. Known for being fun and energetic, Scott also travels the world as an educator and mentor.

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Fine Art Weddings
by Scott Johnson

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It Will Always Be About The Light | Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape photographs is one way for busy, modern people around the world to connect to Mother Earth. There is however a great difference between an original, vivid landscape photo full of meaning than a photo created without love. We asked the award-winning landscape photographer joseramos if he could share his best tips on how to create fine art landscape photos. Trust us, You don’t want to miss this!

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more in: “Fine Art: 5 Landscape Photography Tips”
by José Ramos
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Selected | Fine EYE

Fine EYE Magazine, with its dedication to fine art photography, presents the finest photographs on over 150 pages, submitted by more than 100 photographers from all over the world.

Schizoid Psychedelia – Jack Savage
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Ai Tanaka
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Reflection – Bob Chiu
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Gate of purification – Stratos Psarakis
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Lurdes Lay Alves
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This issue features:
Daria Amaranth, Irina Bunyatyan, María Tudela Bermúdez and Rhéa Shirudo.
Beside of that, we’re publishing a handpicked selection of fantastic fine art photography, selected from our Facebook photo group.
Fine EYE Magazine, Issue #02, 2018

Land of Lost Content by Lieven Engelen

Lieven Engelen takes us on a different journey, in his series the Land of Lost Content, a fairy tale world that encapsulates all the dreams and all the beauty we didn’t know were hiding within. In one photo, there is no fear from the goats that graze at the edge of a cliff with heavenly clouds behind them; their only curiosity is the camera pointed at them.

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Land of Lost Content by Lieven Engelen
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Black & White Fine Art Photography Magazine

Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography

Illumination mingles a documentarian eye with photographs that are fanciful and abstract, showcasing through the works of several artists the full range of techniques and styles available to the creative photographer today.

Featured Artists
Petra Bernstein | Mario De La Isla | Mila Gerasimova | Kathleen Messmer | Annette Schreiber | Gabriela Segura

Heliotrope by Kathleen Messmer
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East Peak 1 by Mario De La Isla
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Leaving Tomorrow by Petra Bernstein
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The Island’s Past by Annette Schreiber
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Paradise by Gabriela Segura
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Cycle Thinking 1 by Mila Gerasimova
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Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography
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October 20 – November 9, 2017

Black and White Fine Art Photography

We proudly presenting the 4th issue of Fine EYE Magazine. This issue is a great selection of fine art photography, submitted by our members in our Facebook photo group.
This issue is fully dedicated to black and white in fine art photography.

Fernando Mortati
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Jeremiah Gilbert
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Johnny C’barth
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Cindy Vondran
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Giulio Irving
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Fine EYE Magazine, Issue #4, 2017, Black and White edition
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Seamless Spotlight: Frank Zschieschang

Frank Zschieschang experienced life in different parts of the world. Born and raised in a small town on the idyllic coast of the Baltic Sea in East Germany, he grew up in a socialist environment. His childhood and adolescence were very safe and protected, however, he longed for freedom as citizens were not allowed to travel to non-socialist countries.

Frank suffered with the knowledge that he would never see the vast extent of the Grand Canyon, the colourful display of the Northern Lights or the setting sun over the majestic dunes of the Sahara. But then, very unexpectedly, things changed.

The German wall came down and a completely different world presented itself. All of a sudden, the whole world was open to being explored. This was when Frank Zschieschang first came into touch with photography. He borrowed two rolls of film and the family SLR to explore the world and discovered photography as his true passion.

In years of self-study, living in Italy, the UK, Spain and Hong Kong he developed his photography skills to a professional level. It was during his time in Spain when he also started working on time-lapse projects and studied web development. The wanderlust never released its grip on Frank and it has become an essential part of his art. He now lives and works as a photographer and web designer in Hong Kong.

Seamless Spotlight: Frank Zschieschang
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