Canada: God’s own land

Helmcken Falls – Yoho National Park

– 8900 kms by airplane
– 8 hours by car in one day to get there
– came across into 3 bears in the rainforest
– 22 shots merged
– 8,6 gb the final edit
– 4 hours postproduction
And last but not least…
– scared by the fact the sky would not have been clear
– only 15 m to shoot before the moon rise
– scared by the thought the 3 bears where somewhere around me hoping they would not be approching to close to me!
This has been one of the most intense and powerfull experience in my life! I was in this amazing place (Helmcken Falls – Canada) that is one of the darkest place in the world! (in a scale from 1 to 15 is considered to be 1 – pure darkness)
Hope that something of the emotions of that amazing night would come even to you 🙂
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Giovanna Griffo
Fine Art & Travel Photographer & Camera Raw Expert
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Total lunar eclipse & Super Moon – Oak Bay, Victoria
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Murtle River – Yoho National Park
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Spirit Island – Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park
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I am a fine art photographer skilled in post-production techniques and I teach post production and photography in seminars overall Italy.
I am the editor and founder of the photo community and I collaborate actively with Editrice Progresso one of the most popular photography editor magazines in Italy (Tutti Fotografi, Progresso Fotografico).
I am represented by Art + Commerce – New York and Gallery Stock – London.
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Giovanna Griffo
Fine Art & Travel Photographer & Camera Raw Expert

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Fantasy Fashion + 4-step guide

Tabitha Boydell’s magical fairy tale portraits fuse mysterious locations with sumptuous outfits to shape a mythical new world.

Tabitha’s 4-step guide to better creative portraits
– Are you going anywhere nice?
Chat to your model to make them feel more at ease. Sometimes I might be working with a model I’ve never met with before and making them feel more relaxed will lead to more natural photos. You don’t have to get too personal – asking about holidays is always a good one.

– Watch your colours
Think about your styling, even if you’re not shooting with experienced models. Make sure what your subject is wearing goes with the background or location. For family or child portraits, the shots will look a million times better if all the colours work together.

– Get hands on
Have a go at crafting your own props. I’m always making headdresses and embellishing things. There are lots of great tutorials online that will help you do this. I bought a glue gun, which changed my photography as it meant I could make all sorts of fancy headdresses and other fun props.

– Get peer reviewed
Don’t be afraid to ask for other people’s opinions on your work. Constructive critique from your peers is worth its weight in gold, as they will be able to notice and point out what you can’t see yourself. Even if it’s just that stray hair you missed, or a crease in a dress, it will make all the difference to improving your images.

Tabitha Boydell is a fine art and fashion photographer and stylist based in the North West. She works part-time for a travel company while studying for a Masters degree in digital marketing communications. Tabitha lives with her husband, three cats and a huge collection of vintage ballgowns.

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Fantasy Fashion by Tabitha Boydell
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The 2nd Charles Dodgson Black & White Award

This second edition of the annual Black & White Competition, The Charles Dodgson Award, named after the author of Alice in Wonderland, also known as Lewis Carroll, received 750 entries from 37 countries.

When selecting Haim Blumenblat, with Winter Conversation, from the Cityscapes and Street Photography category, as the overall winner, Juror Chris Walker said: ‘It’s simple, beautiful, but not exotic — opportunities such as this exist everywhere. Our world is a beautiful place — and photographers need to understand they don’t have to be on the other side of it to make interesting photographs!’

Haim Blumenblat, Israel, ‘Winter Conversation’. Winner of the 2nd Charles Dodgson Black & White Award
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Erika Masterson. Runner Up, ‘Parts of the Earth, Keeper’
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Sandy Adams. Runner Up, cityscapes and street photography category
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Don Rice. Finalist, fine art category
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Jack Curran. Runner Up, landscapes category
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The 2nd Charles Dodgson Black & White Award
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“Only after we run can we know the joy of wind.”

Sails Chong is China’s top photographer and a Hasselblad Ambassador. Coming from an academic background of Japanese Studies and Fine Arts, he is famous for his photography where he creates surrealistic imagery of the portrait set against a backdrop of visually stunning Chinese aesthetics or breathtaking landscape. Sails Chong believes that photography is a lonely journey, and no glorious booming is possible without years of grinding.

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Sails Chong Photography
via Hasselblad

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The story behind Lorenz Holder’s architectural action photograph

Action sports photographer Lorenz Holder dreamed of shooting skateboarding in a fine art style at a spectacular viaduct that he’d seen pictured online. He reveals the technical and creative steps he took to achieve his ambition, and how the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV proved key.

“I’m not a typical action sport photographer – I’d say I’m a fine art action sport photographer,” says Lorenz Holder. “Somebody once asked me what the perfect action sport photo is. For me, it’s an image that people would put on their wall even if the athlete was not in it. If you create a great surrounding and manage to get an athlete in there as well, then in my opinion this is the perfect action shot.”
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The story behind Lorenz Holder’s architectural action photograph
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The Essence of Feminine Beauty

Tatiana Lumiere is an international award-winning portrait photographer specialising in women’s portraiture and fine art conceptual photography which highlights the elusive and fragile essence of feminine beauty.
She is known for her creative use of natural elements such as water and fog. Combining photography and digital painting with precise posing results in the creation of timeless portraits that look more like artworks than photography.

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Tatiana Lumiere
Philadelphia, PA and Sarasota, Fl
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Monochrome Photography Awards

Monochrome Photography Awards conducts an annual competition for professional and amateur photographers. Our mission is to celebrate monochrome visions and discover the most amazing photographers from around the world.

Fashion / Beauty – 1st Place Winner
Marta by Albert Södgård
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Landscapes – 3rd Place Winner
Hope by Patrik Minar
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Wildlife – 3rd Place Winner
Arctic Fox by Arnfinn Johansen
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Portrait – 1st Place Winner
Maja and Rufus by Simona Nálepková
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Fine Art – 2nd Place Winner
Sanctuary by Viki Murray
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Nude – 1st Place Winner
Cliffhanger by Paul Giggle
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Monochrome Photographer of the Year
Muse by Dmitriy Rogozhkin
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Monochrome Awards
International Black & White Photography Contest
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