Portraits by Erica Rockabella Lundin

Before I got behind the camera, I was standing in front of the camera as a model. I thought it was really fun, but I did not feel that I got an outlet for my own creativity and ideas. So I finally decided to get my own camera and started shooting and I loved it. I started shooting 8 years ago now, and I still have the same passion and love for photography today as then.

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Black and White Portaits by Franziska Korries

Photography is now more than a hobby. It creates a wonderful balance for stressful workdays. If I have a camera in my hand, I formally merge with the lens and forget the Surroundings Others go running, I go and take pictures.

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“Definitely a passionate hobby photographer!”
more by Franziska Korries
in Modellenland Magazine

Wear Good Shoes: Inspiring Advice from Magnum Photographers

Download this free 60-page PDF from Magnum Photos—filled with excellent tips, advice and words of wisdom from the photographers at Magnum, as well as many of their iconic images. A great resource for anyone who wants to make better pictures.

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Free guide from Magnum Photos
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Images gratuites de haute qualité

Images et vidéos gratuites que vous pouvez utiliser n’importe où
Pixabay est une communauté dynamique de créatifs, partageant des images et des vidéos libres de droit. Tous les contenus sont diffusés sous Creative Commons CC0, ce qui les rend sûres à utiliser sans demander l’autorisation ou donner du crédit à l’artiste – même à des fins commerciales.

by Gellinger
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by cocoparisienne
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by torstensimon
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by aamiraimer
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by pixel2013
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Images gratuites de haute qualité
via Pixabay

THE Exposure Triangle

Genial cheat sheet for photographers
as a free download by e-mail

This cheatcard explains in an extremely simple way the effect of aperture, exposure time and ISO. It should not be missing in any photo bag.

Hamburger Photospots collects the most beautiful photolocations and sights of Hamburg and shows you where you can make the best pictures.

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Wesaturate | Free RAW and JPG photos

Wesaturate is where you can upload your RAW (and JPG) photos and share them with the world. First, join Wesaturate, then click the upload button to become a part of the community. We want this website to be a place where people can download high-quality images, learn, and experiment with different edits.
All of the photos (RAW and JPG) published on wesaturate.com fall under the Creative Common Zero license. This means that you can do whatever you want with the photos. Feel free to look around on the New page to get inspired, then upload your own photos.

syafrudin mtop
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Dominik Rossbach
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Maksim Gladkiy
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Kyle Draper
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Lauri Siltala
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Free RAW and JPG photos

Guide photo 2017 : compacts experts, reflex, hybrides, photophones, instantanés à l’essai

Guide photo 2017:
compacts experts, reflex, hybrides, photophones, instantanés à l’essai
Publié par Pierre Stemmelin

“Notre premier guide photo est en ligne. Vous y trouverez une sélection de 33 appareils compacts experts, reflex, hybrides, photophones, imprimantes et boîtiers instantanés, dont 16 tests détaillés.”

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Guide photo 2017 : compacts experts, reflex, hybrides, photophones, instantanés à l’essai
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