Guide photo 2017 : compacts experts, reflex, hybrides, photophones, instantanés à l’essai

Guide photo 2017:
compacts experts, reflex, hybrides, photophones, instantanés à l’essai
Publié par Pierre Stemmelin

“Notre premier guide photo est en ligne. Vous y trouverez une sélection de 33 appareils compacts experts, reflex, hybrides, photophones, imprimantes et boîtiers instantanés, dont 16 tests détaillés.”

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Guide photo 2017 : compacts experts, reflex, hybrides, photophones, instantanés à l’essai
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Lighting Modifiers You Must Own (and Why)

Lighting Modifiers You Must Own (and Why)
from: The Photographer’s Lighting Handbook
an educational guide by Photoshelter and Profoto

Although flash heads typically have controls to alter the power output of the light, controlling the quality of light can be challenging (although it can be done depending on the quality of gear you use). Some photographers (e.g. Landon Nordeman and Amy Lombard) use hard light to good effect. But for other photographers, lighting modifiers provide a means to control the hardness, spread and color of light. Here are a few modifiers we think should be in your arsenal.

Modifiers09a Modifiers09b Modifiers09c Modifiers09dThe Photographer’s Lighting Handbook

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Conquer Composition by Adam Barker

Technique Can Be Taught And Equipment Can Be Bought, But Vision Is Singular.

Our greatest challenge as landscape and active lifestyle photographers is to transport the viewer “there”…

AdamBarker08a AdamBarker08b AdamBarker08c AdamBarker08dabout the author
Raised amongst Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, internationally acclaimed photographer Adam Barker has a passion for photography matched only by his zest for life. Known for bold landscape and active lifestyle imagery, his love affair with exceptional imagery has translated into stirring editorial work for Outdoor Photographer, Skiing, Ski, Powder, Men’s Journal, Outside, Fitness, The Drake, Mountain Magazine, and many more publications. He has drawn praise for his teaching style at workshops both domestic and abroad, and has drawn similar accord for his instructional DVDs.

Conquer Composition by Adam Barker
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Inspirational Photography – Free Monthly Magazine

Inspirational Photography – Free Monthly Magazine
Ken Koskela Photography

KenKoskela07aKen Koskela is a Chicago-based travel photographer who captures subjects in excellent light, whether a dead tree forest in Namibia or a villager in rural China. Although Ken shoots a variety of subjects, he is especially known for his environmental portraits of everyday people, his ethereal landscape images and “human element” pictures that combine people and nature. He loves photographing in Asia and has garnered recognition for his portrait work in Indonesia and China.

KenKoskela07b KenKoskela07cKen combines his love of photography with over 20 years of travel experience to more than 75 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. His images appear in books, magazines, travel guides and calendars from around the world. Beyond photography, Ken holds a dual-major MBA in international business and finance and has two decades of experience strengthening financial inclusion in developing countries.

KenKoskela07dInspirational Photography

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Free Photography Guides

Free Photography Guides
Here you’ll find our collection of free photography guides, covering hot photography topics and need-to-know information!

freebook07aRocky Nook’s Guide to Food Photography for Instagrammers

freebook07bRocky Nook’s Guide to Implementing Circumstantial Light

freebook07cRocky Nook’s Guide to Making the Move to Capture One Pro

freebook07dRocky Nook’s Guide to Flash Terminology

freebook07eRocky Nook’s Guide to Photographing Cuba

freebook07fRocky Nook’s Guide to HDR & Panoramas in Lightroom 6

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Your photos. Your style. For Free!

ON1 Effects 10 FREE
Adding style to your photos is part of what defines you as a photographer. Effects 10 Standard Edition – Free includes a select number of stackable filters, presets, borders, and textures from ON1 Effects 10 to help create your style. Whether you’re adding a finishing touch from Lightroom® or if Photoshop® is just too complicated, ON1 Effects 10 Standard Edition – Free is the perfect choice for you.

ON1free05aYour photos. Your style. For Free!
ON1 Effects 10 FREE
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Everything you need to know about Photography

Photocritic Photography School
We’ve been teaching photography for decades. Now it’s your turn. For free.
Through hundreds of workshops and dozens of books, we know what trips people up. We know how daunting it can be to pick up a new camera. And we know everything about teaching photography.

We’re so passionate about getting you from zero to hero that we’re offering a complete 1-year photography course. Completely for free. Delivered over e-mail to your inbox every couple of weeks.

What you’ll learn
In short: Everything you need to know!

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