Drone Wanderlust

Renée Lusano has flown drones for years — but it took some time for her travelbased aerial photography to really take off. Explore Renée’s personal journey to social media and selfie success.

«All Hail The Queen»
Renée Lusano, publicly dubbed the “Queen of Dronies,” explores her drone journey, the ridiculous royal title, and how to get recognized in the drone world.

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Drone photos from around the world

Drone photos from around the world

Hong Kong
Andy Yeung Photography
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Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
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Tokyo, Japan
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Al Hishman, Oman
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Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France (high tide)
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from “24 breathtaking drone photos that show the majesty of our world”
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Capturing the world around us from above

Dronescapes explores the brand new world of drone photographers using distance to offer a new perspective on the world around us.

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, USA By Romeo Durscher
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Lake Guerlédan, France By Nicolas Charles
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Miami, USA By iMaerial_com
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil By Alexandre Salem
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Saint-Malo, France By Easy Ride
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Today Dronestagram is the world’s leading drone photography website, boasting a community of over 10,000 members that continues to grow and rediscover the world around them. Although not often talked about, the abilities of quadcopters go far beyond beautiful landscapes and surveillance – drone photographers explore textures, light and shadow, the interaction between wildlife and technology, as well as the art of perspective and dilapidated buildings.

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Western United States Aerial Photos by Niaz Uddin

Niaz Uddin is photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Uddin’s speciality is taking pictures from extraordinary heights. Aerial, drone, and travel photography that Uddin takes are simply breathtaking. Sometimes he flies with doors off a helicopter and capture the beauty of nature from 15,000 feet above the sea level. Spectacular pictures from a bird-eye perspective of the American West is what you are about to see scrolling down the page. Take your time to enjoy them because they are really appealing and give a sense of harmony to the observer…

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Western United States Aerial Photos by Niaz Uddin
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The Energy of Tomorrow Looks Strikingly Artistic from Above

The Energy of Tomorrow Looks Strikingly Artistic from Above

Two photographers share their unique perspectives on the growing wind and solar power industries.
A native of Bulgaria, Jassen Todorov is a violinist and music professor at San Francisco State University. He’s also a pilot and a member of National Geographic’s Your Shot community, regularly sharing photographs taken from his four-seater plane.

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The Energy of Tomorrow Looks Strikingly Artistic from Above
Jassen Todorov Photography

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Discover Wild Iceland

Discover Wild Iceland
By Rafn Sigurbjornsson

Rafn Sig,- is well known freelance Icelandic photographer who have focused on the raw nature and landscape since he was a young boy. He has been hiking in the Icelandic highlands and low lands all his live and knows the nature and the hidden spots like a true native.

rafnsigurbjornsson02a rafnsigurbjornsson02b rafnsigurbjornsson02c rafnsigurbjornsson02d rafnsigurbjornsson02e rafnsigurbjornsson02f rafnsigurbjornsson02g— – —

Discover Wild Iceland
By Rafn Sigurbjornsson

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2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest Results & Winners

2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest
Results & Winners

skypixel02aGrand Prize
2016 SkyPixel Photo of the Year
Fishermen close the net by 郑戈 | Zheng Ge
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Beauty – First Prize
Exploration by 王 汉冰 | Wang Han Bing
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Drones in Use – Third Prize
Drone in Use by Norman Nollau
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skypixel02dDonna Wood in Scroesby Sound
by Eric Vickery Photography
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by NK7
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