La Théorie du Pixel Net par Cédric Marcadier

Paradoxe de la technique, l’expression de la vitesse passe par de longs temps de pose. En alternant prises de vues couleur et noir et blanc, Cédric Marcadier tente de repousser les limites du filé pour reproduire l’intensité des courses automobiles.

Portfolio: Cédric Marcadier
La technique du filé n’a pas de secret pour Cédric Marcadier, photographe habitué des circuits qui restitue la frénésie des courses automobiles dans des compositions graphiques.

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Yes! This book is about High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. And you are going to love the extraordinary results of HDR techniques. But keep in mind that photography is photography—no matter what you call your approach or delivery. That’s why this book begins with tips that will not only help your HDR techniques; they will improve all of your photography. So you will not find any HDR tech talk in this Preface. You’ll fnd it in the other chapters; but for now, let’s focus on the basics of photography. To illustrate my tips, I use some of my favorite pictures of vintage cars (and one truck) that I shot during my travels. You’ll learn how to create similar HDR images in this book, so stay with me here.

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Rick Sammon’s HDR photography secrets for digital photographers
Breathtaking detail. Spectacular contrast. Unbelievable texture. These are all hallmarks of HDR (high dynamic range) photography. When you learn the secrets of how to shoot, process, and display HDR images, you’ll understand why master photographer Rick Sammon calls it “magical” — and you’ll also know why he says it’s a ton of fun. Ready to get started?
• See the color, direction, and quality of the light as well as the contrast
• Learn the secrets of HDR by exploring dozens of before-and-after examples
• Discover how to avoid digital noise and chromatic aberrations
• Find out when you should NOT use HDR – and why
• Learn to process HDR images with Photomatix and enhance them even more with Adobe* Camera RAW and Photoshop*
• Explore the tricks possible with Exposure Fusion
• Build your composing and visualizing skills
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Air & Ground

Photography by Chris Van De Vreken

“La Ferte Alais”
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“Spa Summer Classic”
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“Open Dagen Klu”
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“Spa Summer Classic”
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“La Ferte Alais”
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“WEC 6H Spa Francorchamps”
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Camerapixo photography magazine Air & Ground Press 05
Chris Van De Vreken Photography
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La beauté de la rouille par le photographe Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

Une nouvelle série de photos, publiée aujourd’hui par Nikon, révèle le superbe contraste entre la forêt suédoise luxuriante et des véhicules rouillés à « Bilkyrkogården Kyrkö Mosse », un « cimetière » de voitures non loin de Ryd, Linköping, en Suède.

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Macro : La beauté de la rouille par le photographe Alberto Ghizzi Panizza
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New illusionary world around the vehicle

New illusionary world around the vehicle | Michail Nikolaev – RawCar

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New illusionary world around the vehicle
by Michail Nikolaev – RawCar

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Very Cool Cars Shot By Super Creative Photographers

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing cars in the Awesome Car Photo Contest

“Ghost of Chevy’s Past” by jamesnelms
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“Joy Riding” by Michaelvincentphotos
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“IMG_0580” by PageHopePhotography
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“Just relaxn ” by DevilishImagery
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“Old truck” by alkim
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Very Cool Cars Shot By Super Creative Photographers
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