Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 | Gallery 2017

View the winning images selected by our international jury. Wildlife Photographer of the Year champions ethical photography. Images are chosen for their artistic composition, technical innovation and truthful interpretation of the natural world.

The Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Single Image
Investigating the relationship between humans and the natural world. Images can be challenging, uplifting, provocative or revelatory.
Children of the rainforest | Finalist 2017 | Charlie Hamilton James, UK
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Behaviour: Invertebrates
Revealing the most interesting or memorable behaviour of any of the multitude of smaller animals without backbones – whether on land, in the air or in water.
Wings of winter | Finalist 2017 | Imre Potyó, Hungary
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Animal Portraits
Revealing the personality of an individual or an intimate group of animals in a thought-provoking or memorable way.
Contemplation | Winner 2017 | Peter Delaney, Ireland/South Africa
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Animals in their Environment
Evoking atmosphere and a sense of place – with the habitat as a major element of the image -to convey how an animal is an integral part of its environment.
The night raider | Winner 2017 | Marcio Cabral, Brazil
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Behaviour: Amphibians and Reptiles
Revealing active behaviour that adds to our understanding of the nature of a species.
The ancient ritual | Winner 2017 | Brian Skerry, USA
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Under Water
Revealing life underwater, whether portraying a particular marine or freshwater environment.
Circle of life | Finalist 2017 | Jordi Chias Pujol, Spain
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Young awards 2017
11–14 Years Old
Wolf watch | Finalist 2017 | Lasse Kurkela, Finland
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Young awards 2017
10 Years and Under
Black kites, red sunset | Finalist 2017 | Dhyey Shah, India
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Behaviour: Mammals
Portraying memorable, unusual or dramatic behaviour.
Spring release | Finalist 2017 | John Mullineux, South Africa
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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 | Gallery 2017
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Capturing Birds in Nature

After spending countless weeks with a unique variety of European birds as his only company, the time has finally come for Markus Varesvuo to share his breathtaking project with the world.

Capturing Birds in Nature
Photographer: Markus Varesvuo
Full-time occupation: Wildlife photographer
Aim of project: To create a large-format, high-quality coffee table book on birds
Location: I mostly got my shots in Europe, but I also travelled overseas
Duration: The photography itself spanned three or four years, and the design of the book then took a further year
Time spent: Probably too much time all in all if I were to be totally honest!
Images taken: The photos I shot for this project go into the hundreds of thousands
Website: facebook.com/markus.varesvuo

via Practical Photography Magazine

Dare to Bare

It’s time to take the plunge into Fall. Might we suggest loosening up in the season’s diaphanous dresses and blouses, paired with a statement boot? For a little more structure, suit up in separates that will put you in the power seat.

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Dare to Bare
Hana Jirickova by Miguel Reveriego

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Master Photography Awards 2017/2018 Silver Awards

Established in 1952, the Master Photographers Association (MPA) are one of the longest standing photographic associations in British history. We pride ourselves on our expertise and care about our members’ photographic journey of excellence. We understand your needs and value them too.
As the UK’s leading qualification body exclusively for the professional wedding, portrait and commercial photographer the MPA encourage professional photographers of all levels to join the Association.
The Master Photographers Association is run by photographers for photographers who have many years of experience behind them. Our team is committed to sharing knowledge and experiences to help guide you.

Overseas Portrait Photographer of the Year – Roger Tan
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UK Portrait Photographer of the Year – Alex Fletcher
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Overseas Wedding Photographer of the Year – Ya Zhuo
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UK Wedding Photographer of the Year – Andrew Emming
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Master Photography Awards 2017/2018
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UK Photographer of the Year – Panikos Hajistilly

Panikos Hajistilly, with a successful studio in Winchmore Hill, has long been held in high regard by photographic colleagues before gaining his AMPA in 2016. Now his recognition is capped off with the title of Master Photographer of the Year 2017/18, won with these five images – the highest scoring aggregate in the MPA’s annual awards held in October.

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Variety and quality wins out for North London portrait and wedding all-rounder

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Ellen von Unwerth – Heimat

Following a passionate kickoff in Los Angeles, IMMAGIS will show from the 15. September 2017 the exhibition HEIMAT with more than 30 works from German star photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Right in time for Oktoberfest, von Unwerth invites viewers on a photographic journey through her childhood homeland of Bavaria. Her lavishly staged series delights with erotically charged images tinged with a touch of nostalgia and full of lust for life. Her images convey a strong love fornature, a seemingly omnipresent religiosity, and a playful approach to the attributes and attractions typical of the region, making a visit to this exhibition both a sensual and visual treat.

Von Unwerth’s visual ode to her HEIMAT combines old-world charm with fresh, provocative eroticism, cheerfully subverts traditional gender roles, and shows thateven lederhosen can be glamorous. Viva Bavaria!
Ellen von Unwerth worked as a top model in the fashion industry for ten years, before taking up the camera to become one of the most sought-after fashion photographers. Her photographs have appeared in countless magazines like Vogue, Interview und Vanity Fair. Ellen von Unwerth lives in Paris and New York.
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Ellen von Unwerth – Heimat
IMMAGIS Fine Art Photography
Current Exhibition
15 September – 11 November 2017

The William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize

Congratulations to Polixeni Papapetrou – winner of the William & Winifred Bowness Photography Prize!

Delphi 2016, from the series Eden
— – —

Hazy lazy days 2017, from the series A year at the beach
— – —

Sellicks Beach, south end, twilight 2017
— – —

Robert HAGUE
Kim Kim 2016
— – —

Nasim NASR
Forty pages no. 5 2016, from the series Forty pages 1–5
— – —

Jill ORR & Christina SIMONS
Antipodean epic – night dust 2015–16, from the series Antipodean epic
— – —

Established in 2006 to promote excellence in photography, the annual William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize is an initiative of the MGA Foundation. The Bowness Photography Prize has quickly become Australia’s most coveted photography prize. It is also one of the country’s most open prizes for photography. In the past, finalists have included established and emerging photographers, art and commercial photographers. All film-based and digital work from amateurs and professionals is accepted. There are no thematic restrictions.
On behalf of the MGA Foundation and the judging panel – architect, art patron and academic Corbett Lyon, artist and educator Dr Susan Fereday and MGA Senior Curator Stephen Zagala – MGA is thrilled to announce the 2017 finalists

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