Jonas in NYC by Michele Palazzo

This Photograph of the NYC Winter Storm Looks Like an Impressionist Painting

MichelePalazzo01aWhile walking through the Jonas Winter Storm that swept across the East Coast last week, photographer Michele Palazzo captured this incredible shot of the Flatiron Building against a backdrop of swirling snow. With the exception of a few minor details like logos and a food cart, the image looks like an impressionist right out of another another century. The cloudy atmosphere and gusty winds creates patterns that appear uncannily like brush strokes.
by Christopher Jobson
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Flocks of Birds

Flocks of Birds
When birds travel in flocks, their behavior takes on emergent properties. Out of the chaos of flight, gorgeous, geometric patterns coalesce. When photographers capture these patterns at exactly the right time, it’s like seeing mathematical abstractions written across the sky. Here are some of the most stunning images of flocking patterns we’ve ever seen.

Flocks_of_Birds01a Flocks_of_Birds01b Flocks_of_Birds01c Flocks_of_Birds01d Flocks_of_Birds01e Flocks_of_Birds01f Flocks_of_Birds01g— – —

Flocks of Birds
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Big thinking from smart women

Karlie Kloss To Guest Edit ELLE’s Tech Trailblazers Issue
Photographed by Kai Z Feng

KarlieKlossElleUK01aBig thinking from smart women
The March issue of ELLE UK is powered by model and tech entrepreneur Karlie Kloss.
In the issue Karlie seeks advice from six incredible female trailblazers who have succeeded in the male-dominated world of technology.
In tandem with the issue’s release, we will also be launching our first docu-series on, which follows Karlie as she interviews key women in the digital and technology sphere.

KarlieKlossElleUK01b KarlieKlossElleUK01c KarlieKlossElleUK01d KarlieKlossElleUK01e KarlieKlossElleUK01f— – —

Big thinking from smart women

Karlie Kloss – ELLE UK Magazine Photoshoot (February 2016)
Photographed by Kai Z Feng

Some Finalists from the 8th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest

Some Finalists from the 8th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest

8thAnnual2016aA Perfect Storm
Photo By Guy Schmickle
— – —

Photo By Gautam Phookan
— – —

8thAnnual2016cArt Of Blur
Photo By Artur Szczeszek
— – —

8thAnnual2016dRed Cardinal In Autumn
Photo By Benjamin Brzink
— – —

8thAnnual2016eTunnel Of Light
Photo By Richard Ansley
— – —

8thAnnual2016fTetons First Light
Photo By Dan Mottaz
— – —

8thAnnual2016gSuperior Sunrise
Photo By Derek Griggs
— – —

Finalists from the 8th Annual Nature’s Colors Photo Contest
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Images surréalistes d’Istanbul par Aydın Büyüktaş

Aydın Büyüktaş est un artiste photographe turc né à Ankara en 1972, aujourd’hui il vit et travaille à Istanbul.
Pour cette série étonnante de photos retouchées d’Istanbul, Aydın s’est inspiré du livre d’Edwin Abbat « Flatland, a Romance of many dimensions » et d’une scène mythique du film « Inception ».
Ces visions multidimensionnelles d’Istanbul nous plongent dans un univers surréaliste proche mais à la fois très éloigné de notre perception.

AydinBuyuktas01a AydinBuyuktas01b AydinBuyuktas01c AydinBuyuktas01d— – —

Images surréalistes d’Istanbul par Aydın Büyüktaş

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Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2016 by Tyrone Lebon

Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2016 by Tyrone Lebon
For the first time Calvin Klein releases a campaign presenting all of its brands together – the world of Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear was captured by the celebrated photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon.

— – —

Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2016 by Tyrone Lebon
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Amusing animals!

Time for a good old fashioned ‘laugh out loud’ at everyone’s most amusing shots of animals, both at home and in the wild! There’s a handful of prizes from foliopic to win, plus some valuable exposure on EPhotoZine. Let the fun times roll…

AmusingAnimals01aMy little girl Stella
by Gary Wilson
— – —

AmusingAnimals01bHow we laughed…!
by Anna Casbolt
— – —

by Neil James Brain
— – —

AmusingAnimals01dOuch that hurts bird-brain
by RN Nobby Clarke
— – —

AmusingAnimals01eI don’t like monday.
by Irawan Subingar
— – —

AmusingAnimals01fWhat are you ?
by AFoleyphoto
— – —

— – —

Amusing animals!

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