A Culinary Hommage to Olle Bærtling

A Culinary Hommage to Olle Bærtling
What a lovely and colorful still life editorial! Photographer Philip Karlberg simply shot fruits and graphic patterns for this gorgeous culinary hommage to late Swedish artist Olle Bærtling.

philipkarlberg12a philipkarlberg12b philipkarlberg12c philipkarlberg12d philipkarlberg12e— – —

A Culinary Hommage to Olle Bærtling
Photographer Philip Karlberg
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by Cyril Foiret
at Trendland


Food Photography Awards 2016
We are excited to share the 2016 winners of TASTE, PDN’s annual food photography competition.

taste11a taste11aa“Valley of the Vines”
Emily Hlavac Green
New York, NY, United States
From a series about Valli Vineyards. Nestled amongst the rocky mountains in Gibbston Valley, New Zealand, the change of season marks the final harvest and fermentation of pinot noir wines.    6 Images
— – —

taste11b taste11bb“The History of the Strawberry”
Esha Chiocchio
Santa Fe, NM, United States
“The History of the Strawberry” explores the fruit’s beginnings, from French spy François Amadée Frézier’s encounter of the white strawberry while mapping the coasts of Chile for King Louis XIV, to the eventual crossbreeding of white and red varieties in Plougastel, France, to give birth to the strawberries we know today. Writer Chloé Batissou and Chiocchio traced Frízier’s journey to meet with growers and cultivators in Chile and France.    6 Images
— – —

taste11c“The Food of Oman”
Ariana Lindquist
New York, NY, United States
Because of the Oman’s history in the spice trade, with traders plying the waters from India to Africa, its local cuisine is the crossroads of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African flavors. “The Food of Oman” is a glimpse into a unique and little-known cuisine.    6 Images
— – —

taste11d“The All-American Redux”
Jamie Nease
San Francisco, CA, United States
A retake on the classic all-American burger.
— – —

taste11e“Baklava with Honey”
Andrew Burkle
Cleveland, OH, United States
Baklava drizzled with honey, shot for the Vitamix commercial series of international recipes.
— – —

Food Photography Awards 2016

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Photo Foodie

Photo Foodie
The First Russian Food Photography Magazine

photofoodie09aRussian Foodie – Russia’s first online culinary magazine, which was the result of a large and close-knit team of talented and enthusiastic about their work people: journalists, bloggers, photographers, designers – most of these foodie.

photofoodie09bWho are a foodie? These are people for whom food – not only the satisfaction of physiological needs, but also a favorite hobby, endless space for creativity, a way of knowing ourselves and the world. They are interested in everything that is somehow related to cooking: fresh recipes, unusual dishes, the food industry, the science of nutrition, workshops, gastronomic travel, and the aesthetic aspect plays an important role for them: they love beautiful food and beautiful view. Our magazine about them and for them.

photofoodie09cThe mission of our magazine – to change food culture, to acquaint readers with new dishes, products, show that a beautiful and high quality food – it’s fast, easy and accessible to everyone.

photofoodie09dWe are for a person without special education and special skills have the opportunity to cook any recipe from the outlet in the kitchen tonight. That is why we are publishing a large number of simple and successful recipes, including turn-based (primarily seasonal ingredients), materials about products, dishes, food, photography, culinary tourism, culinary school, restaurants, books and blogs. We also place our interviews with inspiring personalities: chefs, cookbook authors, restaurateurs, food producers.

photofoodie09eThe First Russian Food Photography Magazine
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Photography Jobs From Around The World

Place your DSLR on a tripod, adjust the lens to get the best possible composition, get the focus right, choose appropriate ISO setting, change shutter speed and aperture, go to timer mode and select five seconds, and then click. Being a photographer, these are things I never get tired of. It’s fun being a shutterbug, as you might also agree if you are fond of clicking as well. The ever changing world always throws perfect compositions at us, one of the reasons we never get tired of this hobby whether you are into fashion photography, or wildlife shooting, or one who just loves to roam around your city and click.

PhotographyJobs09a PhotographyJobs09b PhotographyJobs09c PhotographyJobs09d PhotographyJobs09e PhotographyJobs09f PhotographyJobs09gPhotography Jobs From Around The World
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The most amazing images begin as amazing moments

The most amazing images begin as amazing moments
The OM-D experience with Olympus Visionary John Sterling Ruth

JohnSterlingRuth08a JohnSterlingRuth08b JohnSterlingRuth08c JohnSterlingRuth08d JohnSterlingRuth08e JohnSterlingRuth08f JohnSterlingRuth08gNo photographic system offers the power, portability and versatility of the mighty OM-D and its extensive family of M.Zuiko Digital lenses. And few places on earth provide more opportunities to put this equipment to the test than the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. So we set off once again with Olympus Visionary John Sterling Ruth, one of America’s top commercial photographers, to take some pictures.

From the rainforests and beaches to the vibrant city neighborhoods, John put all of the Olympus lenses to the test. He hiked into the humid jungle and stood in the mist to shoot cascading waterfalls. He went to the beach to capture local surfers carving perfect turns. He wandered the byways of Old San Juan, shooting street scenes and food vendors.

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Finalists’ Gallery | Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2016

Over 7000 images were entered into the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2016 and judged by a distinguished panel including Jamie Oliver’s photographer David Loftus and Nigel Atherton, Group Editor, Photography, Time Inc. The winner was presented with a cheque for £5000 by Andy Macdonald, Managing Director of Coregeo, Master Licensor of Pink Lady® UK, in front of more than 400 guests from across the world.

PinkLady2016a PinkLady2016b PinkLady2016c PinkLady2016d PinkLady2016eFinalists’ Gallery | Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2016
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Matt Armendariz: Taste Maker

Food Photography Has Been Democratized. “I think it’s just like any other business,” explains Matt Armendariz. “A part of me wants to say it has changed because everyone can take pictures of food, and you have to understand food is something we all do, so most of us have access to it three times a day, most of us have a phone with us. So food photography has been democratized by all this, through blogging, but I’ve always felt that’s a good thing. Always. Because it unites us, and I think that’s more important than dividing us.”

MattArmendariz01a MattArmendariz01b MattArmendariz01c MattArmendariz01dMatt Armendariz: Taste Maker
By William Sawalich, Photography By Matt Armendariz

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