The Most Popular Girl in the World

Are You Cool Enough to Know Who Our February Cover Star Is?
YouTuber Emma Chamberlain—she of the 8.5 million followers and the 18 years of age—is basically the litmus test for how much you understand 2020.
Photographed by Eric Ray Davidson

“I think the word ‘influencer’ is kind of disgusting,” Emma, who is an influencer, tells me. “Let’s use me as an example: If someone is calling me an influencer, they’re saying that my job is to influence, and I don’t think that’s true. I prefer to entertain and be a friend. I don’t want to influence.” (I look down at my nails and blame them for being so easily swayed.)
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Are You Cool Enough to Know Who Our February Cover Star Is?
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The Whole Nine Yards

Slip Into A Contemporary Saree Drape That’ll Leave You Turning Heads
Bring on a bolder fold the next time you decide to get your saree game on with these different drapes — be it a fancy day or just for every day!

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The Whole Nine Yards
Photography: Nick Saglimbeni
Models: Shenelle Rodrigo & Alina Fernando
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Suits to Shake In, Not Bake In

Not one to plant yourself under an umbrella?
These Sexy-Meets-Sporty numbers are designed to move.
Hailey Clauson photographed by Ben Watts

Fashion Editor: James Worthington Demolet. Hair: Nicolas Eldin for Gisou at Art Department. Makeup: Christian McCulloch for Dior Beauty. Model: Hailey Clauson/Two Management. Production: First Shot Productions. Accommodations, location: Sugar Beach, a Viceroy Resort,
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Suits to Shake In, Not Bake In
via Cosmopolitan – July 2018

Riding High

Kaley Cuoco has had her share of ups and downs. But the awardwinning actress has always come out on top. Here, she talks candidly about finding love after heartbreak, being a boss in Hollywood, and owning her future.

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Riding High
Kaley Cuoco photographed by Jason Kim
Styled by Kristen Saladino
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It’s Time for a Folk Tale

It’s the A/W trend story everyone’s on about—textiles are as sexy as it gets, and it’s time to get those brocades, block prints, and chanderis out of remission and back on the road.
Photographs: Hormis Antony Tharakan; Styling: Amandeep Kaur

It’s Time for a Folk Tale
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Ruby Rules

A local household name who’s replacing Hollywood’s cookie-cutter VIPs with her own brand of superstar: smart, bold and completely unfiltered. Allow us to reintroduce you to Ruby Rose.

rubyrose02a rubyrose02b rubyrose02c rubyrose02dSpecial Cosmo Pride Issue
Starring Ruby Rose and her badass guide to living life by your own rules

rubyrose02eRuby Rules
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