People’s Choice | National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Wallpapers

National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018
People’s Choice

Wild Iceland
Photo and caption by E. Arencibia
If already one of the most beautiful landscape ever seen, imagine to get there and find this wild and majestic Icelandic horse posing for me. That morning I was wondering if it would be worth it to go…bad weather, cold, not good light conditions…but you never know what you are going to find.
— – —

The doors of mordor are open
Photo and caption by Jeffry Arguedas
Never before had I seen such a majestic eruption of a volcano and at the same time feel secure. Camping one night in the Acatenango Volcano and having a volcano as active as the Fire a few kilometers away, it was an incomparable experience, I felt trapped in the book “The Lord of the Rings” walking through Mordor. Walking for more than 5 hours with cold clothes near 3900 meters, food, 5 liters of water and a tripod, was exhausting, but each step made it worthwhile.
— – —

Photo and caption by Niklas Weber
When we arrived at the rio tarcoles in costa rica and I saw what a fantastic formation the sharp-mouthed crocodiles are, I could not help myself, I started my drone and begun to photograph them from the air. My heart was beating like crazy because I was incredibly excited, on the one hand I was a bit scared for the drone, on the other hand I was so happy about the unique moment.
— – —

Photo and caption by Mark zhu
Lucca is an city in central Italy with well-preserved renaissance-era city walls and architecture. This photo was taken during the sunset hours, where the warm sunlight blends everything together, and a local biking through the city seems to be traveling back in time.
— – —

Future of 2022 Reveal in fog
Photo and caption by Ray Toh
The first WC2022 stadium to be ready, revealed during a foggy morning.
— – —

Sunset in the Monument Valley
Photo and caption by Stas Bartnikas
This aerial shot was taken from a microlight trike in Monument Valley, UT
— – —

The highly tolerant society
Photo and caption by Hidetoshi Ogata
On a cold winter day, I captured the moment when mother monkeys formed a huddle after social grooming in Awaji Island. Japanese monkeys are generally considered to be despotic and aggressive, but they are building a social relationships with mutual benefits.
— – —

People’s Choice | National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Wallpapers
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National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Wallpapers

Editors’ favorite submissions to the photo contest.

Nacreous Clouds
Photo and caption by Bartłomiej Jurecki
Nacreous clouds or polar stratospheric clouds. On the last day of the year those clouds could be seen on the Lofoten islands in northern Norway. These clouds are characterized by a strong iridescence. Clouds are formed with a small amount of water vapor that leaked to the upper parts of the atmosphere. They scatter the light differently, that is why the color of the clouds reminds rainbow. Those clouds occur very rarely.
— – —

The fire-breathing Giant
Photo and caption by Vladimir Voychuk
There is a rumor that you can watch forever on two things: fire and water, but when it comes to exploding lava fountains, – it is sempiternity multiplied to infinity.
— – —

Feeding On Salt-The Zipper Of The Earth
Photo and caption by Paul-Vlad Epure
Lake Retba, or Lac Rose (Pink Lake in english), the beautiful finishing point of the worldwide known Paris-Dakar Rally (until 2009 when they moved to South America). Located north of the Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal, 30km north-east from the capital city of Dakar, the lake took his name for its pink/red waters caused by Dunaliella Salina algae and is known for its high salt content, up to 40% in some areas.
— – —

Photo and caption by Ivan Pedretti
Winter in Stokksnes in the beach with black sand and the majestic mountain called Vestrahorn, I like the difference in colors between the white mountains and the black dunes with the yellow grass.
— – —

Photo and caption by Clara Davies
Found in the Errera Channel on the Antarctic Peninsula this immense iceberg showed obvious signs of being sculptured and worn by the icy Antarctic waters.
— – —

National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Wallpapers
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National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018 | Wallpapers

Editors’ favorite submissions to the photo contest.

Sugar And Gum Drops
Photo and caption by The Scenic Suitcase
The colorful streets of Bo Kaap weren’t always this way. The facades were once mandated to be a drab, uniform color during Apartheid. After Apartheid ended, the residents painted their homes every color of the rainbow to celebrate their freedom. Visiting Bo Kaap during the intense mid-day sunlight, the houses were so brightly colored it was almost blinding!
— – —

Sharks City
Photo and caption by Marc Henauer
The Bahamas is home to one of the largest shark communities in the world. Far from the preconceived ideas, diving with these animals presents almost no risk. In the natural state, man is not a prey for the shark, it is even rather fearful and it is not so easy to be able to approach them so close. South of Nassau, the environment to observe them is extraordinary with large wrecks laid on a background of white sand in translucent water.
— – —

Sensual Sands
Photo and caption by Nikohl Starr
Coastal regions of the Namib are frequently enveloped in a thick belt of fog developing offshore from a collision of the cold Benguela Current and warm air from the Hadley Cell. So as the helicopter took off that morning, I knew there was a chance I wouldn’t see much of the coast. As luck would have it, pockets of sun were able to penetrate the dense fog and illuminate the dunes below, casting intense dark shadows. The results were incredibly sensual and complex images that looked otherworldly.
— – —

Blue pond in early winter
Photo and caption by Mac So
Blue pond in early winter. In Biei, Hokkaido, Japan.
— – —

Rhino Silhouette
Photo and caption by Khai Chuin Sim
Took an early ride out from the camp in Masai Mara national park, searching for the great migration, where I saw a rhino from far away standing beside a tree. The back lit from the early sun was too strong, so I took a silhouette instead.
— – —

Travel Photographer of the Year 2018
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Otherworldly Destinations Here on Earth

These are the spots to visit if you wish you could actually go to space.

Rainbow Bridge, one of the world’s largest known natural bridges, arcs over a tributary of Lake Powell in Utah.
Photograph by Wild Horizon/Getty Images
— – —

Water and ice accumulate in the Pingualuit crater in Quebec, Canada.
Photograph by USGS/NASA Landsat data/Orbital Horizon/Gallo Images/Getty Images
— – —

The sun shines on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano used by NASA for observation and training.
Photograph by Jiwon Chung, Getty Images
— – —

A woman stands beneath the shifting lights of the aurora borealis in Norway.
Photograph by Garcia Julien, Getty Images
— – —

Hot-air balloons fly through the sky at the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival.
Photograph by Blaine Harrington III, Corbis/Getty Images
— – —

Otherworldly Destinations Here on Earth
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Life in a Hidden Siberian Village

Photographer Elena Anosova grew up as a city kid, but has ancestral ties to a village in Siberia so isolated that, when she visited with her camera, villagers asked her not to reveal its name. She found a unique way of life: quiet, wild, and magical.

— – —

Life in a Hidden Siberian Village
A Russian photographer explores her ancestral ties to a tiny town that has been isolated for centuries—and wants to stay that way.

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National Geographic Announces Winners of the 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year Contest

Selected from over 11,000 entries, a wildlife photo of an orangutan crossing a river in Indonesia’s Tanjung Puting National Park has been selected as the grand-prize winner of the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest. The photo, titled “Face to face in a river in Borneo,” was captured by Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan of Singapore.

— – —

2nd Place, Wildlife
Mother’s love
Photo and caption by Alejandro Prieto
An adult Caribbean pink flamingo feeds a chick in Yucatán, Mexico. Both parents alternate feeding chicks, at first with a liquid baby food called crop milk, and then with regurgitated food.

— – —

3rd Place, Wildlife
White Fighters
Photo and caption by Bence Mate
Two grey herons spar as a white-tailed eagle looks on in Hungary.

— – —

2nd Place, Landscapes
Dushanzi Grand Canyon
Photo and caption by Yuhan Liao
Sunlight glances off mineral strata of different colors in Dushanzi Grand Canyon, China.

— – —

1st Place Winner, Aerials
Rock Pool
Photo and caption by Todd Kennedy
In Sydney, Australia, the Pacific Ocean at high tide breaks over a natural rock pool enlarged in the 1930s. Avoiding the crowds at the city’s many beaches, a local swims laps.

— – —

Winners of the 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year Contest
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Galleries: People’s Choice

Vote for People’s Choice | You Be the Judge
Have a favorite photo entry? From December 1-11, 2017, our fans will vote for their favorite photos. Images with the most votes will be named the Peoples’ Choice winner. Return daily to vote for your top picks!

Kalsoy by Wojciech Kruczyński
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Great Gray Owl by Harry Collins
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Meandering Canyon by David Swindler
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Fleet Departure by Kehao Tan
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Drift by Matthew Smith
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Showtime by Bence Mate
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Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2017
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