There Is No Value In Beauty

Do you want this image? You can have it — free. I don’t care. Hi-res, all rights, whatever you want. Why? Because it’s just beautiful.

Beauty began losing value years ago, as soon as the effort required to achieve it starting dropping. And it dropped fast — sampled music let us have quality drum tracks, piano and guitar chords without needing the actual instruments. Target started carrying Michael Graves-designed household items. Everyone got a pretty nice camera. YouTube taught us all the tricks. Google offered up images that people used in their blog posts and articles with a simple search. Filters and editing apps have given us all an understanding of post work (a photographer recently showed me an exchange with a model where she showed him how she liked her face to be retouched). And now, images and video that once took tens of thousands of dollars to achieve are being grabbed on the cheap with camera technology that puts high-end production in the hands of the masses: gimbals, image stabilization, sliders, editing effects… anyone can do anything. It’s not hard, you just have to want to go get it. …
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There Is No Value In Beauty
by Josh S. Rose
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“I Must Go In – The Fog is Rising.”

Who said, “I must go in, the fog is rising.” Emily Dickinson did. These photographers headed into the fog and came away with some amazing shots.

“God’s First Light” by Ann Baldock
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“Above the mist” by Sandi Bertoncelj
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“Foggy Burnett #1” by Brad Grove
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“I Was There Also…” by Gabriel Salvador
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“My favourite!” by Deb Rose
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Misadventures In Landscape Photography

How a shared passion can create lifelong friendships
by Miles Morgan

As a professional landscape photographer, I’m finding it considerably more difficult to write this article than I had planned. Conditions here on location are extreme, which makes the mere task of typing arduous, and the head trauma I suffered during this morning’s treacherous shoot is making thoughtful words challenging to come by.

Actually, that’s a lie. All of it. I’m not a professional landscape photographer. I’m a cookie-obsessed commercial airline pilot observing my middle-aged waistline get larger and my hair grow cheerfully in all the wrong places. The only injury I’ve sustained today is a cut to my nose from shaving—which I didn’t even think was possible. Like most of you, I’ve found something that I love in the simple act of clicking the shutter and then going completely Frankenstein in Photoshop.

While I don’t Facetube or twerk or tweet or whatever it is the kids do these days, I’ll occasionally gather up enough courage to post a picture on a photo-sharing site with a “behind-the-scenes” look at the adventure and calamity of it all. On one occasion, while exchanging sunset pleasantries with a fellow landscape shooter, I was shocked to hear him proclaim that he actually had heard of my name and was following me on 500px. I turned to him, eyes narrowing, cookie crumbs dribbling, and said, “So you’re the one.”

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Misadventures In Landscape Photography
more by Miles Morgan

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Photos That Will Have You Dreaming

Nothing quite sets off the imagination of a photographer like a sweeping landscape. Throw in a warm sunset, or a grazing horse, and we are ready to pack our bags!

deus sive natura
by Marco Cingolani
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Bybrook Valley I
by Paul Lane
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Mount Moran Reflected at Oxbow Bend on the Snake River
by Eugene Kiedrowski
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Photo by Henry Zhang
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The View from Te Mata Peak Napier NZ
by Anupam Hatui
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Tips for Better Autumn Shots

If the camera was invented for only one of the four seasons, it would have to be autumn. The colors, cooler weather and threat of the long winter ahead inspires countless photographers to get out and photograph the beauty of fall. If you are one of those photographers, here are a few tips and techniques that I use.
by Peter Baumgarten, Olympus Visionary

Make It Vivid
Don’t Let The Weather Stop You
Shoot High, Shoot Low
Details Matter
Perfect Portraits
Track The Colors
Autumn Sunsets Rule
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Tips for Better Autumn Shots
by Peter Baumgarten

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