LOS présente un clip pour Christmas in D (Filmed, directed and edited by Gregory Clapperton)

Le groupe indie rock québécois LOS a fait paraître en octobre dernier son excellent Big Surf, un album initiateur que l’on a eu la chance de vous présenter en exclusivité. Le groupe revient aujourd’hui à la charge avec un tout nouveau clip pour Christmas in D, juste à temps pour les fêtes.
Alors que leur clip précédent les plaçait au coeur de l’Autodrome Saint-Eustache, on a cette fois affaire à une esthétique complètement différente. House band d’une réception de taille réduite, les membres y assistent impuissants à une querelle autour d’une dame qui se résoudra dans la danse.

Filmed, directed and edited by Gregory Clapperton

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LOS présente un clip pour Christmas in D

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Jazz – 100 photos pour la liberté de la presse

RSF s’associe à Magnum Photos pour un album consacré au jazz.
Depuis ses débuts, le jazz, surtout live, captive l’attention des grands photographes. Des éclats de musique dans la pénombre des clubs aux silhouettes fantomatiques des petits matins, RSF et Magnum Photos rendent hommage à toutes les lumières du jazz.

La sélection unique de photos qui compose le portfolio met l’accent sur ce qui constitue l’essence de cette musique, l’improvisation, la collaboration et l’innovation, à travers le regard de grands photographes de l’agence Magnum Photos : Guy Le Querrec, Dennis Stock, Leonard Freed, Burt Glinn, Robert Capa, Philippe Halsman et des archives exceptionnelles de la Collection F. Driggs. Chacun a su rompre avec une certaine esthétique nostalgique et léchée, toute en volutes de fumées et contrastes accentués, pour imposer un autre regard, décentré, intime, frondeur, complice.

jazzrsf12a jazzrsf12b jazzrsf12c jazzrsf12d jazzrsf12e— – —

Jazz – 100 photos pour la liberté de la presse
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Bowie’s Constellation

Bowie’s Constellation
Studio Brussels registered officially a new star constellation for David Bowie together with the MIRA observatory. Honour him. Make it shine by adding your most memorable Bowie song.

StarBowie1go to stardustforbowie.be,
Click inside the Constellation and add your favourite Bowie song.
Share and make it shine in the universe.

StarBowie2During his long career, David Bowie knew some great loves. One of his greatest inspiration was undoubtedly: the universe. Bowie had a special fondness for everything that had to do with the universe. Ziggy Stardust, the album that was both commercially and artistically one of his greatest achievements, characterized him even as an extra-terrestrial rock star.
—Kenn Van Lijsebeth – ddbbrussels

David Bowie | Style File Gallery

David Bowie is unarguably fashion’s king of self-invention. Mod teenager, hippy with dishevelled curls, Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke – Bowie changed his style more dramatically than any other musician in history. His transformations brought about seismic cultural shifts, changing the definition of what it meant to be a popular rock star. For Bowie clothes were a way of projecting self-expression, a powerful tool in communicating individuality at its most extreme, glittering and creative.

David Bowie | Style File Gallery
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“You’ve got to give people a chance to miss you…”

World Exclusive: Adele is back and on the cover of i-D
In her first interview since forever, Adele grants i-D an exclusive first play of her brand new album, 25. The most important British singer of her generation opens up for the first time in three years to discuss the album everyone’s been waiting for, and talks about being a mum, her fear of fame and why she wouldn’t want to follow-up 21, even if she could…

AdeleID10a AdeleID10b AdeleID10cAdele, photographed by Alasdair McLellan for i-D, winter 2015

AdeleID10d“You’ve got to give people a chance to miss you…”

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Frame Within A Frame | Dream Within A Dream

While playing with composition, you’ve probably come to understand the notion of a “frame within a frame.” It’s interesting how many opportunities there are for framing the scenes around us, and yet they often go unnoticed. Maybe it’s a plain open window with a view of the mountains or the frame of the glasses that reveals interesting bug life on an old wooden table. Options and opportunities are limitless, and all around us. Grab your camera and look around in search for some “natural” frames. For starters, take a look at what we’ve found:

Frame04aWendy Nelson
Frame within a Frame

09 – Frame within a Frame

Frame04cAmanda Tipton

Frame04dGeraint Rowland
Walking Home, Bristol City

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from: “A frame within a frame: Ideas for better photo composition”
by Kristina Josic

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90s Style Icon: Tori Amos

90s Style Icon: Tori Amos

ToriAmos04aUndoubtedly, one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the 1990s is Tori Amos. Amos hit the map with her debut album, ‘Little Earthquakes’, in 1992. With her signature red hair and unassuming style; Amos serves some major inspiration in the fashion department in a time where 90s style is making a major comeback. Besides her music, the singer is also well known for her creative album artwork. Beginning with her debut album which features the striking visual of her inside a box with a miniature piano, Amos would go on to create even more memorable photographs–showing the connection between music and imagery is ever prevalent.

ToriAmos04b ToriAmos04c ToriAmos04d ToriAmos04e— – —

90s Style Icon: Tori Amos

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