Bulb Mode

Long exposure photos captured in Bulb Mode (30 seconds or more)

As Hamnoy sleeps… by Andy Fowlie
What brought this image to my attention immediately was the sharpness of the huts in the foreground. This scene is very moody and the huts contrast the image nicely as well as add depth. Also excellent use of Bulb Mode. This is exactly what I was looking for in the brief. Very well done on a wonderful image.
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Blue Hour….. by Helen Trust
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llyn Padarn by Rob Fitzhugh
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Brentor Church by Andy Brown
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A Wild Night by Ferdinand von Korff
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Weather Photographer of the Year 2019

The Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) is looking for the best photographs from around the world that depict weather in its widest sense.

From weather phenomena to the impact of weather, we are looking for stunning images that showcase the sometimes dramatic, often fascinating impact and story of weather.

For the Royal Meteorological Society’s Weather Photographer of the Year we are looking for images that capture the beauty, power, occasional absurdity and fragility in the face of human activity.

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Vote for your favourite from the 24 shortlisted entries and help choose the Weather Photographer of the Year 2019.

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Shades of Color | Caryn Hill

She is a Storm Chaser and a fantastic photographer.. Enjoy an action packed portfolio, and learn how to manage adrenalin rushes and photography.

… Finally, do you have one great advice for any aspiring photojournalist searching for dramatic images.?
PATIENCE. Have lots of patience! Developing your own style and following takes a bit of time. Most get discouraged by not getting many “likes” on their images when posting to social media when they frst start out. The thing to keep in mind is to keep true to yourself, shoot for yourself and the rest will follow.
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Caryn Hill
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Chasing storms in Australia by Dale Sharpe

As a landscape photographer I’ve travelled to most countries in the world, and I’ve photographed everything from Ice Caves and the Aurora in the north, the autumn colours in Patagonia in the south, and even the sandy deserts of the Middle East.

But when it comes to real challenges, storm chasing stands alone as a true test of my ability to capture nature’s fury in a fast paced and ever-changing environment.

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Chasing storms in Australia by Dale Sharpe
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Shades of Color | Martin Zalba

The night landscapes master is now exploring a new way with infrared without losing an inch of style.
“From the first moment I started in earnest with photography, night photography caught my attention powerfully. It was a very expressive technique. At night there is little light, the night is quite unknown to us … Nature looks different, there is a magic light, it is a different way of seeing things.”

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Martin Zalba Photography
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