Lindsay Adler, Peter Coulson, Jan C. Schlegel and more | Lens Magazine Issue #42

Her fashion images became iconic. Her style is unique. She has a special “bond” with the light so that’s why each and every picture that was taken looks polished to the absolute perfection. And she was handling the cameras for more than half of her life.Lindsay can be defined as a fashion photographer, entrepreneur, author, and educator. She has already published five books, she set up many tutorials so to give “a helping hand” to the upcoming generations of photographers and she published thousands of images in various highly rated magazines.

Exclusive Interview with Lindsay Adler by Catalin Croitoru
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Peter Coulson, Known as a Master of Photography, Award winning International fashion, Beauty and Art Photographer Based in Melbourne, Australia, He has worked commercially as a photographer for over 15 years, specializes in the genres of beauty, fashion and fetish. His work is well known for its sensuality, the esthetic, elegance and the special use of light and emotional expression. The large community of fans around the world are captivated by his depth of knowledge, creativity, and incredibly fascinating photographic world.
We are extremely excited to have a close talk with one of the greatest photographers in the world!

Exclusive Interview with Peter Coulson
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Jan C. Schlegel | “The Tribes Of Our Generation”
How is it possible that photography can move people to the root of their heart? Jan C. Schlegel manages to do that. His straight photography is naked in more than one meaning of the word.
Jan C. Schlegel’s art is so strong that – in spite of all these options – I ended up with pointing at the most direct and sincere tool of communication we have as humans: Our eyes.

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Hasselblad Ambassador: Peter Coulson

Peter Coulson, known as the modern age black-and-white master of Photography, specialises in the genres of beauty, fashion and fetish. His images are recognised and well known for their sensual, mysterious & elegant feel; always with a twist of his screwed up sense of humour. He has worked commercially as a photographer for over 15 years.

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Hasselblad Ambassador: Peter Coulson
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RaRa by Peter Coulson

Peter Coulson wanted to create some art suitable for the short attention spans of the modern social-media inflicted youth, so he indulged in some fast flashes and choppy edits and put together a video captivating enough to hold even the most distracted eyes. Enlisting his muse Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg yet again, Coulson’s final product is both spellbinding and sexy – as are the accompanying stills.

PeterCoulsonRaRa PeterCoulsonRaRa1 PeterCoulsonRaRa2 PeterCoulsonRaRa3 PeterCoulsonRaRa4As well as shooting and editing the video and photography, Coulson also wrote and created the video’s music from scratch. Seriously, Peter Coulson ( – you’re just making the rest of us feel lazy now.
Written by Tania Braukämper

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Amazing body art: the silence of thought, the music of sight

Anne Duffy by Peter Coulson
For art to meet its ultimate purpose, to make one feel, imagine, think and eventually understand, it does not need to be accompanied by words, it requires no explanation. Because art can easily become the silence of thought and the music of sight, particularly when explored like a sum of all things beautiful, gifted with meaning, or envisioned in a rather wild setting. A reflection that seems to bury itself time and time again for us to discover in Peter Coulson‘s incredible photography work.

PeterCoulsonAD01Shot in black and white and veiled by simple lighting, the photo shoot staring Anne Duffy is an homage paid to two amazing artists and a Japanese inspired technique of painting. Drawn by both Lizzie Sharp and Anne, the resulting style is a complement paid to the female body, a delicate shield, a work of art. — Written by Nicoleta Parascan

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Peter Coulson Photography

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Those shredded boyfriend jeans and the light in her eyes by Peter Coulson

petercoulsonR01” On and off camera, in the comfort of our homes or on the busy streets, clothes become our second skin, our armor, our string of emotions untold, of feelings unsolved. And for as much as we like to hide and rediscover ourselves in intricately crafted layers of fabrics, it’s when we finally let go of all exquisiteness that we commence to learn about our true natures. Beneath the surface, in full essence. “

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