Tattoos Through The Eyes Of Awesome Photographers

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing tattoos in the Tattoos Photo Contest.

“Tribal girl” by Imfree
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“Magical ” by siegart
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“The Look” by BarryMiles
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“Lady Lauren- Tattood beauty” by robheath
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“C o n t e m p o r a r y R o s i e” by fournierphotographe
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Tattoos Through The Eyes Of Awesome Photographers
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Elles ont pris le pouvoir

La plupart d’entre elles se trouvent laides. Pourtant, elles ont déjà des jambes fuselées, un port de tête, des proportions idéales, une grâce. A peine franchie l’adolescence, leur beauté explose dans l’objectif des photographes. Mais pour devenir top models, elles vont surtout faire preuve d’intelligence et d’acharnement.

La saga des plus belles femmes du monde
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Paris Match Hors-Série
Juillet-Août 2017

Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Animals Saved From Black Market Trade

In her ongoing series aptly titled “Where the Wild Things Are,” Los Angeles-based photographer Natasha Wilson shines a light on the ethereal beauty of wildlife saved from entering the black market trade.

The wild animal black market involves the capturing and selling of animals with the intent to house the undomesticated creatures as pets. Before being sold however, the animals are imprinted by humans, meaning their natural instincts such as hunting is trained out of them, making it impossible for them to survive in the wild.

Because of this, California-based wild life sanctuary Animal Tracks has built a refuge for animals who survived the trade.

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Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Animals Saved From Black Market Trade

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Natural State

Maddi Fogg by Jeremy Choh in ‘Natural State’

maddifoggjc02a maddifoggjc02b maddifoggjc02c maddifoggjc02d maddifoggjc02eJeremy Choh heads outdoors for FGR’s latest exclusive starring model Maddi Fogg. The Australian beauty poses in romantic looks selected by stylist Cheryl Tan. From lace tops to embroidered dresses, Maddi charms in the designs of Alice McCall, Sass and Bide, Valentino and more. For beauty, hairstylist Cara Clyne works on the brunette’s slicked back tresses while makeup artist Tracy Terashima gives her a bronzed glow.

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Natural Born Superstar

In Her Element

Barbara Palvin has emerged as one of the world’s top supermodels thanks to her natural beauty and irreverent personality.
Photographed by Gilles Bensimon

barbarapalvin12a barbarapalvin12b barbarapalvin12c barbarapalvin12d barbarapalvin12eNatural Born Superstar

Inside Supermodel Barbara Palvin’s Stunning Maxim Cover Shoot
Get to know this breakout Hungarian beauty.

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Eyes of the Beholder

Eyes of the Beholder
What makes us beautiful? the answer to this enduring question can vary wildly across continents and oceans. While capturing portraits of women around the globe, photographer MIHAELA NOROC discovered an inextricable link between our natural beauty and cultural heritage. to celebrate our ninth anniversary, we showcase noroc’s Atlas Of Beauty—a series of striking pictures, taken in india and nepal, that beautifully evoke a sense of female empowerment that transcends borders and connects us in a profound way.
by anJana goSai

beauty10a beauty10b beauty10c beauty10d beauty10eEyes of the Beholder
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Siegart von Schlichting | Living a Photo Artistic Life

Living a Photo Artistic Life
Siegart von Schlichting

SiegartvonSchlichting07a SiegartvonSchlichting07b” In a way through my art I can be a child again. There is so much to discover, so much to express. Many things appear, which are new to me and take me by surprise — crazy ideas, sophisticated and erotic ideas, dramatic and dark aspects of living. “

SiegartvonSchlichting07c SiegartvonSchlichting07d” All my life I wanted to paint, but I wasn’t talented enough or maybe not patient enough. Photography and Photoshop with all its possibilities are giving me the opportunity to be an artist. “

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Siegart von Schlichting
Living the Photo Artistic Life

Pushing Photography Further
Issue No17 – July 2016