Cityscapes | Stuart Chape

11th Pollux Awards – Cityscapes | Winner. Stuart Chape

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Cityscapes by Stuart Chape
Winner, 11th Pollux Awards, Cityscapes Category

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Women in photography: Jumana Jolie and the rise of Dubai

Photojournalist and aerial photographer Jumana Jolie grew up in Dubai in the 1980s, when it was a developing desert town – long before it became a synonym for futuristic cityscape living and air-conditioned luxury.

With more than 250 posts on Instagram, as @pixelville, Jumana has attracted a global audience of more than 100K followers thanks to her vertiginous photographs from city rooftops. She shoots in what look like terrifyingly dangerous places, between impossibly high-mirrored towers, using her Canon EOS 5D Mark III. “I play with angles – it’s all about perspective,” she says. “It started out as a hobby – off the back of my love of architecture. I’d look up and think, ‘Wow, that building is beautiful from here, but I wonder what it would look like from up there?’ It’s so different, seeing the world from above.”
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Women in photography: Jumana Jolie and the rise of Dubai
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Architecture by Andy Vannecke

My name is Andy Vannecke, I’m 34 years old and live in Belgium. I have been really active in the world of photography since past 2 years. My focus genre has been architecture in long exposure.
Architecture photography has become my passion; every location seems to challenge me to find the best possible composition for a picture.

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Architecture by Andy Vannecke
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The Legendary Urbexer of Abandoned Planet: Andre Govia

Andre Govia also works in the flm and television industries. Tis has offered him numerous opportunities to shoot and discover abandoned locations. He is known for his work on Winter Ridge (2018), The Enfield Haunting (2015) and 24: Live Another Day (2014). When it comes to Bando photography, Andre Govia is a legend among urban explorers. Having explored over 900 deserted locations in more than 22 countries, Govia’s eight-year project shooting abandoned buildings is showcased in his premier publication: Abandoned Planet.

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The Legendary Urbexer of Abandoned Planet: Andre Govia
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Shanghai From Above

These magnificent views of Shanghai from above were taken by drone by German design director Mark Siegemund, who presents the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity of this dynamic city in a series of breathtaking images. A river divides the old center from the new, and we are treated to views of the ancient winding streets, mid-level housing, temples and dizzying bridges of Puxi, as well as the soaring high-rise buildings and towers of the Pudong business district. Whether shot at night or bathed in morning light, Siegemund’s photography captures the energy and vibrancy of his adopted city.

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Eclectic aesthetic fine art

John Kosmopoulos is a multiple award-winning photorapher based in Toronto who embodies an “eclectic aesthetic fine art” (EAFA) philosophy of photography.
He specializes in black and white, infrared and “muted color metallics” photography.

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Eclectic aesthetic fine art
by John Kosmopoulos

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Infrared Chernobyl by Vladimir Migutin

Infrared filters are known for creating a weird, eerie mood in pictures, no matter what you’re capturing. That is why taking a filter like that to an already haunting-looking place like Chernobyl might make the scenery pictures you take look even more impressive. Photographer Vladimir Migutin did just that on his trip to the town in Ukraine that suffered the infamous nuclear disaster.

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from: Chernobyl Shot With Infrared Photography Looks More Haunting Than Ever (Interview)
by​ Iveta

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