Let’s Dance

Let’s Dance

« Attitude  » by fournierphotographe
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« Rachelle en pointe » by Fidster_Arfon
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« Feel The Dance  » by ruezralisnek
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« Urban Ballerina  » by priscilamaboni
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« Leap » by kateluber
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« Road Dancer » by AmandaGR
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« Wouhou!  » by Florianpascual
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from « 30+ Shots That’ll Make You Want To Dance »
Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos showing people dancing in the Lets Dance Photo Contest…

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Childhood During the Pre-Television Era

Consider outdoor playtime a rare activity for 21st century children. Now, everyone has their eyes glued on LED-screens. Even two-or-three-year-olds know how to take a selfie too, and play games via mobile apps. While technology is great as it makes every next generation smarter, we can’t help but miss the good old times, when kids were just being kids — simpler wants equals to supreme happiness.

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Childhood During the Pre-Television Era
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Ten & One Annual Lomography Photo Awards

In 2016 was launched the first ever TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards — the world’s biggest competition for the experimental photography scene. The entries received were phenomenal — innovative pieces of work that showed both photography and videography at their finest. Take a look at the winning shots at Lomography, and get to know the winners.

Nature: The Off the Grid Award – Photo by elodinosaur
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Documentary & Travel: The Breaking Boundaries Award – Photo by ladymacbeth
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Black & White: The Monochrome Award – Photo by puntaiwai
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Experimental: The Trial & Error Award – Photo by mell0nc0llie
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Instant: The Now or Never Award – Photo by kleeblatt
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Portraiture: The Human Stories Award – Photo by merveebasturk
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Street: The Urban Explorers Award – Photo by jazztrio2014
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The results of the biggest analogue and experimental photography competition in the world are in! Competition was fierce and global, with 114,913 entries from 76 different countries into our 11 competition categories. Our expert jury of artists, industry professionals and long-time Lomographers deliberated long and hard, but the 110 winning entries have been chosen. Congratulations to them all!
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Xyza Cruz Bacani – Street and Documentary Photographer

Filipino Street and Documentary photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani has been living and working in Hong Kong for over 10 years as a domestic worker when she was discovered through social media by US-based photo journalist Rick Rocamora, who has been her mentor ever since. Her incredible photos featuring dramatic composition, contrasts and light have been featured and shown in various media outlets such as The New York Times, CNN, South China Morning Post and were on exhibit at Christine Park Gallery UK, Bronx Documentary Centre New York, The Arrow Factory in Beijing, and Bangkok Art & Culture Centre to name a few…

Xyza Cruz Bacani – Street and Documentary Photographer
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Fabrice Puliero | Photographe total

Fabrice Puliero
Photographe total

Boulimique d’images, Fabrice Puliero est régulièrement publié dans les Défis de la Rédac’ ou la Critique photo.
Il fallait qu’on en sache plus sur ce photographe à la créativité débordante.

fabricepuliero02a fabricepuliero02b fabricepuliero02c fabricepuliero02d fabricepuliero02e— – —

Fabrice Puliero | Photographe total
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Chasseur d’Images

‘C’est comme retrouver un vieil ami’

Matt Stuart a essayé le Leica M10.
Le photographe britannique Matt Stuart a été l’un des premiers à avoir la chance d’essayer le nouveau Leica M10, à Bruxelles. Malgré la diversité des différents quartiers de la ville, les résultats présentent beaucoup de points communs : l’originalité et la résonnance authentique de la vie quotidienne de la cité émanent de toutes les photographies réalisées par Matt Stuart, comme autant de véritables petits chefs-d’œuvre. Le boitier lui est tout de suite apparu familier : « Le M10 est exactement comme un Leica argentique : petit et discret. Pour moi, c’est parfait ! C’est comme retrouver un vieil ami. »

mattstuart02a mattstuart02b mattstuart02c mattstuart02d mattstuart02e mattstuart02f— – —

New camera, new city, brilliant as always
Matt Stuart and the Leica M10

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Call To Arms

Hana Jirickova in Porter Magazine #19 Spring 2017 by Camilla Akrans

hanajirickova02a hanajirickova02b hanajirickova02c hanajirickova02d hanajirickova02e— – —

Call To Arms
Porter Magazine #19 Spring 2017

Photography: Camilla Akrans
Model: Hana Jirickova
Styling: Julia Von Boehm
Hair: Yannick D’Is
Make-Up: Wendy Rowe
Manicure: Carla Kay
Set Design: Brain Porter
Location: Los Angeles

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