10 great Sebastião Salgado quotes about photojournalism

World-renowned photojournalist Sebastião Salgado is known for his intensely demanding, long-term projects that focus on themes of nature and humanity. ‘Workers’, ‘Migrations’ and ‘Genesis’ are three such projects that comprise hundreds of pictures from around the world.

Creating powerful black-and-white imagery that has the power to instigate change has become Salgado’s life mission. “Photography is the language that gives people the opportunity to see what you saw,” he says.

But the former Magnum photographer started out on a different track to documentary photography: he studied economics in Brazil and journeyed to Paris to complete a PhD before turning to photography in 1973.

Taken from the interview on the Canon stand at The Photography Show 2017, here are 10 Sebastião Salgado quotes that lift the lid on what photojournalism is really about:

1. Take your time
“Photography is much more than just taking pictures – it is a way of life. What you feel, what you want to express, is your ideology and your ethics. It’s a language that allows you to travel over the wave of history.”

2. Infuse your photography with your ideals
“Photography is deeply subjective. It is my way of seeing – my pictures are made with my political and ideological ideas.”

3. Make the most of your access
“It is a privilege to be a photographer – to have the opportunity to be there.”

4. Don’t rush a story
“When you [capture] a story, it must be your story, your choice. You must have 100 per cent identification with your story – a patience with the subject that you shoot.”

5. Discuss and consider your stories
“I have a partner that I work with: my wife. The most important thing in all my life was the day that I met my wife. I met her in 1964 and every story that I photographed, we considered, we discussed together. We were motivated by the same ethical and political reasons to do these stories.”

6. Prepare a strong concept
“The time spent photographing in the field is only one per cent of the time. The time I take to consider – to prepare, to design, to have the concept – is a full lifetime. That’s the point with photography.”

7. Live your photography
“When you see these pictures they are much more than just nice pictures, than just a story. It is my life.”

8. Don’t take life for granted
“I am not a believer. But if there is one power superior that can guide us, for me, it is evolution. How we came to be what we are today – what a culmination of experience we have. There is a big power there.”

9. All of Earth’s creatures are equal
On his picture, Marine iguana, Galápagos, Ecuador, 2004: “Every movement in the arm of the iguana is the same that we have in our arm – I identify with the iguana as my cousin. All of us came from the same cells. In a moment it was possible to be an iguana and the iguana to be me.”

10. Photographers are the eyes of the world
“Photography is the language that gives people the opportunity to see what you saw.”
— – —

10 great Sebastião Salgado quotes about photojournalism
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Minim | Hengki Koentjoro

La tranquilité en l’absence d’abondance est une ouverture vers une dimension dont la sinification s’étend au-delà de la simple perception visuelle. Elle nous pousse à faire glisser notre regard, en espérant apercevoir une beauté nue qui émergerait d’un presque vide. Et en effet, elle y apparaitra dans sa manifestation la plus profonde. Le charme le plus simple là où les sujets sont les plus minimes.

— – —

Minim | Hengki Koentjoro
via Square Magazine

A Guide to Infrared Landscape Photography

A Guide to Infrared Landscape Photography

Do you have a fascination with infrared photography but no idea about its ins and outs? With decades of experience, Tim Shoebridge will guide you through the process of creating infrared masterpieces.

I have always had a fascination with infrared photography for as long as I can remember. I started out with my first film camera when I was only just a teenager, I was drawn to photography like a magnet at a very young age and in the years that followed I was fortunate to be able to experiment with film processing and printing in a make-shift darkroom at home. I progressed from a make-shift darkroom to something permanent, from regular black & white to infrared, lithographic and then both colour negative (C41) and colour positive (E6) processes. Upon turning sixteen I went to work in the darkroom of a busy wedding photography business. That was all thirty-five years ago.

A Guide to Infrared Landscape Photography
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Into the Wild

Timeless images by landscape photographer Peter Dombrovskis are the subject of a new exhibition that showcases the beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness and the skill of the man who captured it.

— – —

Into the Wild
Peter Dombrovskis’ stunning images of Tasmania are the subject of a striking new exhibition at the National Library of Australia in Canberra. Mick Fletoridis looks at the career and legacy of the iconic landscape photographer.

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2017 Windland Smith Rice Awards

The NATURE’S BEST™ concept began with simple yet dynamic goals: to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature through the art of photography, and to use this far-reaching medium as a creative tool for encouraging greater public interest in outdoor enjoyment and conservation stewardship. The annual Windland Smith Rice International Awards program evolved from this ambitious mission to become one of the most highly-respected and visually compelling nature photography competitions in the world. More than 26,000 entries are received and judged in the Awards competition.

Grand Prize
African Lionesses by Lakshitha Karunarathna
— – —

Youth Photographer of the Year
Brown Bear Cubs by Ashleigh Scully, at age 15
— – —

Nature in Motion Winner
Starling and Falcon Dance by Nick Dunlop
— – —

Landscapes Winner
Colima Volcano by Sergio Tapiro Velasco
— – —

Birds Winner
Western Grebes by Thanh Tran
— – —

Ocean Views Winner
California Sea Lions by Andrew Sallmon
— – —

African Wildlife Winner
Reticulated Giraffes by Piper Mackay
— – —

Highly Honored
— – —

2017 Windland Smith Rice Awards
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Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography

Illumination mingles a documentarian eye with photographs that are fanciful and abstract, showcasing through the works of several artists the full range of techniques and styles available to the creative photographer today.

Featured Artists
Petra Bernstein | Mario De La Isla | Mila Gerasimova | Kathleen Messmer | Annette Schreiber | Gabriela Segura

Heliotrope by Kathleen Messmer
— – —

East Peak 1 by Mario De La Isla
— – —

Leaving Tomorrow by Petra Bernstein
— – —

The Island’s Past by Annette Schreiber
— – —

Paradise by Gabriela Segura
— – —

Cycle Thinking 1 by Mila Gerasimova
— – —

Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography
more at Agora Gallery
October 20 – November 9, 2017


Votre appareil est trop lourd? trop lent? en panne? dépassé? Le changement, c’est maintenant! Pour vous aider à faire votre choix, la rédac’ a composé un guide d’un genre particulier, puisque les appareils y sont rangés en fonction de vos attentes.
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