Learning to see by Tom Dinning

Learning to see | A person history of photography (1947-2012)
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… What are you two looking at? my Old Man would ask.
Nothing much.
Are you teaching her to see?
I guess I am.

tomdinning040… Together we sat for an hour or so and watched. I don’t
remember everything I saw that day while sitting there in that small boat with my Old
Man but I do know I was there, in every sense of the word, with every sense of my
body, taking in what I could. Once again I was learning to see and it was so fulfilling
it was almost painful. I don’t remember if I had a tear in my eye but I should have.

tomdinning000… Everyone has a vision of the truth. We can all find it and photograph it as we see it.
When that is done, the beauty will be revealed. Finding your truth may be closer than
you think.

tomdinning030… Learning to see appears to be taken for granted. Yet
outside the speech centre of the brain, the visual cortex is the largest single area of
the brain dealing with function other than movement and sight is responsible  for
80% of sensory input and learning for a sighted person. For some strange reason we
expect it all to be working perfectly from the moment the child sees the light at the
end of the tunnel, so to speak. …

tomdinning050… If we learn to see as the child does, we open a new world to our vision and add to
our own experiences. We learn about people and places. We see the connections
and relationships. We share in  a world as no other generation has ever done before.
Don’t let the world pass you by. Stop for a while and ponder. Learn to see as others
do. …

tomdinning010… It was said of Ansell Adams that, after spending many hours in his darkroom,
processing the results of many days of photographing his beloved landscapes, he
would occasionally burst into the daylight holding a freshly exposed and still dripping
print and utter excitedly ‘I think I have got it’. …

tomdinning020… I remember seeing a documentary many years ago when a group  of journalists and
anthropologists ventured into the Highlands of New Guinea to find a group of
indigenous people who had never had contact with people outside their own village.
One of the photographers took a Polaroid image of a village member and showed
him the photograph. At first the villager was bemused. He had no idea who it was.
He then became terrified when it was explained it was an image of him because he
thought the photograph contained part of his ‘soul’. Slowly he realized the
significance of  what he held in his hand and he smiled deeply, shared the photograph
with his family. …

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This PDF is made available by Tom Dinning on the condition that it is  used freely to
teach others how to see.

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Tom Dinning can be contacted at tomdinning@bigpond.com.
Other material by the author can be viewed at http://tdinning.blogspot.com.au/ and http://notesfromthecamera.blogspot.com.au/

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Did you see what I saw !?!

Les portraits arty de Jeannette Montgomery Barron

Keith Harring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger… la photographe américaine les a tous photographiés. Reconnue pour ses portraits en noir et blanc du monde artistique underground new-yorkais des années 80 publiés dans Vogue, Interview ou Vanity Fair, Jeannette Montgomery Barron les rassemble aujourd’hui dans un recueil intime intitulé Scene.

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via vogue.fr

Outdoor Scenes from National Geographic

outdoor010The Octopus
Photo and caption by Sophie Carr
This is a one-second exposure of the trails left by a crashing wave over small icebergs on Jökulsárlón beach; I think it looks a bit like an octopus.
Location: Jökulsárlón, South-East Iceland

outdoor020The Wisdom Tree
Photo and caption by Manish Mamtani
Milky way rising over the Joshua Tree in Joshua Tree National park, Calif
Location: Joshua Tree National park

Photo and caption by Hans Juul Hansen
Gásadalur is a small and secluded village on the Faroe Islands. Until recently the village was accessible only by boat, helicopter or by walking over the surrounding mountains which I tried when I was younger. Today you can visit Gásadalur by a tunnel connecting the village to the main infrastructure and last August I went back and brought my camera.
Location: Gásadalur, Faroe Islands

outdoor040The house stands, the lights are on …
Photo and caption by Alexander Nerozya
ISO 800, F 3,2, 38 seconds. On the way to Ergaki, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. Twilight away the lights of one of the bases.
Location: Ergaki, Krasnoyarsk State, Russia.

outdoor050Anhumas Abyss
Photo and caption by Kedson Silveira
Anhumas Abyss is a cave that access is by a gap that exists in the Rock through vertical Rappelling techniques. To the base of the cave is 72 meters of vertical drop, until the deck on the lake of clear water. That can reach 80m. depth. The fall offers a unique overview of the cave and having the sensation of being inside the Earth. When the sunlight comes down by the gap, its reflects the colors green and blue from the magnezium and limestone in the cavern rocks
Location: Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

outdoor060White village
Photo and caption by Hideyuki Katagiri
Tadami line has been running the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture. Winter of Aizu region is famous as one of the leading heavy snowfall area in Japan.
Location: Mishima,Fukushima,Japan

outdoor070Portrait of an Eastern Screech Owl
Photo and caption by Graham McGeorge
Masters of disguise. The Eastern Screech Owl is seen here doing what they do best. You better have a sharp eye to spot these little birds of prey.
Location: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia, USA

outdoor080Ice On the Lake
Photo and caption by Edward Graham
I was walking around Lake Baikal at sunset and spotted this ice. I laid on the cold, frozen surface with my zoom lens and took this picture.
Location: Lake Baikal, Russia

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from travel.nationalgeographic

Sean Archer

Portrait photography by Sean Archer

” Amateur photographer. I started it in 2012, with mirrorless camera and natural light. “

seanarcher01From Russia With Love – http://500px.com/photo/12104353

seanarcher02Olya – http://500px.com/photo/16151969

seanarcher03Natasha – http://500px.com/photo/21692335

seanarcher04Dasha – http://500px.com/photo/15595187

seanarcher05Young Photographer – http://500px.com/photo/33569401

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Sean Archer Photography

Beauty Collective vol 1 | Free Book

thebeautycollectiveBeauty Collective Vol 1
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Photography by Frank Doorhof, Anthony Neste, Jenny Woods, Kristian Schmidt, Luke Schneider, Michael Monaghan, Michael Zelbel, Nick Saglimbeni, Noah Sahady and Zim Killgore