Ocean Art 2018 winning photos are some of the world’s best underwater photography

Winning Images from the prestigious 7th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest
The prestigious Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition, organized by the Underwater Photography Guide, has announced its 2018 winners. The 7th annual competition attracted a very high caliber of photos from waters around the world and showcases the best underwater photographs of the year. 2018 was the most competitive year to date.

Best in Show – Duncan Murrell
“Devil Ray Ballet”
Spinetail devil rays, (Mobula japanica)
— – —

Nudibranchs – 1st Place – Flavio Vailati
“Inside the Eggs”
Favorinus pacificus and eggs
— – —

Wide-Angle Category – 1st Place – François Baelen
“Gentle Giants”
Humback whale and her calf (Megaptera novaeangliae)
— – —

Compact Macro – 2nd Place – Kate Tinson
“Red on Green”
Coral Goby on Coral
— – —

Portrait – 2rd Place – Christina Barringer
“Croc in the Mist”
American Crocodile
— – —

Winning Images from the prestigious 7th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest
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Scuba Diving Magazine’s 2018 Underwater Photo Contest Winners

The underwater photo contest continues to be one of our favorite issues to produce here at Scuba Diving magazine. With this year’s reader photo contest, you’ve done it again — completely blown us away. For the 14th year, we’ve asked underwater photographers of all skill levels to submit their best work to the Through Your Lens photography competition, and we marvel at how many beautiful images you all have shared. Pick a photo —any photo — and it could have been a contender; imagine how we felt trying to narrow them down from more than 2,100 entries to the dozen or so winners you see here.

Grand Prize Winner
Rodney Bursiel, Tonga
— – —

First Place – Compact Camera
Jamie Hall, Tiran Island, Red Sea
— – —

First Place – Wide-Angle
Alex Dawson, Tala Bay, Jordan
— – —

First Place – Macro
Cai Songda, Janao Bay, Anilao, Philippines
— – —

Second Place – Conceptual
Lucie Drlikova, Prague, Czech Republic
— – —

Second Place – Wide-Angle
Karen Smith, Tulum, Mexico
— – —

Third Place – Compact Camera
Ferenc Lőrincz, Marsa Shagra, Egypt
— – —

2018 Underwater Photo Contest Winners
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Looking for whales: An exhibition by Wade and Robyn Hughes

Looking for Whales premiered at Fremantle’s iconic Kidogo ArtHouse gallery on 26 October 2017 and ran until November 1. The exhibition attracted extensive media coverage, and more than 800 people came to visit the exhibition.
There are two elements to the exhibition: the prints of whales, and accompanying storyboards. In the story boards we’ve added imagery and texts to help add background and context to the behaviour illustrated in the prints.
Taken collectively, it is our hope that these two elements might just inspire you too, to go looking for whales.

Looking for whales: An exhibition by Wade and Robyn Hughes
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images via Underwater Photography | Your Free Web Magazine

Cheryl Walsh – A Water World

Cheryl Walsh describes her work as ‘Fantastical Underwater Portraits’. In the depths of her backyard swimming pool in Southern California, she works with the quiet currents that slow down time, bring vibrancy to colors, and leave her subjects virtually weightless. Her vision, coupled with her masterful printing technique, has won her an array of accolades, including over 60 WPPI print and image competition awards.

— – —

Cheryl Walsh – A Water World
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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 | Gallery 2017

View the winning images selected by our international jury. Wildlife Photographer of the Year champions ethical photography. Images are chosen for their artistic composition, technical innovation and truthful interpretation of the natural world.

The Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Single Image
Investigating the relationship between humans and the natural world. Images can be challenging, uplifting, provocative or revelatory.
Children of the rainforest | Finalist 2017 | Charlie Hamilton James, UK
— – —

Behaviour: Invertebrates
Revealing the most interesting or memorable behaviour of any of the multitude of smaller animals without backbones – whether on land, in the air or in water.
Wings of winter | Finalist 2017 | Imre Potyó, Hungary
— – —

Animal Portraits
Revealing the personality of an individual or an intimate group of animals in a thought-provoking or memorable way.
Contemplation | Winner 2017 | Peter Delaney, Ireland/South Africa
— – —

Animals in their Environment
Evoking atmosphere and a sense of place – with the habitat as a major element of the image -to convey how an animal is an integral part of its environment.
The night raider | Winner 2017 | Marcio Cabral, Brazil
— – —

Behaviour: Amphibians and Reptiles
Revealing active behaviour that adds to our understanding of the nature of a species.
The ancient ritual | Winner 2017 | Brian Skerry, USA
— – —

Under Water
Revealing life underwater, whether portraying a particular marine or freshwater environment.
Circle of life | Finalist 2017 | Jordi Chias Pujol, Spain
— – —

Young awards 2017
11–14 Years Old
Wolf watch | Finalist 2017 | Lasse Kurkela, Finland
— – —

Young awards 2017
10 Years and Under
Black kites, red sunset | Finalist 2017 | Dhyey Shah, India
— – —

Behaviour: Mammals
Portraying memorable, unusual or dramatic behaviour.
Spring release | Finalist 2017 | John Mullineux, South Africa
— – —

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 | Gallery 2017
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2017 Windland Smith Rice Awards

The NATURE’S BEST™ concept began with simple yet dynamic goals: to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature through the art of photography, and to use this far-reaching medium as a creative tool for encouraging greater public interest in outdoor enjoyment and conservation stewardship. The annual Windland Smith Rice International Awards program evolved from this ambitious mission to become one of the most highly-respected and visually compelling nature photography competitions in the world. More than 26,000 entries are received and judged in the Awards competition.

Grand Prize
African Lionesses by Lakshitha Karunarathna
— – —

Youth Photographer of the Year
Brown Bear Cubs by Ashleigh Scully, at age 15
— – —

Nature in Motion Winner
Starling and Falcon Dance by Nick Dunlop
— – —

Landscapes Winner
Colima Volcano by Sergio Tapiro Velasco
— – —

Birds Winner
Western Grebes by Thanh Tran
— – —

Ocean Views Winner
California Sea Lions by Andrew Sallmon
— – —

African Wildlife Winner
Reticulated Giraffes by Piper Mackay
— – —

Highly Honored
— – —

2017 Windland Smith Rice Awards
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Amazing Early Highlights of the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest

With a little more than a month to go, the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest is in full swing. Photographers have until November 17, 2017 to enter their best photographs valuing the beauty of the natural world.

Photo by Jay Ruan
— – —

Photo by Marc Hornig
— – —

Photo by Alexis Darden
— – —

Photo by Phillip Chang
— – —

Photo by Shane Kalyn
— – —

Amazing Early Highlights of the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest
more by Jessica Stewart at My Modern Met