National Award 2016 Winners | 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

About the National Awards
Now in its 4th year, the hugely successful National Award programme works across 61 countries, from Australia to Argentina, Russia to Vietnam, and is unique in its scope and reach.
For this year’s competition, an expert panel was tasked to uncover and honour the best single image taken by a photographer from each National Award country, entered into any of the ten Open categories of the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards.

WPAsonyNA03aVietnam National Award
Minh Thanh Ngô, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03bVenezuela National Award
Enzo Caraballo, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03cTaiwan National Award
Wang Tai Ran, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03dSlovakia National Award
Peter Svoboda, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03ePhilippines National Award
Manex Sungahid, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03fNorway National Award
Arnfinn Johansen, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03gEstonia National Award
Andrei Reinol, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03hCroatia National Award
Petar Sabol, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03iChina National Award
Longxiang Xie, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03jEcuador National Award
Víctor Vargas, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03kAustria National Award
Stefan Thaler, Winner
— – —

WPAsonyNA03lFinland National Award
Matti Virtanen, Winner
— – —

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Make your own Olympus E-M10 Mark II

Make your own Olympus E-M10 Mark II
Easily constructed out of paper
Does not take actual photos or video, because it is paper
Paper viewfinder, stylishly matching the fully paper body
A fun, creative time with your family as you put together your paper camera

papercraft03bPapercraft E-M10 Mark II
Tip: Print on 8.5″ x 11″ paper to get a feel for the size and portability of the E-M10 Mark II.

get the template at: olympus

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93 Spring Days | Jim Brandenburg

Jim Brandenburg’s series 93 Spring Days is featured in the April issue of National Geographic magazine. Watch a nature video from each day of the year on Nature 365 and see more of Brandenburg’s photographs on his website.
There’s no place like home. In life and in photography, a closer look at the familiar can often reveal truth and beauty. This series of 93 days of spring in my home state of Minnesota is no exception. …

JimBrandenburg03a JimBrandenburg03b JimBrandenburg03c93 Spring Days | Jim Brandenburg
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Kelly Brown | Getting light on your side for newborns

A happy glow from down under
Too many newborn shoots seem to concentrate on a warm studio and forget all about warm lighting– light with direction, glow, colour and life. We see so many photographers use soft, formless lighting and bland backgrounds for babies which almost lose outlines and merge into a magnolia marshmallow smudge. Well, baby skin has to look soft and perfect, doesn’t it? And newborns are not immune to skin care problems? So, light flat? But newborns have wonderful cheeks and chins and eyes, little noses and perfect lips. Rounded, dimensional, confident lighting can work!

KellyBrown03a KellyBrown03b KellyBrown03c KellyBrown03d KellyBrown03e KellyBrown03f— – —

Kelly Brown
Getting light on your side for newborns

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