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HotShotsCamerapixo03aJosh Adamski
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HotShotsCamerapixo03bJay Ramanjooloo
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HotShotsCamerapixo03cTim Burgess
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HotShotsCamerapixo03dAnushka Eranga
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HotShotsCamerapixo03eJose Devesa
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HotShotsCamerapixo03fPatryk Pulawski
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HotShotsCamerapixo03gEvi Herlyna
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The Ultimate Guide to Capturing Motion in Low Light Situations

The Ultimate Guide to Capturing Motion in Low Light Situations
from Jared Polin AKA the FRO

JaredPolinGuide03aHere’s a small sample of what you’re going to find inside:
*Examples of my best low light photos (plus, the exact settings, cameras, and lenses I used to capture them)
*How to “cheat the system” to transform poor underexposed photos into keepers
*My rule of thumb for adjusting shutter speed when you adjust your ISO
*The one setting that should ALWAYS be higher than your focal length (no matter what situation you’re in)
*How to determine the perfect aperture for any situation
*The best meter mode to use for common low light situations
*Exactly when to use continuous or single focus (depending on what you’re shooting)
*My 4-point checklist to pick the perfect settings for ANY environment
*Full tutorials for shooting low light concerts, indoor sports, and weddings

JaredPolinGuide03bvia froknowsphoto

Charlize Theron: Hollywood’s Humble Heroine

With a starring role in this month’s ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War,’ the actress opens up about motherhood (for the second time), making peace with her past (relationship with Sean Penn and otherwise) and finding personal strength in fear and weakness.

By Alex Bhattacharji | Photography by Josh Olins for WSJ. Magazine, Styling by Clare Richardson

CharlizeTheron03a CharlizeTheron03b CharlizeTheron03c CharlizeTheron03d CharlizeTheron03e CharlizeTheron03f— – —

Charlize Theron by Josh Olins
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Hipa 2015-2016 Winners

Hipa 2015-2016 Winners

HIPA03aAntonio Aragon Renuncio – Spain (Grand Prize Winner)
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HIPA03b“Wildlife” Category
Steven Winter – United States of America (1st prize winner)
— – —

HIPA03c“General” Category
Francisco Negroni Rodriguez – Chile (1st prize winner)
— – —

HIPA03d“Father and Son” Category
Khaled Alsabbah – Palestinian Territory (1st prize winner)
— – —

HIPA03e“Happiness” Category
Hameed Husain Isa – Bahrain (1st prize winner)
— – —

Hipa 2015-2016 Winners
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HIPA03f“Wildlife” Category
Lynn Emery – United Kingdom (2nd prize winner)

National Geographic Photographers’ Favorite Wildlife Pictures

“Photography can change the world,” says National Geographic photographer Steve Winter. “We need images that inspire us to care and to act to save our planet.”

NatGeoWildlife03aSnowed In
Photograph by Charlie Hamilton James, National Geographic Creative

NatGeoWildlife03bA Curious Glance
Photograph by Christian Ziegler, National Geographic Creative

NatGeoWildlife03cEye on the Prize
Photograph by Thomas P. Peschak, National Geographic Creative

NatGeoWildlife03dFrozen Pose
Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic Creative

NatGeoWildlife03eUnderwater Sentry
Photograph by David Doubilet, National Geographic Creative

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National Geographic Photographers’ Favorite Wildlife Pictures
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On the Road with Rocky Barnes and Natalie Boras

Young Fabulous & Broke Delivers Boho Vibes for ‘On The Road’ Collection
Los Angeles-based label Young Fabulous & Broke has launched a new collection called YFB On the Road. Inspired by girls with wanderlust, the spring-summer 2016 lookbook features models Rocky Barnes and Natalie Boras.

OntheRoad03a OntheRoad03b OntheRoad03c OntheRoad03d OntheRoad03e— – —

Rocky Barnes and Natalie Boras star in Young Fabulous & Broke’s spring 2016 On the Road collection

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