If you look, stripes can be found everywhere: in nature, in architecture, on the street, in your own home. From shafts of light falling in a pattern to rows of crops, street markings, or something completely unexpected, show us your most creative shots of stripes for a chance to win prizes and recognition…
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stripes10aCrowd Winner – Forest Curtain – Krzysztof Tollas
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stripes10bExpert Winner – makargina
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stripes10cRed Chevy – Nic Drew – Expert 5th | Crowd Top 25%
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stripes10dNightfall – Long Nguyễn – Expert 10th | Crowd Top 25%
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stripes10eIn The Shadows – Elena Paraskeva – Expert commended | Crowd 4th
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stripes10fZebra – mato – Crowd 8th
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Life’s a jungle: The macro world of Christian Ziegler

Life’s a jungle: The macro world of Christian Ziegler
National Geographic contributing photographer and biologist Christian Ziegler often works in a world of miniature. His photographic techniques used to capture the intricacies of life in the rain forests of Panama have won him awards and recognition but he does it all, as he explains to CPN Editor David Corfield, to give the world beneath his feet a bigger voice…

christianziegler10a christianziegler10b christianziegler10c christianziegler10d christianziegler10e christianziegler10f christianziegler10gLife’s a jungle: The macro world of Christian Ziegler
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Trésors cachés en forêt guyanaise

Trésors cachés en forêt guyanaise
Anne-Cécile Monnier

La vie colorée sous la canopée, au bord de la crique et sous la surface…
Véritable concentré de couleurs, cette exposition est le résultat d’un mois passé en forêt guyanaise en décembre 2015. Parmi la grande diversité d’espèces croisées dans les milieux aquatiques de cet écosystème amazonien (poissons d’eau douce, loutres géantes, caïmans,…), j’ai choisi de mettre en lumière les créatures les plus mystérieuses, les amphibiens.

annececilemonnier10a annececilemonnier10b annececilemonnier10c annececilemonnier10d annececilemonnier10eTrésors cachés en forêt guyanaise
Anne-Cécile Monnier

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Red Walk, Maconde, Winding Road, Parallel World, The Forest, Looking Down …

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HotShotsCamerapixo03aJosh Adamski
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HotShotsCamerapixo03bJay Ramanjooloo
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HotShotsCamerapixo03cTim Burgess
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HotShotsCamerapixo03dAnushka Eranga
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HotShotsCamerapixo03eJose Devesa
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HotShotsCamerapixo03fPatryk Pulawski
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HotShotsCamerapixo03gEvi Herlyna
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Forêt d’automne par Janek Sedlar

Forêt d’automne par Janek Sedlar
«Вдохновение я нахожу в повседневной жизни, в природе, в своих чувствах и мыслях», – рассказал фотограф в интервью Interesting Photographers. «Находясь в этих лесах и лугах, я возвращаюсь в детство. Это наполняет меня жизненной энергией, и я пытаюсь поделиться такими моментами с помощью фотоаппарата. Процесс для меня сам по себе похож на медитацию».

JanekSedlar10a JanekSedlar10b JanekSedlar10c JanekSedlar10d JanekSedlar10e JanekSedlar10f JanekSedlar10gМистический осенний лес чешского фотографа Янека Седлара

Janek Sedlar Photography
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Haze Photo Contest Finalists
Thank you to all the photographers that shared their haze entries in the photo contest. The images shown below are mystical and in a sense make all of us feel a tranquility that is difficult to explain…

The following are some of the top finalists shown in no specific order:

haze010“one misty morning..” by bridgephotography

haze020“Layers of Pink” by Ljsilver71

haze030“Haze and fog in the poplar” by albertoghizzipanizza

haze040“Mystic Forrest” by bjornramone

haze050“Into the mist” by JamesGreen1986

haze060“Floating over the Lunar Landscapes of Cappadocia” by uyraffy

haze070Congratulations People’s Choice “Mayan Gold” by JustWill

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