“This is a highlight reel, and it is a creative outlet. Instagram is not real life.”

Social media has altered our perceptions of beauty and brought new talent to our attention in the latest edition of our annual hot list

Our Hot 100 Cover Girl Olivia Culpo is a natural-born winner

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This year we decided to do things a bit differently. The inexorable rise of digital influencers – and a certain progressive social movement you may have heard a little something about – led us to reconsider what it means to be “hot” in 2019. There’s physical beauty, sure. But that was only part of our attraction algorithm. As a general rule, the women who caught our eye bring something else to the party, succeeding in their chosen field against long odds through sheer determination, raw talent, and a willingness to put themselves out there.

Izabel Goulart
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Georgia Fowler
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Hannah Ferguson
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Daniela Botero
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The 2019 Hot 100
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She’s The One!

Sophie Monk Tops The Annual 2018 Ultra Tune Maxim Hot 100 Australia
Flip this Issue to get stuck into the definitive list of Australia’s most talented, beautiful, successful and newsworthy women. Starring Sophie Monk, Margot Robbie, Samantha Kerr, Hannah Gadsby, Parnia Porsche, Lee Lin Chin and much, much more…

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The 2018 Ultra Tune Maxim Hot 100
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2018 Maxim India Hot 100 Winner

Priyanka Chopra Tops Our Hot 100 List For The Fourth Time!
She’s got the talent, she’s got the brains and she’s definitely got the looks– and after millions of fans showed their support, Priyanka Chopra is back to top the 2018 Maxim India Hot 100 List.

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2018 Maxim India Hot 100 Winner
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In the end there can be only one.

This year’s 100 Sexiest goes down in FHM lore as one of the most fiercely fought, with fandoms slugging it out to take their idols straight to the top. And emerging victorious in the battle for the honor to be called Philippines’ Sexiest is multimedia princess Nadine Lustre.

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FHM 100 Sexiest in the World 2017

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Hotness is what you want it to be… it can never be a static definition.

The Hot 100 | The most beautiful, bold, and brilliant women in the world.
For this year’s Hot 100, we looked for beautiful and bold women who use their platforms—whether Instagram or celebrity megaphone—to define and express themselves. They are actresses, athletes, musicians, and models, yes, but also brand builders, entrepreneurs, and voices of a generation.

World’s Sexiest Women
Call us prophetic or call us imaginative innovators, there’s something about this List that brings out the best in democracy. Maxim’s Hot 100, the definitive list of the world’s most beautiful women, has once again shown us the power of women and how they’re redefining what “sexy” really means. We’re just applauding.
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The Hot 100

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All Hail Hailey

The heir to a Hollywood dynasty, this young Baldwin—number one on Maxim’s Hot 100—is making a name of her own.
Photographed by Gilles Bensimon

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The model, actress, and Hot 100 #1 is making a name for herself.
Hailey Baldwin by Gilles Bensimon

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2015 Maxim Hot 100 Australia

2015 Maxim Hot 100 Australia

Maxim100aThe Definitive List of Australia’s Most Beautiful, Successful, and Talented Women Starring Sam Frost, Jennifer Hawkins, Iggy Azalea, Ellyse Perry, Sia, Delta Goodrem, Lucy Turnbull and More…
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Yes, welcome to the 2015 MAXIM HOT 100 — our annual, eclectic and definitive list of the most gifted and gorgeous Australian women who have impressed — and undressed — this year. There’s an abundance of fine femmes who have wowed us with their aptitude, intellect, sexiness, humour, coolness, physical attributes, and overall mega-talents, for you to feast your eyes on. So, until next month, please sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy this super-sizzling special special edition of MAXIM— and feel free to to tell us what you think at maxim@maxim.com.au
Santi Pintado, Editor-In-Chief

1. Delta Goodrem – 2.Margot Robbie – 3.Ellyse Perry – 4.Sam Frost – 5.Jennifer Hawkins – 6.Samantha Armytage – 7. Miranda Kerr – 8.Lauren Brant – 9.Iggy Azalea – 10.Jessica Mauboy – 11.Jessica Gomes – 12.Sally Fitzgibbons – 13.SketchSHE – 14.Renee Somerfield – 15.Olympia Valance – 16.Ruby Rose – 17.Nicole Trunfio – 18.Laura Geitz – 19.Lucy Turnbull – 20.Jessica Green – 21.Jesinta Campbell – 22.Fiona Falkiner – 23.Sheridyn Fisher – 24.Tegan Martin – 25.Pia Miller – 26.Carrie Bickmore – 27.Mimi Elashiry – 28.Cheyenne Tozzi – 29.Robyn Lawley – 30.Rose Byrne – 31.Lara Worthington – 32.Renee Gracie – 33.Lauryn Eagle – 34.Yvonne Strahovski – 35.Sophie Monk – 36.Ricki-Lee Coulter – 37.Ashley Hart – 38.Jessica Hart – 39.Rebel Wilson – 40.Samara Weaving – 41.Ellie Gonsalves – 42.Sylvia Jefferies – 43.Julia Morris – 44.Amanda Keller – 45.Sports Presenters – 46.Abbey Lee Kershaw – 47.The Veronicas – 48.Casey Boonstra – 49.Cate Blanchett – 50.Heather Maltman – 51.Sandra Sully – 52.Teresa Palmer – 53.Renee Bargh – 54.Renae Ayris – 55.Monika Radulovic – 56.Billie McKay – 57.Asher Keddie – 58.Caitlin Stasey – 59.Emma Watkins – 60.Jade Albany – 61.Jessica Marais – 62.Rachael Taylor – 63.Imogen Anthony – 64.Erin Molan – 65.Dannii Minogue – 66.Anna Heinrich – 67.Isla Fisher – 68.Kahili Blundell – 69.Mia Freedman – 70.Weatherwomen – 71.Kylie Minogue – 72.Leigh Sales – 73.Kyly Clarke – 74.Laura Dundovic – 75.Emily Sears – 76.Nicole Kidman – 77.Ksenija Lukich -78.Emma Freedman -79.Laura Csortan – 80.Jessica Rowe – 81.Jackie O – 82.Danielle Cormack – 83.Chrissie Swan – 84.Lisa Wilkinson – 85.Abby Coleman – 86.Sia – 87.Kate Ritchie – 88.Kylie Gillies – 89.Sonia Kruger – 90.Tiffiny Hall – 91.Laura Lydall & Joanna Hill – 92.Esther Anderson – 93.Rebecca Gibney – 94.Julie Bishop – 95.Angie & Yvie – 96.Amy-Jane Brand – 97.Kerri-Anne Kennerly – 98.Gina Liano – 99.Tanya Plibersek – 100.Peta Credlin

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2015 Maxim Hot 100 Australia

Maxim Australia Magazine November 2015
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