Winter Royalty | Tracking one Cool Cat!

Megan Lorenz of Etobicoke spent months bonding with and photographing a spectacular Canada lynx.

Canada lynx are said to be elusive and secretive but that hasn’t been my experience. Every now and then, you come across an animal that doesn’t follow the expected behaviour of their species, and appears to seek human company from certain individuals. I’m not referring to habituated animals that have learned to beg for food, or ones that live in a campground and are comfortable around any person they see. Some animals appear to develop a bond with a chosen person or people while avoiding others. I can’t explain this behaviour, but I’m lucky to have experienced it.

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Winter Royalty
Tracking one Cool Cat!
by Megan Lorenz

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The Game

The subject of “The Game,” by Dani Miller, M.Photog.Cr., was brought in by her family a few months prior to the image being made. “He was a mouse hunter from the beginning,” she says, “so it was only right to photograph him for the family wall along with our other fur family.”
Sugar Hill Photography is based in St. Charles, Iowa, and specializes in child and animal portraits.

• Camera & Lens: Nikon D4S, AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens
• Exposure: 1/200 second at f/8, ISO 200
• Lighting: A Profoto B1 was camera right with a 4-foot octabox, with natural light camera left.
• Post-Capture: In Adobe Photoshop, levels and clarity were used to bring out the cat and table as well as the mouse and books. The mouse was photographed separately and composited onto the table. Blending with dodging and burning completed the image.

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The Game
via Professional Photographer – June 2019

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Animal portraits by Wolf Ademeit

New Powerful Animal Portraits by Wolf Ademeit
It’s no secret that German photographer Wolf Ademeit has an affinity for artistic portraitures of animals. Since catching our eye almost a year ago with his exquisite black and white portraits of zoo animals, Ademeit has expanded his collection of brilliantly detailed images to include more expressive faces and fine, physical details, all with a dose of more color.

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