“Instant: The Story of Polaroid” | Christopher Bonanos

“Pictures in a minute!” In the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, Polaroid was the hottest technology company on Earth. They were an innovation machine that cranked out one irresistible product after another. It was even the company after which Steve Jobs is said to have modeled Apple, and the comparison is true. Jobs’s hero, Edwin Land, Polaroid’s visionary founder, turned his 1937 garage startup into a billion-dollar pop-culture phenomenon.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid, a richly illustrated, behind-the-scenes look at the company, tells the tale of Land’s extraordinary and beloved invention. From the introduction of Polaroid’s first instant camera in 1948 to its meteoric rise and dramatic collapse into bankruptcy in the 2000s, Instant is both a cautionary tale about tech companies that lose their edge and a remarkable story of American ingenuity. Written in a breezy, accessible tone by New York magazine senior editor Chris Bonanos, this first book-length history of Polaroid also features colorful illustrations from Polaroid’s history, including the company’s iconic branding and marketing efforts.

Instant: The Story of Polaroid Book
The story of Polaroid is a pretty long one, with lots of ups, downs and in-betweens. Fortunately, Christopher Bonanos wrote this book to sum it all up for you. It tells you the whole story, from Edwin Land’s founding of Polaroid right through the swinging ‘60s, SX-70s, ‘80s heydays and beyond. Not only that, this special edition comes with a colorful slip cover and a 40-page “Faces of Polaroid” booklet – a comprehensive who’s-who of all the people that made the magic happen. Who said learning isn’t fun?

Polaroid mania made indelible, by Jessie Barber (enthusiast and photographer) and Scott Santee (tattoo artist).
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New York and LA from Above

In the preface to his new book “LA NY: Aerial Photographs of Los Angeles and New York,” Jeffrey Milstein writes that the images combine “two of my life’s passion: flying and art.” The book, published this week by Thames & Hudson, presents Milstein’s graphically exact and highly detailed aerial photos of what he calls “my two cities,” New York and Los Angeles. (A related show of the work is on view at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles until December 23.) Made over the course of five years, Milstein’s images are organized into four sections, depicting neighborhoods, parks and recreational spaces, transportation systems and industry. The book juxtapose views of each city, allowing for comparisons between the tightly packed buildings of Greenwich Village and the pastel roofs, curving lawns and expanses of sand in Lancaster, a city in Los Angeles County. In another comparison, the star-shaped enclosure around the Statue of Liberty echoes the octagonal building at the end of the Manhattan Beach pier.

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LA NY: Aerial Photographs of Los Angeles and New York
by Jeffrey Milstein

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Capturing Birds in Nature

After spending countless weeks with a unique variety of European birds as his only company, the time has finally come for Markus Varesvuo to share his breathtaking project with the world.

Capturing Birds in Nature
Photographer: Markus Varesvuo
Full-time occupation: Wildlife photographer
Aim of project: To create a large-format, high-quality coffee table book on birds
Location: I mostly got my shots in Europe, but I also travelled overseas
Duration: The photography itself spanned three or four years, and the design of the book then took a further year
Time spent: Probably too much time all in all if I were to be totally honest!
Images taken: The photos I shot for this project go into the hundreds of thousands
Website: facebook.com/markus.varesvuo

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All That Glitters

Si la vie de Cara Delevingne fait très papier glacé, le mannequin, actrice et désormais auteure, revient de loin – d’où ce livre, pour montrer à ceux qui souffrent, comme elle a pu souffrir, qu’ils ne sont pas seuls.
Mirror, Mirror paraît le 5 octobre

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All That Glitters
The Edit September 28th, 2017
Photography: Alexandra Nataf
Model: Cara Delevingne
Styling: Ilona Hamer
Hair: Mara Roszak
Make-Up: Molly Stern
Set Design: Cecilio Dolcetto

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Intervention | Han Sungpil

Sublimity and exploitation: on the relationship between humankind and nature

In his works of art the Korean photographer Han Sungpil confronts the themes of environment, energy production, and humankind’s impact on nature. The three series in this book of photographs are distinguished by their surprising perspective, which goes beyond the visual vocabulary normally found in environmental documentations. Whether it’s a painterly French landscape featuring nuclear power plants, presented as a scene of idyllic perfection, or a search for the relics of whale hunting and coal mining in the Arctic and Antarctic, Sungpil’s photographs tell, artfully and critically, of nature’s sublimity and humankind’s overexploitation of it. Photographs of abandoned trawlers, whaling stations, and industrial ruins set in front of monumental, ice-covered landscapes shift the focus to the exploitation of ecological resources, leaving the viewer speechless. Sungpil was awarded the Ilwoo Foundation’s prize for his moving works of art.
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Intervention | Han Sungpil
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A decade of award-winning British landscape photography

A new book brings together the UK’s greatest landscape photographers, who have captured everything from violent seas to tranquil mountains.

Featuring more than 250 beautiful images from a hugely popular series that has sold more than 100,000 copies, this celebratory special edition will grace any coffee table. Supported by VisitBritain and Network Rail, the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition was launched Charlie Waite, one of today’s best-known landscape photographers, in 2006. The Special Edition looks back at the panels of respected judges, all big names in the photography field, that have helped him to choose winners of the sought after accolade ‘Landscape Photographer of the Year’ over the last decade.

Printed on sumptuous art paper, this special edition features everything the British landscape is renowned for – classic shots of rural countryside, rugged lochs, mountains and moorland and stark industrial scenes capturing the beauty and diversity of Britain in the 21st century. Landscape Photographer of the Year: 10 Year Special Edition is a glorious celebration of a much-loved competition and an object of desire for everyone with an interest in photography as well as those who love the British countryside.

Old Man in the Trees, Kelly Hall Tarn, Cumbria, by Chris Shepherd
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Danny MacAskill on The Inaccessible Pinnacle, Isle of Skye, Scotland, by Chris Prescott
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Mist and Reflections, Crummock Water, Cumbria, England, by Tony Bennett
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Starlings over Carmarthen, Southwest Wales, by Nigel McCall
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Ghost of Rannoch Moor, Scotland, by David Breen
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Comedy Carpet, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, by Gary Telford
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Landscape Photographer of the Year: 10 Year (Hardback)
Charlie Waite (author), AA Publishing (author)

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The TreeSpirit Project

12 years ago, Jack began The TreeSpirit Project.
Hundreds of photographs were made.
Thousands of people participated.
Tens of thousands were inspired.

Sequoia Adoration
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Magnolia Exploration
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Spanish Moss One
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Tea Tree Tangle
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Hilltop Worship
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The TreeSpirit Project is many things, including:
A collection of fine art photographs by Jack Gescheidt celebrating human interdependence with trees, and all of nature.  Of course, people are part of nature; we human beings are not separate from the natural world as we often think or feel we are.

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