The Joy Of Water

Idyllic, wild swimming holes, alluring lakes and magical coves; discover more than 60 locations around the world to experience The Joy of Water with this inspirational new book from Lonely Planet. Tap into the ‘water wellness’ trend with personal stories about the best places to take a dip and forge a stronger connection to the elements through interactions with water.

Divided into five chapters by continent (Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania), journey to some of the world’s most far-flung corners in the search for sublime aquatic experiences, whether that’s for relaxing, contemplation or adventure. From wild swims off Britain’s remotest beach and coral reef-fuelled snorkelling trips in idyllic Mozambique, to sumptuous soaks in Iceland’s geothermally-heated pools and chill-out time with non-stinging jellyfish in Palau’s magical hidden lake, no corner is left unexplored.

With exquisite full-colour photography throughout and expert advice from Lonely Planet’s seasoned travel writers, be inspired to experience The Joy of Water all over the globe.
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The Joy Of Water
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How to look at a photo and how to learn from looking at it

In The Photographers Eye, Michael Freeman showed what a photographer needs to do in the instant before the shutter is released. In the sequel, The Photographers Mind, he explained the way that professional photographers think a picture through before taking it. Both of these international best-sellers featured Michaels own photography: stunning landscapes, revealing portraits, and fascinating street photography.

Now, in The Photographers Vision, he examines the work of photographys greats, explaining how to look at a photo and how to learn from looking at it. The featured work includes some of the most distinguished names in photographys history: Nick Knight, Frederick Henry Evans, Frans Lanting, Tim Page, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nan Goldin, Paul Outerbridge, Walker Evans, Cindy Sherman, Elliott Erwitt, Trent Parke, Jeff Wall, Paul Strand, Romano Cagnoni, Horst Faas, James Casebere and many more, making this book visually stunning as well as intellectually authoritative.

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The Photographer’s Vision: Understanding and Appreciating Great Photography
by Michael Freeman

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101 Amazing Photos To Take Before Your Die

Widen your photographic horizons and learn to shoot spectacular awe-inspiring imagery…

Inspirational guides for capturing the perfect shot

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101 Amazing Photos To Take Before Your Die – December 2019
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An ode to beauty | Selected Works · Vincent Peters

“In photography, you are always searching, selecting, and taking away… If you make these decisions, then photography is always a journey of self-discovery. Sharing my work with others is like a conversation… it’s not about the words you exchange, it’s the feeling you walk away with. The unconscious meets the conscious in the act of photography…”
—Vincent Peters

Over the last quarter century, Vincent Peters’s photographs have graced the pages of Vogue, Glamour, and GQ and defined fashion campaigns from Dior to Hugo Boss to Yves Saint Laurent. One of the most sought-after portrait and fashion photographers, Vincent Peters prints also have a significant following in the fine art market. Vincent Peters’s photographs are defined by their precision, love of detail, and an exquisite lighting that lifts his images beyond fast-moving trends into something timeless and iconic. With an aesthetic reminiscent of Jean-loup Sieff or Herb Ritts, Peters manages to capture even the most photographed of faces—whether Scarlett Johansson, Monica Bellucci, or Penélope Cruz—with previously unseen nuance, creating a new sense of intimacy with each subject. Vincent Peters’s work has already appeared in The Light Between Us and Personal. Now, in parallel with the major Vincent Peters solo show at Fotografiska in Stockholm, this compact and affordable Vincent Peters photo book presents a selection of his best black-and-white images, including portraits of Charlize Theron, John Malkovich, Laetitia Casta, and Emma Watson. It’s a vivid overview of a photographic artist who is always evolving, while remaining true to his principles.
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An ode to beauty | Selected Works · Vincent Peters
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For anyone struggling to see more than just what’s in front of them

Around the World in Cut-Outs
Globe-hopping artist Paperboyo transforms real iconic landmarks and settings around the world into works of art and amusement by just holding up a cut-out and snapping a photo. Here is New York’s Guggenheim Museum as a flowerpot, the Eiffel Tower sporting butterfly wings, a giant octopus peeking its tentacles out of the Roman Colosseum, and nearly a hundred more images of wonder and humor. Organized into categories such as Quirky Architecture, Pop Culture, and Playing with Food, the book also covers Paperboyo’s process with these topics:
• Behind the Scenes
• The Fails
• D.I.Y.

Featuring favorites from his wildly popular Instagram feed plus many never-before-seen delights, entertaining captions, behind-the-scenes, and cut-outs for readers to make their own images, Around the World in Cut-outs encourages a different and delightful view of the world around us.
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Around the World in Cut-Outs

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Sexiest: 15 Years of Stunning FHM Women—A Visual Celebration

This is us staying forever young—or gracefully aging if you’re into counting years and such. you can likewise say this is us taking our sweet time to savor the gratifying pauses that come our way. We’ve been fortunate enough, afer all, to still be standing tall today, making history any chance we get.

Fifteen years ago, the very thought of us getting praised for our contributions to Pinoy pop culture had never really crossed our minds. Ever since issue no. 1, our only goal has always been to come out with a monthly issue worthy of our bylines. Behind the scenes, we hustle, work hard, and make full use of our hands and brute strength to deliver an issue that’s always way better than our last. We also never stop dreaming up eye-popping features (or “content” as you kids now call it) and mind-blowing concepts for cover shoots, calendars, specials, books, events, and magazine redesigns. In the process of all this finetuning, we’ve helped to either jumpstart or revitalize the careers of many a star—Patricia javier, diana zubiri, the Viva Hot Babes, Aubrey miles, Angel Locsin, Katrina Halili, Cristine Reyes, sam Pinto, jennylyn mercado, marian Rivera, and so many more accomplished actresses today.

What has kept us going through the years—aside from our wholehearted willingness to evolve with the times and learning from our mistakes—is our readiness to collaborate with only the best. In constantly partnering with both the country’s master and up-and-coming photographers, seasoned celebrity stylists, make-up artists, and open-minded managers of our chosen stars, we continue to capture and produce sensational and tasteful pictures that become events in themselves and the ultimate in #squadgoals high.

Sexiest: 15 Years of Stunning FHM Women—A Visual Celebration is the book that best punctuates our journey so far. this is us stopping time so we can all appreciate the inspirational and transformative power of photography. Feel free to relive the memories, ladies and gentlemen. But remember not to get stuck. It won’t be long before our journey starts all over again.

Sexiest: 15 Years of Stunning FHM Women—A Visual Celebration
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Secrets to Exposure and Metering for Nikon

Master Your Exposure And Metering Controls!
Exposure and metering – no other pair of photographic tools has the potential to make or break your images like these two! And yet, completely leveraging them to create phenomenal imagery is one aspect of photography that continually eludes many photographers.

So many of us go through our photographic life with an incomplete understanding of things like shutter speed, F/Stop, ISO, metering, exposure modes, etc. Well, not anymore! This book fills completely in the gaps.

In this e-book, we tackle both exposure and metering – to the extreme! Just wait till you dive into the 670 + pages jam-packed with information, illustrations, photos, and examples that directly translate to killer images on your memory card each and every time you head out.

“The book has been a pleasure to write and although you and I may never have crossed paths, it was a privilege sharing this with you. I hope we can meet out there in the field one day.
Until then, wishing you the best!”
~Steve Perry
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Great book for learning about Exposure and Metering when using Nikon DSLR
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