Are You Tired of Your Photographs Looking Uninspired?

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“When was the last time that you created a photograph that truly surprised you? I’m talking about the kind of creative surprise where you felt like dancing around with your arms in the air.”

Introducing… “The Complete Guide to Long Exposure Photography”

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Mechanical vs Electronic Shutters

We outline the benefits and shortcomings of each type and explain when they are best used.
by Margaret Brown

‘Adding a mechanical shutter to a digital sensor adds potential for vibrations and noise.’

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Mechanical vs Electronic Shutters
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Brenizer Method

” So, there was this crazy technique I came up with and streamlined a few years ago to use the effects of a multi-layer panorama, combined with fast lenses shot wide-open, to achieve depth-of-field impossible with current lenses. Ever wanted to shoot with a 24mm f/0.4? This technique gives you the opportunity. ”