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Wallpapers of the editors’ favorite submissions to the photo contest.
National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2017

The only one in the cloud
Photo by CP Lau
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The Man’s Stare
Photo by Moin Ahmed
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Jökulsárlón Sunrise
Photo by Mateusz Gorny
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Infinite Road to Transylvania #6
Photo by Calin Stan
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Red Chilli Pickers
Photo by Azim Khan Ronnie
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MotherBoard City
Photo by Ho Lam Cheng
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Giraffe Greeting at Dawn
Photo by Beverly Russo
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Wallpapers of the editors’ favorite submissions to the photo contest.
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Wallpapers from National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

Wallpapers from National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

WPnatgeo12aSunset Summit by Alexandros Maragos
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WPnatgeo12bDalness by Neil Barr
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WPnatgeo12cHarvest from Above by Megan Sugden
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WPnatgeo12dStarlings by oğuz ipçi
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WPnatgeo12eDrink Time by majed sultan al zaabi
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WPnatgeo12fProtection by  Mohammed Yousef
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WPnatgeo12gMystical light in magical Machu Picchu by Kannan V.
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WPnatgeo12hSuperstrike by Mike Olbinski
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Nature Wallpapers

Nature Photography

NatureNG11aThe Dark Side
Photo and caption by Brendon Cremer
A lioness backlit by a spotlight, lies alert to the distant calls of the territorial males, her breath visible as she breathes out into the chill of the winters night.

NatureNG11bThe rebirth of first Atayal tribe after 921 earthquake
Photo and caption by Haw Haw Tseng
The Atayal (Taiya) tribe, which is the second largest tribal group of fourteen indigenous tribes in Taiwan, resides mostly in central and northern Taiwan.It is rumored that Ruei-yian tribe is the first Atayal tribe.However, the 921 earthquake in 1999 shattered the dwellings and landscapes in Ruei-yian tribe.The reconstructions has lasted for 12 years. In 2011 , the tribe that is reborn seems like a castle floating in the sky, winning it the laudatory title “Hanging city”

NatureNG11cFragile Beauty
Photo and caption by Ben Bowes
In the reefs of Apo Island, an MPA off the coast of Dauin in the Philippines, lies a beautiful, vast stretch of corals, that illuminate in the glistening sunlight during a cloudless day. The coral reefs look like a beautiful metropolis full of wondrous varieties of luminous structures. Within the thousands of different species that take residence in this metropolis, one particular fish I came across during my dives caught my attention. The fragile nature of the juvenile Clark’s anemone fish, taking shelter in the anemone made me realise how delicate these beautiful fish are to human impacts.

NatureNG11dTiger in the Tunnel
Photo and caption by A Apana
This sub-adult tiger was photographed at India’s Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Seeing the bamboo tunnel, I had envisaged this image. He was around a bend in the road and we could not even see him as we were the last jeep. As luck would have it he then got up and walked around, making us the first vehicle. He wandered all over the road and just for an instance paused in the middle of the road, which is when I took this image.

NatureNG11eWhitebark Pine – Smoky Hills
Photo and caption by Paul Glasser
This photo, taken on the north side of Oregon’s Mt. Hood thirty minutes before sunset, shows a portion of a dead whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis), an endangered tree that grows at high elevations across North America. These trees survive heavy snow loads and high winds by growing in mats low to the ground. Ironically it is only when they have died and shed their needles that the stark beauty and sinuous grace of their limbs are revealed. The hills in the background are bathed in smoke from the many fires that were burning across Oregon at the time.

NatureNG11fAutumn Storm
Photo and caption by Amanda Beardslee
On my drive home from work I rounded the corner and found this amazing cloud formation during an autumn storm. This is snapped on the side of the road with my iPhone, no filters. Words cannot describe how beautiful it was to see, and the colors were amazing the way they contrasted with each other.

NatureNG11gWeather Together
Photo and caption by Zestin Soh
A cheetah and her cubs huddle together for warmth during one cold evening downpour.

NatureNG11hWalking on water
Photo and caption by Jonathan Armstrong
In remote parts of Alaska, foxes are often bold and unafraid of people. Last summer I was able to closely observe a young red fox, following close behind as she trotted through the brush searching for salmonberries, or waded the lake shore looking for fish carcasses. Once I even got to watch her taunt a grizzly bear as if she were playing a game of tag. As a storm came in one evening, I snuck outside hoping to take her portrait in dramatic light. I used a diffused light off-camera so that I could illuminate the fox while still capturing the dark mood of the storm.

NatureNG11iShoulder Check
Photo and caption by Henrik Nilsson
A wild short eared owl completes a shoulder check in case something was missed. Northern harriers were also hunting in the field and these raptors will often steal a kill from the owls.

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Nature | Wallpaper

Nature | Wallpaper
Decorate your desktop with amazing images from the photo contest.

Photo and caption by Istvan Kerekes
The picture present a good example in which it is showing the co-existence, the unavoidable harmony between man and nature … The Starlings in migration period come in big crowds, in hordes in this region. They like this area because here is Austria’s greatest wine-growing region. Also here in eastern Burgenland is Austria’s biggest wind-energy park – exactly near vineyards where come the Starlings in big colonies. In addition, because the region is a biggest power generation area, here is a loads of different high-voltage wires, which like and prefer the Starlings for resting …

nature217“It’s lunchtime Fallow deer”
Photo and caption by Tim Moor
It was a beautiful summer’s day and I was with my 6 year old son, Freddie, who likes to say he is my photography assistant (and a very good one too!). We found a position just on the outskirts of the wood hoping that the deer would walk by finding a new grazing pasture. They did, and it happened that as they were moving in line, a single doe looked up. I took the shot and it made Freddie’s day.

nature227Heaven on Earth
Photo and caption by Hartono Hosea
Taken from Mount Bromo over view Semeru Mount. It was so cloudy at that morning so I climbed higher and higher trying to be above the cloud crossing my finger. Boom this is what I get to get the sunrise.

nature237Whooo you lookin’ at?
Photo and caption by Glen Hush
Mother and baby owl in the nest.

nature247Cotton Candy Waves (things unseen)
Photo and caption by Lee Scott
On this particular morning I was drawn to the lines in the sand, made from sediment deposits from a little river flowing onto the beach. When the surf came in, the lines were erased, but would be drawn again– new shapes and forms created in the flow.

nature257The great migration
Photo and caption by Nicole Cambré
Jump of the wildebeest at the Mara river.

nature267Morning awakening
Photo and caption by Susan Metz
Humpback Whale showing off for me in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Going out on an ultimate watch early in the morning, we were awakened by this young juvenile tail slapping.

Photo and caption by Aaron Feinberg
A lone wave breaks along the Na Pali Coast on the north shore of Kaua’i.

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Wallpapers from National Geographic

ngwallpaper-101Photograph by Paul Nicklen
From “Sacred Cenotes,” National Geographic, August 2013
A diver explores a cenote near the Maya ruins of Tulum.

ngwallpaper-102Photograph by Robert Clark
From “Sugar,” National Geographic, August 2013
The downsized cake made its American cookbook debut in 1826, says food historian Andrew Smith. Cupcake gentrification spread in 2000 when Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw nibbled one topped with pink buttercream. In the current TV series Cupcake Wars, dueling recipes feature ingredients like sweet tea and chocolate seltzer.

ngwallpaper-103Photograph by Amy Toensing
From “First Australians,” National Geographic, June 2013
Aboriginals in touch with the land see desert oaks and imagine the drinking water in the trees’ cavities. They see a full moon above Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and find light for a nocturnal event.

ngwallpaper-104Photograph by Joel Sartore
From “Miracle in Mozambique,” National Geographic, June 2013
Blue waxbills—awake or dozing off—are a common sight in Gorongosa’s dry, bushy grasslands. So far, nearly 400 bird species have been documented in the park.

ngwallpaper-105Photograph by Peter Essick
From “The Curse of Fertilizer,” National Geographic, May 2013
To grow plentiful food crops, farms need more nitrogen than naturally occurs in the soil. Fertilizer runoff is minimized on this Wisconsin farm by planting strips of alfalfa between corn and soybeans.

ngwallpaper-106Photograph by Sylwia Domaradzka
From “Top Shots,” National Geographic, May 2013
On a tour of central Poland’s countryside last fall, Domaradzka saw many small battles between white-tailed eagles. These two birds in particular wanted to sit in the same spot. “There was an awful lot of fighting and bickering among them,” she says.

ngwallpaper-107Photograph by Zahoor Ahmed
From “Top Shots,” National Geographic, April 2013
“I’m deeply in love with birds,” says Ahmed, a wildlife photographer. He spent two months near a saltwater lake in Kallar Kahar to capture this shot of an Asian paradise flycatcher feeding its chick. Despite his fancy feathers, the male does the feeding and incubates eggs in the nest.

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