Gouttes de pluie

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Marsel van Oosten

A “must see” for nature and animals lovers

marselvanoosten01Brave Elephant – http://500px.com/photo/23451579

marselvanoosten02Oops-a-daisy – http://500px.com/photo/23369391

marselvanoosten03Lens Inspection – http://500px.com/photo/17629635

marselvanoosten04The Golden Mirror – http://500px.com/photo/3034758

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Marsel van Oosten Photography

Alexei Hay

Angelina Jolie: Behind the Lens

Hollywood’s newest power director, Angelina Jolie, makes her behind-the-camera debut with her new film In the Land of Blood and Honey.

angelinajolie01 angelinajolie02 angelinajolie03 angelinajolie04 angelinajolie05Read more:

Angelina Jolie Fashion Photos – Angelina Jolie Directing Photo Shoot – Marie Claire