11 Tips for Capturing Spring

With spring officially upon us, it’s time to get the cameras out and explore the beauty of the changing season. Unlike the stark contrasts that winter landscapes present, burgeoning new life is more subtle and challenging to capture, particularly if you’re in a northern clime where spring comes slowly in fits and starts.

Whether you’re going for that perfect panorama of mountain dogwoods or a close-up of a single crocus struggling to bloom through the snow, a few tips can help you get the most from your spring photo shoots.

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11 Tips for Capturing Spring by Olympus Visionary Larry Price
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‘Tribe’ by Ben Moore

“I remember taking my first photograph as a child using an old 1970’s Nikon SLR. Twenty five years later, and my passion and love of photography has only grown and grown. I live and breathe through my lenses and quite simply adore taking photographs. I didn’t actually study photography… I spent my college and university years following my other great passion, biodiversity conservation. I was lucky enough to spend time in some of the most remote and spectacular places on the planet, and in completing many research projects for my degree, masters and PhD, my love for photography grew and grew. So instead of crawling around the amazon jungle tagging crocodiles or climbing cloud-capped peaks on the Galapagos Islands looking for giant tortoises, I now travel to equally spectacular places, but with my camera in my hand… not a magnifying glass…” —Ben Moore

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‘Tribe’ by Ben Moore
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2018 National Awards Winners

Running across nearly 70 countries, the National Awards program seeks to recognise and reward the best single image taken by a local photographer.

Brendon Cremer, South Africa
Commended, Open Wildlife and Winner, South Africa National Award, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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Md. Tofazzal Hossain, Bangladesh
Shortlist, Open Street Photography and Winner, Bangladesh National Award, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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Ingrid Vekemans, Winner, Belgium National Award, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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Santiago Borja, Winner, Ecuador National Award, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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Sai Aung Main, Winner, Myanmar National Award, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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Yen Sin Wong, Malaysia
Shortlist, Open Travel and Winner, Malaysia National Award, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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Chin Boon Leng, Singapore
Commended, Open Travel and Winner, Singapore National Award, 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
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We are delighted to reveal the winners of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. Browse the various galleries to see the full range of stunning imagery from around the world.
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Architecture by Andy Vannecke

My name is Andy Vannecke, I’m 34 years old and live in Belgium. I have been really active in the world of photography since past 2 years. My focus genre has been architecture in long exposure.
Architecture photography has become my passion; every location seems to challenge me to find the best possible composition for a picture.

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Architecture by Andy Vannecke
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