Aroud the Clock | Île volcanique et tunnels de lave de Jeju | République de Corée

Graceful mountains that are not too tall
Calm, clear, and shimmering water
A strong ocean breeze dances
in an attempt to bring everything together as one

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Aroud the Clock | Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes | Republic of Korea
Captured by Yuji Nukui with α7R III and SEL1635GM

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Sony World Photography Awards

This year saw a record-breaking number of entries with more than 327,000 images entered into the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards four competitions: Professional, Open, Student and Youth.

The 2019 Open Photographer of the Year is awarded to Christy Lee Rogers, from the USA, for her image Harmony.
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Congratulations to Federico Borella, from Italy, for receiving the 2019 Photographer of the Year award for Five Degrees. The series focuses on male suicide in the farming community of Tamil Nadu, Southern India, which is facing its worst drought in 140 years.
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Congratulations to Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni, from Italy, for winning the Professional Discovery category with their series Güle Güle.
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Congratulations to Stephan Zirwes, from Germany, for winning the Professional Architecture category with his series Cut Outs – Pools 2018.
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Portraiture – 2019 Professional competition
3rd Place, ‘At the End of the Day’ by Laetitia Vançon
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Sony World Photography Awards
A 12 year partnership with Sony bringing you one of the world’s leading photography competitions
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Stunning early highlights from the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards

With its spectacular variety of submissions the Sony World Photography Awards never fails to disappoint, and the 2019 competition is shaping up to be the most impressive to date. Alongside announcing a strong professional jury for its 2019 Awards, a selection of the best submissions so far have just been revealed showing an astounding array of images from photographers all over the globe.

Icebergs frozen in the sea ice in Svalbard
(Credit: Marco Gaiotti, Italy, entry, Open, Landscape, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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An aerial of a road which winds its way around the edge of beautiful Lake Bled, Slovenia. The image was captured in the midst of a deep winter freeze that gripped the entirety of Europe
(Credit: Donald Yip, Australia, entry, Open, Travel, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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Dance at the foot of Yulong Mountain
(Credit: Xin Cheng, China, entry, Open, Landscape, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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A young Indian boy during the festival of Holi
(Credit: Christopher Comeso , Philippines, entry, Open, Portraiture, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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A hyena in Jhalana National Park
(Credit: Sohail Inzaman, India, entry, Open, Natural World & Wildlife, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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Shot underwater in Hawaii, this image is part of the photographer’s Muses Colllection
(Credit: Christy Lee Rogers, United States of America, entry, Open, Motion, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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Three women workers painting traditional Myanmar umbrellas
(Credit: Zarni Myo Win, Myanmar, entry, Open, Travel, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards)
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Stunning early highlights from the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards
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Incredible Shortlisted Photos From the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

A record number of images were submitted to the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards, which enters into its eleventh year. Photographers from over 200 countries entered 320,000 photographs into the contest, which covers a wide range of categories for professionals, amateurs, youth, and students.

‘Very Impressive Starling Murmurations’ © Daniel Biber, Germany, Shortlist, Professional, Natural World & Wildlife (2018 Professional competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. Starling murmuration shaped like a giant bird.
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‘Patterns of Glacial River’ © Manish Mamtani, India, Shortlist, Open, Travel (Open competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. Aerial view of Glacial river in Iceland. While crossing the bridge, I noticed some pattern in the water and wondered how it would look from the sky. I stopped the car at a turnout after crossing the bridge and flew my drone to capture this image. I included the bridge and the car to give an idea of the scale. This river flows to the ocean and becomes part of the sea.
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‘Shapes of Lofoten’ © Mikkel Beiter, Denmark, Shortlist, Open, Travel (Open competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. This composition is quite popular amongst photographers at the moment and it’s easy to understand why! The beautiful Mount Olstinden has almost the same shape as the roof of this cute yellow cabin and the yellow color creates some amazing contrast to the snow covered mountain.
This place can be found in the Lofoten Archipelago at the small island named Sakrisøy.
I’ve removed a small cabin in the left side during post process. Beside that, color correction, contrast and sharpness has been done in Lightroom and Photoshop.
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‘Bee eaters mating’ © Petar Sabol, Croatia, Shortlist, Open, Wildlife (Open competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. Mating bee eaters photo was made this summer in Podravska county in Croatia. I was using hide and tripod.
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‘The Great wall of Namib’ © Paranyu Pithayarungsarit, Thailand, Shortlist, Open, Landscape & Nature (2018 Open competition), 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. The great landscape of large sand dune in Namib desert, Namibia. This shot was taken in the morning as the sun shone to one side of the dune while another side was still in shadow. The Namib desert is the oldest desert in the world where the sand sediment were deposited in the same area since 55-80 million years ago.
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Incredible Shortlisted Photos From the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards
more by Jessica Stewart at My Modern Met

Tout… et un peu plus

Avec cette troisième déclinaison de l’Alpha 7r, Sony peut espérer toucher un public plus large: haute définition et hautes sensibilités sont toujours de la partie, mais l’appareil gagne en réactivité.

à voir dans Chasseur d’Images n° 400 #ci400
avec le match Sony Alpha 7r III vs Nikon D850 vs Canon EOS 5Dsr

et aussi un dossier complet sur l’hybride et le reflex
Envie de switcher pour un hybride ?
Le switch est à la mode! Utilisateurs Canon ou Nikon, fatigués de porter du matériel trop lourd ou attirés par les promesses des appareils hybrides sont de plus en plus nombreux.
Mais si le switch offre quelques avantages, il présente aussi de très nombreux inconvénients et la course aux appareils allégés ne se termine pas toujours bien.
C’est pourquoi la rédaction fait un point le plus objectif possible sur les différentes solutions et sur la meilleure façon de switcher (ou pas!) au meilleur coût et, surtout, en fonction de l’usage prévu car c’est CE critère et lui seul qui devrait guider les utilisateurs.

Sony Alpha 9 | Il détrône les reflex classiques!

Après avoir imposé ses appareils 24 x 36, Sony s’attaque, avec l’Alpha 9, au sport et au reportage. Deux domaines où les reflex règnent en maîtres.

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Réactivité avant tout
Sony Alpha 9
Il détrône les reflex classiques!

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