Tout… et un peu plus

Avec cette troisième déclinaison de l’Alpha 7r, Sony peut espérer toucher un public plus large: haute définition et hautes sensibilités sont toujours de la partie, mais l’appareil gagne en réactivité.

à voir dans Chasseur d’Images n° 400 #ci400
avec le match Sony Alpha 7r III vs Nikon D850 vs Canon EOS 5Dsr

et aussi un dossier complet sur l’hybride et le reflex
Envie de switcher pour un hybride ?
Le switch est à la mode! Utilisateurs Canon ou Nikon, fatigués de porter du matériel trop lourd ou attirés par les promesses des appareils hybrides sont de plus en plus nombreux.
Mais si le switch offre quelques avantages, il présente aussi de très nombreux inconvénients et la course aux appareils allégés ne se termine pas toujours bien.
C’est pourquoi la rédaction fait un point le plus objectif possible sur les différentes solutions et sur la meilleure façon de switcher (ou pas!) au meilleur coût et, surtout, en fonction de l’usage prévu car c’est CE critère et lui seul qui devrait guider les utilisateurs.


Why One Inch is all you need

Gary Friedman explains how the one inch sensor has changed many photographers’ views on format choice – which is now greater than ever before.

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Why One Inch is all you need
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Sony Alpha 9 | Il détrône les reflex classiques!

Après avoir imposé ses appareils 24 x 36, Sony s’attaque, avec l’Alpha 9, au sport et au reportage. Deux domaines où les reflex règnent en maîtres.

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Réactivité avant tout
Sony Alpha 9
Il détrône les reflex classiques!

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The Circle of Life | Chris Schmid

Award-winning nature photographer captures stunning imagery of African wildlife; depicting the harsh realities of survival in the wild.

Photographer Chris Schmid set out on an awe-inspiring photography expedition to the dry salt planes of Namibia.

The shoot was part of Chris’ documentary ‘The African Survivors’; filming and photographing endangered species across Africa; looking at how the same animals behaved differently in differently environments.

The enigmatic beauty of the wild is enriched through the lens of Sony’s RX10 III camera; combining an extended 24-600mm 25x super-telephoto zoom with a powerful sensor poised to capture sensational close-up detail.

Award winning photographer Chris Schmid, commented: “I find photographing the local nature in Namibia fascinating; seeing how the animals have adapted their behaviour to be able to survive is a wonderful story to tell through the camera lens. Vegetation and water supplies are a lot more limited in such dry environments, we see that groups of animals split up more often when hunting for their next food source. With precious few places to hide, this makes the territory extremely effective and deadly.”

The Circle of Life
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Sony World Photography Awards | 2017 Shortlist

Sony World Photography Awards
2017 Shortlist

sonywpa03aGrey Matter(s)
Tom Jacobi, Germany
Shortlist, Professional, Landscape, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

sonywpa03b— – —

sonywpa03cAfrican Wildlife at Night
Will Burrard-Lucas, UK
Shortlist, Professional, Natural World, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

sonywpa03d— – —

sonywpa03eFoley Hits, Malaysia, Shortlist, Open Competition, Culture, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
— – —

sonywpa03fFan Chen, China, Shortlist, Open Competition, Wildlife, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
— – —

sonywpa03gSpace & City Rules
Dongni, China
Shortlist, Professional, Architecture, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

sonywpa03h— – —

Sony World Photography Awards | 2017 Shortlist
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Stunning pictures from 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Stunning pictures from 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

sony2017aThe Majestic Dance … This picture was taken in the forest area of Jaipur, Rajasthan (India). Rajasthan has a huge population of the National Bird and they are found in most areas (both urban and rural). This picture was taken during rain season, in which it’s a common sight to see the Peacocks dancing. Picture: Satvik Bhatt, India, Entry, Open, Wildlife, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
— – —

sony2017bDinagyang Festival of the Philippines … Annual celebration of Dinagyang festival of Iloilo, Philippines The Dinagyang Festival is a religious and cultural festival in Iloio City, Philippines held on the fourth Sunday of January. Picture: Raniel Jose Castañeda, Philippines, Entry, Open, Culture, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
— – —

sony2017cThe Midnight Blossom … Part of the series ‘The Flower Keepers’, a personal series exploring my imagination and thoughts, creating whimsical characters in a world filled with flowers. Picture: Ellie Victoria Gale, UK, Entry, Open, Enhanced, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
— – —

sony2017dDisciplinant … I was traveling to Sertar County (a county of Sichuan Province, China), and visited the Serthar Buddhist Institute here, Lamaism’s piety and the grand scene shocked me. I have never before felt my heart be so pure. When I wanted to take a photo there was a Lamaism walking by – so I got this photo. Picture: 希德 张, China, Entry, Open, Culture, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
— – —

sony2017ePaper Mill … Waste from a paper mill is agitated by aerators, producing steam and foam, which are pushed by the wind. Clearwater Paper Reservoire, Lewiston, Idaho. Aerial Image (shot from a plane at 1,500 feet). Picture: Jassen Todorov, US, Entry, Open, Architecture, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
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Stunning pictures from 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
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Celebrating seven decades of Sony with incredible series of photographs taken on α7 series

Seven inspiring European photographers explored Japan in an attempt to unearth the past, present and future influences of Japanese culture.
As Sony enters its 70th anniversary year, seven high-profile α7 series photographers have visited the homeland of the brand with the mission of capturing the spirit of Japan to foster a greater understanding of the influences that guide Sony to this day. The ‘#ase7ens’ each explored the seven pillars of Sony’s core values and used their full-frame cameras to bring them to life in a range of stunning images.

Sony70aDelivering beauty: @bobbyanwar, a7rii, 135mm F1.8 ZA

Sony70bPassion & Dignity: @neumarc, a7ii, 35mm 1.4 ZA

Sony70cEngineering Excellence: @berlinstagram, a7rii, FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS

Sony70dShowing the future: @cirkeline, a7rii, 24-70mm F2.8 ZA

Sony70eEnergy and Excitement: @vutheara, a7rii, FE 55mm F1.8 ZA

— – —

VuTheara Kham (France), Dan Rubin (UK), Ana Barros (Austria/Portugal), Michael Schulz (Germany) Marco Gaggio (Italy), Christina N.Anderson (Denmark) and Bobby Anwar (Denmark/Sweden) immersed themselves in Japanese culture to explore Sony’s well-grounded roots. The results are outstanding images on seven different themes, capturing the many intricacies and complexities that shape Sony’s brand identity.

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