Fabrice Puliero | Photographe total

Fabrice Puliero
Photographe total

Boulimique d’images, Fabrice Puliero est régulièrement publié dans les Défis de la Rédac’ ou la Critique photo.
Il fallait qu’on en sache plus sur ce photographe à la créativité débordante.

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Fabrice Puliero | Photographe total
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Finding the formula for motorsport success

Action and drama from the world of Formula One through the eyes of a top motorsport photographer.
Motorsports photographer Andrew Hone talks to CPN writer Mark Alexander about panning shots, the demands of shooting F1 and finding a replacement for his stolen go-to lens…

andrewhone02aRefining your skills as a photographer can take a lifetime. In fact, most photographers admit the process never really ends with new equipment and an assortment of techniques providing a never-ending bounty of possibilities. Distilling just a few of these into your photographic trick bag can be a lifelong ambition.

andrewhone02b andrewhone02c andrewhone02d andrewhone02e andrewhone02f andrewhone02gAndrew Hone, a motorsports photographer who covers F1 for LAT Images as a freelancer and previously for Getty Images, has done just that and more, carving out a career based around his ability to freeze action while also creating artistic, almost abstract sports imagery. Add to that telling portraits and an uncanny knack of picking out the smallest detail of a speeding racing car, and you can see why Hone’s instinctive flair and range of skills come into their own on race day.

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Finding the formula for motorsport success
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Queen of the Light

Queen of the Light
Interview with Piper Mackay

pipermackay02aPiper Mackayhas spent the last 12 years photographing the wilds of Africa, having swapped a career in fashion for a life behind the lens. She explains her journey into photography, how Africa captured her soul and her new infrared work with WPM.
Interview by Lorna Dockerill

pipermackay02b pipermackay02c pipermackay02dPiper Mackay is a cultural documentary and African wildlife photographer. Her images have graced the pages of Nature’s Best, National Geographic, National Geographic Explorer, WWF calendars, birders and numerous travel publications. Her passion for the natural world has grown into a lifelong commitment to inspire others to explore, respect and preserve the beauty of our fragile planet.

pipermackay02eQueen of the Light
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A passion for adventure

Adventure and travel photographer Callum Snape shares his advice on social media storytelling.
Callum Snape is a new breed of travel and adventure photographer, who uses the power of social media to reach out to a rapidly growing audience. With 600,000 followers on his Instagram account, he must be doing something right, as CPN Editor David Corfield discovers…

callumsnape02a callumsnape02b callumsnape02c callumsnape02d callumsnape02eWhat comes first: the adventure or the image? Callum Snape takes a moment to ponder. “It used to be the adventure,” he reflects. “If I didn’t have that passion for travel then I wouldn’t be doing what I do now. But as I have got more experienced, it’s definitely become the image. The photo takes priority now; it absolutely must.”

A passion for adventure
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Wild Wonders

Wild Wonders
Danny Green on the EOS-1D X Mark II

Canon Explorer and top wildlife photographer Danny Green has been using the EOS-1D X Mark II during 2016 and, as he explains to CPN Editor David Corfield, has finally found a camera that can capture his true natural vision…

dannygreen12a dannygreen12b dannygreen12c dannygreen12d dannygreen12eFor Danny Green, his EOS-1D X Mark II has become an essential tool of his trade. It’s a workhorse and an instrument of high precision – plus it’s the physical link between what we see and what he records. As such, it needs to be able to keep up with the action even in sub-zero temperatures or when it’s belting down with rain. And on both these points, as well as in several significant technical areas, Danny is full of praise.

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Street Photography by Craig Reilly

Street Photography by Craig Reilly
The most important lessons I’ve learned, are not being bothered about missing a shot, being patient, and how important it is to move around my subject for the best position to capture them.

craigreilley11a craigreilley11b craigreilley11c craigreilley11d craigreilley11e— – —

Interview with Craig Reilly
by Stefan Cimer

more in Eye Photo Magazine – November 2016

Ellen von Unwerth

What role does the concept play? How important are spontaneous ideas during a photo shoot? How does a large production develop? What people does she prefer to work with? What female types does she prefer? You can discover this and more about the icon of fashion photography in an interview that we carried out with this exceptional photographer on the occasion of the publication of the Ellen von Unwerth issue of the S Magazine.

ellenvonunwerth11a ellenvonunwerth11b ellenvonunwerth11c ellenvonunwerth11d ellenvonunwerth11eLeica S Magazine Featuring Ellen von Unwerth
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ellenvonunwerth11f“I just like it when people move and something happens. Posed images are not really my thing.” Ellen von Unwerth