Matty Karp | Shades of Grey

“I love Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings. I was once looking at a book of her flower paintings,which were either erotic or abstract,and it occurred to me that I could try and create similar images with my camera. I got out and using a simple point and shoot camera I took close ups of flowers which produced abstract and erotic images. I received very positive responses and it encouraged me to continue.”

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Interview with Matty Karp
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From Land to Sea and Back | Tony Hertz

“This is a collection of images to honor the diverse, unique natural landscape and seascape beauty of California.”
Tony Hertz’s feature Land to Sea and Back “honor the diverse, unique natural landscape and seascape beauty of California.” Hertz’s palm trees have the perfect view of a pacifc lit up by a golden sun, shining despite a large group of clouds. His surf jumps at you with the joy of movement; each droplet of sand and sea saluting us.

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From Land to Sea and Back
Interview with Tony Hertz

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Lindsay Adler, Peter Coulson, Jan C. Schlegel and more | Lens Magazine Issue #42

Her fashion images became iconic. Her style is unique. She has a special “bond” with the light so that’s why each and every picture that was taken looks polished to the absolute perfection. And she was handling the cameras for more than half of her life.Lindsay can be defined as a fashion photographer, entrepreneur, author, and educator. She has already published five books, she set up many tutorials so to give “a helping hand” to the upcoming generations of photographers and she published thousands of images in various highly rated magazines.

Exclusive Interview with Lindsay Adler by Catalin Croitoru
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Peter Coulson, Known as a Master of Photography, Award winning International fashion, Beauty and Art Photographer Based in Melbourne, Australia, He has worked commercially as a photographer for over 15 years, specializes in the genres of beauty, fashion and fetish. His work is well known for its sensuality, the esthetic, elegance and the special use of light and emotional expression. The large community of fans around the world are captivated by his depth of knowledge, creativity, and incredibly fascinating photographic world.
We are extremely excited to have a close talk with one of the greatest photographers in the world!

Exclusive Interview with Peter Coulson
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Jan C. Schlegel | “The Tribes Of Our Generation”
How is it possible that photography can move people to the root of their heart? Jan C. Schlegel manages to do that. His straight photography is naked in more than one meaning of the word.
Jan C. Schlegel’s art is so strong that – in spite of all these options – I ended up with pointing at the most direct and sincere tool of communication we have as humans: Our eyes.

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“The images are meant to have a strong American Modern feel with a bit of formalism thrown in for good measure.”

Midwest Memoir | Interview with Michael Knapstein
“This is a very personal body of work for me. It is an homage to the area where I grew up, still, live and love. An area that I think has a unique personality and distinctive visual style. Honest. Modest. And often overlooked. My inspiration was to share my understanding of the Midwest as I see and remember it with new audiences around the world. I have been adding to this portfolio for nearly eight years; it is part romantic and nostalgic and equal parts realistic and documentary.”

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“The images are meant to have a strong American Modern feel with a bit of formalism thrown in for good measure.”

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This Woman’s Work

In this special edition we celebrate 40 years of Kate Bush, who’s unique brand of songwriting and performing has bewitched the globe since her debut single, ‘Wuthering Heights’ made UK No. 1 in 1978.
Inside, we explore Bush’s career, from her wide-eyed beginnings touted as a child genius, through to the critical and commercial success of her incredible canon of work, and on to 2014’s triumphant return to the stage for her 22-night residency at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.

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Classic Pop Presents Kate Bush 40th Anniversary Edition
Exclusive Interviews • Classic albums • Rare Photos
Collaborations • Her Greatest Tracks and More…

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Into the Wild by Rochelle Brodin

Technology advances fast. We went from analogue to digital in a span of 10 years during the 2000’s. Where do you think the future of photography is going?

I have a small confession. I’ve never shot with a film camera nor been in a dark room. I know, I know. But I have, however, been shot as a model with medium format film and used a loop and red wax pencil to choose my photos. I think the future of photography is going to happen in two parts. First, in moving photos and video clips. (for example: GIF files, cinemagraphs, plotographs, drone photography and lots of VR). Second, Polaroids will get better and some fashion photographers will go back to film and lots of photos will have that raw, analog edge to them.

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Into the Wild
photography by Rochelle Brodin
model: Eugenia Kuzmina
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Rencontre avec Florence Dabenoc : Passion Nature !

Entretien avec la photographe Florence Dabenoc, lorraine de naissance et de cœur, docteur vétérinaire dans la vie qui partage avec nous son amour pour la nature et l’image. Cette passionnée, 1er prix du Festival International de Montier-en-Der en novembre 2016, revient pour le Mag Nikon sur son parcours et ses plus belles expériences.

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Rencontre avec Florence Dabenoc : Passion Nature !
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