Jean-Luc Grossmann | Burning Man

Burning Man is my first project under the name “PlanetVisible”, a side collaboration with two Zurich based photographer friends, Justin Hession and Pascal Richard. When deciding on a project we wanted something that was cultural, spiritual, unreal, uncommon as well as visual with a strong storytelling opportunity. We wanted something to discover and explore, but most importantly it needed to be something we were free to uncover as individuals. We wanted a project that gave the possibility of working on the same theme but interpreting it with our own self-expression, then seeing how these three viewpoints came together as one.

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Burning Man
Interview with Jean-Luc Grossmann

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The Drama of the Downhill | Christian Walgram

Award-winning sports and action photographer Christian Walgram spends nearly a quarter of a year on the world’s best ski slopes, capturing remarkable action images from skiers competing in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup. CPN Editor David Corfield discovers the challenges and rewards of capturing split-second action…

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The Drama of the Downhill
Christian Walgram

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Mario Haberl | Melancholy Art

Melancholy Art
Interview with Mario Haberl

I like to travel and take pictures of things that catch my eye and touch my heart on some level, that alone is my main inspiration. Sometimes, to realize my vision I use stock photos and mix them with my own photographs. Most of my images are already in my head. I usually create work based on an experience but sometimes I base my images on a song that I find inspirational.

Mario Haberl | Melancholy Art
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A Passion That Keeps Growing | Jon Blake

Jon Blake | Landscape Photography
Interview by Harris Lim

Pier Pressure
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My approach to landscape photography is a process.  I imbed myself into a landscape scene and wait for the light to perfect as time passes through.  My hope is to present images which transport you – as though you were there with me when captured.  I want my work to trigger all of your senses so that you not only see the scene, but are transformed into it; that you can hear the splash, smell the mud, feel the sting of cold on your face and taste the pollen on the back of your throat.  If I’ve brought you along with me into another place, I’ve successfully done my job.

Converging Elements
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My love for photography began when my best friend and I took a photography course in middle school. It catalyzed a passion that I maintain to this day. I love learning new techniques and methods to express my creativity in my images; and I’m thrilled to share them with you. I’m continually amazed at how well my photographs are received, and that positivity energizes my passion all over again.

For Whom The Bells Toll
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Every photo I share with you has a story of its origin. Although you weren’t there with me for the journey, my hope is that you’ll feel transported back to the moment when it was captured.

Goblet of Fire
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Thanks for considering my work, and for supporting the arts!

The Edge of Time
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A Passion That Keeps Growing
Jon Blake | Landscape Photography

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Landscape and Nature by Heiko Gerlicher

Heiko Gerlicher is a self taught landscape and nature photographer born in 1969, living in Ahorn in the District of Coburg, Upper Franconia. By profession he is field staff for a special steel wholesale trade. But for a hobby, he shoots photos. In fact, he is a award-winning photographer. Some Gold medals at the prestigious Trierenberg Supercircuit for example and several publications in magazines belong to his successes so far.

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Landscape and Nature by Heiko Gerlicher
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“Let us not be nasty to nature…”

Find out more about Sebastião Salgado’s observations on man and nature.
Sebastião Salgado is a master of black and white storytelling and spoke about his work at The Photography Show in the NEC, Birmingham, UK, on March 21. His carefully composed and highly evocative images of nature and man offer a telling commentary on the modern world. Now, in his 73rd year, he explains to CPN Editor David Corfield how, after a lifetime of study, he still struggles to understand man’s destructive nature…

“I hope I can show how we must help the world heal,” he concludes. “We are 7.5 billion people on this planet now, and our behaviour has to change. I hope my pictures can make a difference but I don’t believe so. With the right information and the goodwill of people altogether, then yes, perhaps. But just my pictures? I don’t believe so.”

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Face Off | Sean Archer

Face Off – Exclusive Interview with Sean Archer Photography
Have you seen the movie Face Off, with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage? Do you remember the name of one of the lead characters? Yeah, Sean Archer! Did you know he’s real? Did you know he’s a photographer? Did you know he’s an amazing photographer?
Well, he’s not THAT real, but portrait photographer, Stanislav Puchkovsky, created Sean Archer Photography.
He’s big on 500px and pretty much all over the world, so why not learning from him, right?

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Sean Archer Photography
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