Rencontre avec Florence Dabenoc : Passion Nature !

Entretien avec la photographe Florence Dabenoc, lorraine de naissance et de cœur, docteur vétérinaire dans la vie qui partage avec nous son amour pour la nature et l’image. Cette passionnée, 1er prix du Festival International de Montier-en-Der en novembre 2016, revient pour le Mag Nikon sur son parcours et ses plus belles expériences.

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Rencontre avec Florence Dabenoc : Passion Nature !
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Les Univers de Flora Metayer

Découverte jeune talent : les univers de Flora Metayer

Après un premier épisode « Découverte jeune talent » consacré au photographe Thibault Copleux que nous vous avions présenté en 2016, Nikon souhaite faire les présentations avec une jeune et talentueuse photographe aux univers multiples, Flora Metayer âgée de 23 ans seulement mais déjà confirmée sur Instagram. Rencontre.
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Les Univers de Flora Metayer
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American Connection

David Johndrow has combined his twin passions of photography and gardening to create a series of sensitive pictures recording life in the garden. He talks to Susan Burnstine about waiting for the magic to happen.

«When I look through the viewfinder I do feel like I’m in another world watching and waiting for magic to happen.»
David Johndrow Photography

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Elegant Street Photography | Interview with Ando Fuchs

“Venice is one of my favorite places, the city offers me everything I need.” —Ando Fuchs

My interest in photography began in my youth, I photographed in color and without any particular ideas in mind, for some reason I stopped photographing but I never lost interest.
In 2009, I happened to get to know an amateur photographer who encouraged me to take up photography again; I credit him and another photographer whom I met later on as the reason I am photographing today. I am entirely self-taught and never leave home without my camera.

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Elegant Street Photography
by Ando Fuchs

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Meet Miss Moss

Model of the moment Lottie Moss opens up about fashion, feminism, and family.
Photographs by Lucian Bor

“I think feminism means so many things for so many people, and for me it’s just being stronger as a woman. It’s cool being part of this millennial generation.”
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Lottie Moss by Lucian Bor
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Live Music Photographer Jason Miller

From rank amateur to acclaimed pro in just four years, Jason Miller has combined his love of music and photography with impressive results. Having notched up over 500 gigs and festivals, we thought it was time we found out Jason’s secrets…

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Live Music Photographer Jason Miller
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