Long Exposure and Landscape Photography

My adventure with photography started 8 years ago. Since the beginning, I was genuinely fascinated with long exposure and landscape photography. I really wanted to develop in this area of photography; however, I did my first steps in photography in the era of analog photography.

Ryszard Lomnicki lives in Galway, Ireland, and specializes in long exposure and landscape photography.
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10 Questions With Ryszard Lomnicki
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“We are the most published photographers on the planet”

We catch up with movie stills photographer Jasin Boland prior to his sold-out talk for the Nikon School on June 25th. He shares his insights and wisdom for action shots, plus lots of great anecdotes —Geoff Harris

What’s it like to be a still photographer on blockbuster movies like The Matrix and Mad Max? Jasin Boland, who’s also a Nikon ambassador, shares shares his colourful story, and some tips for better action shots.

There is Furiosa screaming in the desert from Mad Max Fury Road. I love the ferocity and vulnerability of this image and the layering through the sand. It seems to resonate with many people and is a great example of an actor delivering their ‘director’s performance.’ You would never get this with a setup.

The image of Neo and Smith fighting in the rain from The Matrix has always been one of my favourites. Its probably the first of my images to define me as a photographer, and certainly my style.

I also like the Aston Martin DB9 jump from the James Bond Spectre movie. I shot this on one of my remote rigs because it just wasn’t physically possible to be there. I had one of my buddies from the stunt department pull me into a doorway as the car came flying past!

Another shot I like is Mulan in the midst of battle. I love the poetry to this image and our actress Liu Yifei gave me so many amazing images. She’s another fierce female and the images from all the action look like a beautiful dance.

Which was the toughest movie you worked on?
You know they all have tough moments. For Everest we were shooting at 5154 metres – working at that altitude is brutal. Dark City was mentally tough and Mad Max Fury Road was both a physical and mental challenge but as I said before, the challenges give birth to some of the most wonderful images. You haver to funnel the emotion and exhaustion into your photography.
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“We are the most published photographers on the planet”
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“Stop scrolling to take a closer look”

“I think photography is more than just taking pictures. In the end, photography connected me to a lot of lovely people and I am very grateful for that!”

Rico Reinhold’s pictures are exactly those kind of pictures you would have liked to take yourself. In his youth the German photographer always kept his camera handy. This and his constant desire to learn the craft can definitely be seen in his works. We asked him for an interview where we chat to him about his work, the essence of a good picture and the future of photography.
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“Stop scrolling to take a closer look” An Interview with photographer Rico Reinhold
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From SuperMom to SuperHero | Photography by Annie Leibovitz

Gal Power
A day in the extraordinary life of Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot on Life, Love, Wonder Woman 1984—And How She and Her Family Are Coping With Crisis
Photography by Annie Leibovitz

This story, reported before COVID-19 began to take hold in the U.S., went to press as profound changes to daily life were being seen across the country. Gal Gadot, like every one of us, has been affected—her children’s school closed, her projects on hold, including the June release of Wonder Woman 1984 (as of now, it has been postponed to August 14). Reached in Los Angeles in mid-March with her family, she was upbeat: “Obviously the circumstances are horrible and frightening, but we’re home and we’re trying to make the best of it—to enjoy the quality time. It’s so surreal. I’ve never been through times like these. But I’m also full of hope for when it will be behind us.”
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Gal Power
From SuperMom to SuperHero

A day in the extraordinary life of Gal Gadot

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forever Elle

Elle Macpherson has been famous for a very long time. A model for four decades and counting, she holds the record of five cover appearances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, has acted in films and television (including Friends), hosted and produced television shows and made millions in business. She is a household name here and overseas, yet over the years she has managed to remain inscrutable—mysterious, even.
Photographer: Darren McDonald

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Elle Macpherson Is Our May Cover Star
She talks to Brigid Delaney about inner beauty, regaining her mojo and what she thinks of Goop.

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