‘Every time I am going to dinner with my friends, I always say, “You guys better stay off your phones, otherwise I am not coming.” It’s really important to be present in life.’

Growing up Irina Shayk had never seen a fashion magazine, now she’s one of the best-known models of her generation.
She talks to Jane Mulkerrins about how she did it, and why she’s so determined to keep her private life private

… The 32-year-old may have clocked up 10 million followers on Instagram, dated the world’s most famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, for five years, and now have a one-year-old daughter with her boyfriend, Hollywood A-lister Bradley Cooper. But none of this is up for discussion. Shayk has never spoken about her current or previous partners and, save for the occasional paparazzi shot and a select few red carpet appearances, such as this year’s Met Gala, she and Cooper are rarely seen together. This is not going to change today.

‘That’s why it’s called a personal life, because it’s mine,’ she says, simply but firmly. ‘I am really protective of it. I don’t feel like I have to talk about it or promote it. Outside of my job, I am a normal person, and I want to walk outside of my house like a normal person. I don’t want somebody sticking their nose in my stuff.’ Right then. I consider myself forewarned. At one point later on, I observe that it must be harder to travel for any length of time now that she has a daughter to get home to. ‘It’s true,’ she says, briskly shutting the subject down. Again. …

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Irina Shayk by Ellen von Unwerth
for Evening Standard Magazine July 2018


It’s About Soul with Chef Todd Richards

We’re always excited to be introduced to a number of creatives across verticals here at Athleisure Mag. A few weeks ago, we got an advanced copy of Soul: A Chef’s Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes and from the selected dishes, colorful imagery and the voice of Chef Todd Richards, we had to interview him for this month’s issue. He brings to life what soul food means as a genre and how it can be interpreted within its classic dishes as well as being utilized in other dishes that are not commonly thought to align with this category. Chef Richards is self-taught, passionate about educating others about the food and bringing the love and community that surrounds it.

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It’s About Soul with Chef Todd Richards
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Photographing Ballet Dancers: A Sigma Family Affair

My ongoing journey towards perfecting my skill is fueled by the passion of dance. Capturing these exquisite bodies in motion while expressing their art becomes an exchange of energy where an instant of beauty is held in time. The opportunity to capture these images with the latest array of amazing Sigma lenses makes this all possible. Many of the images you will see here are just a small part of a body of work that I have created over the last few years while using a variety of Sigma lenses. — Judy Host

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Photographing Ballet Dancers: A Sigma Family Affair
by Judy Host

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Small World

How would you fancy travelling the world, taking beautiful photographs in some of the most exotic locations and calling it work? For UK-born Jordan Hammond this dream has become a reality.

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The Big Interview
Jordan Hammond | Small World
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Photography is important to me because it combines all the things I really value.

“We recently spoke with Evan Batky, 19-year-old from Colorado, USA, who currently resides in Geneva, Switzerland. He tells us about his inspirations and why photography is so important to him.”

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Interview: Evan Batky
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The Light Fantastic

Manipulating natural light is an art form. Some photographers might argue that studio lighting takes exceptional skill to beautifully craft, but Calgary-based Ukrainian photographer Irene Rudnyk proves that available light is flexible, stunning and not to be underestimated.

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Creative natural-light photographer and acclaimed youtube presenter Irene Rudnyk speaks to Caroline Schmidt about building her successful channel, her style choices and her creative projects.

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James Musselwhite on shooting wrestlers

Canon photographer James Musselwhite explains how he accessed the closed-off community of pro wrestlers to shoot a spectacular personal project – and reveals why L-series lenses proved vital in delivering sharp, rich-coloured images.
To succeed as a photographer, you have to follow your passion. And that’s just what Canon photographer James Musselwhite has done, drawing on his love of wrestling to capture this weird and wonderful world with verve and style – as well as a kitbag full of Canon L-series lenses.

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James Musselwhite on shooting wrestlers
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