Visual Q&A with Gary Cummins

Gary Cummins, creates visions of spectacular wonder and ephemeral starry night skies. Recently Gary won Honorable Mention, for the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest, 2018. A travel photographer by trade, currently he is based in Toronto. Gary says, “I see photography as a means of meditation. A way to connect with the world around and to capture it so I can tell a story.”

How do you view the world?

Why photography?

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

What makes a great shot?

What is your trademark photographic style?

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Visual Q&A with Gary Cummins
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Visual Q&A with Alex Teuscher

Alex Teuscher is a self-taught photographer based in Geneva, Switzerland. His work is predominantly commercial based and editorial. Alex is a foodie, movie enthusiast and a world traveler. He states, “One of my dream places to visit would be Antarctica, and am hoping to make that a reality soon.” We asked Alex some questions, questions that can only be answered with images…

What truly inspires you?

What is an important lesson you have learned?

Where do you go when you close your eyes?

What makes a great shot?

Who are you?

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Visual Q&A with Alex Teuscher
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An Interview with Mark Singerman

Mark Singerman is a professional photographer from the United States. We spoke to Mark about photography, family, faith and all of the things in between in a fascinating interview.

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DEZINE Issue 07. Featuring creatives in the fields of art, design and photography. This issue features the work of Mark Singerman, Sienna Mae Allison, Christopher Bilagody, Bobby Holland and more.

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How to Create a Successful Travel Blog

Who doesn’t wish they could be a travel blogger? Just imagine traveling to the most beautiful parts of the world as your job. Dreamy. One thing travel bloggers have in common is that they make it look easy. Spoiler: It’s not. Just ask Rachel Rudwall, Emmy-nominated on-camera host, producer, camera operator, speaker, writer, photographer, and travel blogger. We caught up with her to get the inside scoop behind her hugely successful blog and Instagram @RachelRoams.

What advice would you give your former self or an aspiring travel blogger?
It’s going to take a long time to establish yourself as an expert who’s worthy of a paycheck, so be prepared to invest both time and funds into building your dream career. If it’s what you truly love, it’ll be worth it every step of the way.
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How to Create a Successful Travel Blog: An Interview with Rachel Roams
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” …today everything is on Instagram, everything is online, everything is posted right away and it lasts for 24 hours and then your photo is done… “

Water photographer Ben Thouard’s new photo book, “SURFACE,” takes you on a visual journey inside and underneath Tahiti’s best waves.

What’s your favorite image in the book?
There are a few, but one is defnitely the cover. I shot it over a year ago and I decided not to show it to anyone. I didn’t want to just release the photo on social media or on the web—which was really hard to do for one year. Nowadays with social media, when you shoot something it’s almost instantly online.

That’s another reason why I really wanted to work on this book: today everything is on Instagram, everything is online, everything is posted right away and it lasts for 24 hours and then your photo is done. It’s forgotten. As a photographer, it’s a really good tool, but it’s also really frustrating. I didn’t want to work on a collection of photos for Instagram. I wanted to work on something tangible.

Ben Thouard
Interview by Ashtyn Douglas

more in Surfer Magazine
volume 59 – Issue 5

On the cover:
While 99.9 percent of surf photographers spend the majority of their time aiming their lenses at what happens on the face of a breaking wave, Frenchman Ben Thouard has made a career out of capturing the ocean’s beauty beneath its surface. “This photo was taken at Teahupo’o last year,” says Thouard of the sub-surface image on page one of this issue. “I was exploring the underwater world, not giving too much attention to the surfers, and more to what happens under the surface. The light reflecting on the bubbles underwater fascinated me. At some point, I dove under water and just let go a ton of air while diving under the wave so when I turned back to shoot the waves I would have all my bubbles into the frame. I decided to focus on the bubbles and have a surfer in the background. It took me a few tries until I got the shot.” Photo by Ben Thouard

Passion Pursued — An Interview With Camera Maker Dora Goodman

Ever since we saw the camera work of Dora Goodman a few months back, we’ve been meaning to get her on the Magazine for an interview. Now that we did, we can’t help but grin as we look at her work and read what she has to say. Dora is the perfect example for the saying “Follow your heart.” She left her career in 3d animated graphics to take up camera making and boy are we glad that she did. All of her cameras are carefully built, purposely designed, and beautiful in form. Learn more about her and her work in this short interview and who knows, you might just get bitten by the camera craft bug.
Disclaimer: Lomography Magazine will not be responsible for the major GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) that you are about to experience.

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Passion Pursued — An Interview With Camera Maker Dora Goodman
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‘Every time I am going to dinner with my friends, I always say, “You guys better stay off your phones, otherwise I am not coming.” It’s really important to be present in life.’

Growing up Irina Shayk had never seen a fashion magazine, now she’s one of the best-known models of her generation.
She talks to Jane Mulkerrins about how she did it, and why she’s so determined to keep her private life private

… The 32-year-old may have clocked up 10 million followers on Instagram, dated the world’s most famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, for five years, and now have a one-year-old daughter with her boyfriend, Hollywood A-lister Bradley Cooper. But none of this is up for discussion. Shayk has never spoken about her current or previous partners and, save for the occasional paparazzi shot and a select few red carpet appearances, such as this year’s Met Gala, she and Cooper are rarely seen together. This is not going to change today.

‘That’s why it’s called a personal life, because it’s mine,’ she says, simply but firmly. ‘I am really protective of it. I don’t feel like I have to talk about it or promote it. Outside of my job, I am a normal person, and I want to walk outside of my house like a normal person. I don’t want somebody sticking their nose in my stuff.’ Right then. I consider myself forewarned. At one point later on, I observe that it must be harder to travel for any length of time now that she has a daughter to get home to. ‘It’s true,’ she says, briskly shutting the subject down. Again. …

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Irina Shayk by Ellen von Unwerth
for Evening Standard Magazine July 2018