Elegant Street Photography | Interview with Ando Fuchs

“Venice is one of my favorite places, the city offers me everything I need.” —Ando Fuchs

My interest in photography began in my youth, I photographed in color and without any particular ideas in mind, for some reason I stopped photographing but I never lost interest.
In 2009, I happened to get to know an amateur photographer who encouraged me to take up photography again; I credit him and another photographer whom I met later on as the reason I am photographing today. I am entirely self-taught and never leave home without my camera.

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Elegant Street Photography
by Ando Fuchs

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Meet Miss Moss

Model of the moment Lottie Moss opens up about fashion, feminism, and family.
Photographs by Lucian Bor

“I think feminism means so many things for so many people, and for me it’s just being stronger as a woman. It’s cool being part of this millennial generation.”
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Lottie Moss by Lucian Bor
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Live Music Photographer Jason Miller

From rank amateur to acclaimed pro in just four years, Jason Miller has combined his love of music and photography with impressive results. Having notched up over 500 gigs and festivals, we thought it was time we found out Jason’s secrets…

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Live Music Photographer Jason Miller
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San Francisco Noir

Fred Lyon takes us back to an era when trench coats and gentlemanly hats took strolls with ladies in heels. Through the night, lit up by possibility, his feature, San Francisco Noir is a compilation of photos from the 1940’s and 1950’s; a throwback to a time when you didn’t know whom you might meet on a rainy street or fall in love with in a jazz club.

“Fresh out of the navy after World War II, I had an opportunity to shoot fashion in New York. While I was never any competition for Penn or Avedon, that experience influenced everything that followed.”

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San Francisco Noir | Interview with Fred Lyon
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Issue 39 – August 2017

Work every angle

Dutch-Ecuadorian photographer Cris Toala Olivares is one of the new breed of young photographers carving out an eclectic career. He is fascinated by natural phenomena and engineered natural wonders, which he documents from helicopters and with drones as well as from the ground. His comprehensive work on volcanic eruptions, the Wadden Sea and Amsterdam’s canal belt speak to the beauty of working every angle. But as Cris explains to CPN Web Editor Deniz Dirim, to reach new heights you need to be business-savvy first…

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Work every angle
Cris Toala Olivares

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Landscapes by Jim Harmer

One thing photographers have in common is the desire to progress as artists. For some it might be technical skills, others the creative, more artistic side. And for many of us, it is both sides that we want to grow in. Fortunately some photographers that are further along that pathway are more then happy to share and teach others. Jim Harmer is one of those photographers. He’s got an amazing eye, brilliant technical skills and loves sharing his knowledge. You may have heard of Jim through his online site, Improve Photography or from his podcast or social media.

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We got together with Jim and asked how it all began…

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In conversation with Peter Cox

Peter Cox left behind the heady world of IT infrastructure design in the United States to return to his native Ireland, where he is now a full-time professional landscaper. A gallery owner and workshop leader, he is also passionate about technological innovation and has become a leading light in drone photography…
Interview by Nick Smith

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In conversation with Peter Cox
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