Outdoor Photographer Of The Year 2016 Category Winners

We are thrilled to announce the category winners of OPOTY 2016!
With over 17,000 images entered from over 50 countries around the world and a staggeringly high quality bar being set this year, the eight photographers below all deserve our accolades for coming out on top.

opoty2016aLive The Adventure by Kirsten Quist
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opoty2016bLight on the land by Stian Nesoy
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opoty2016cSmall World by Justin Garner
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opoty2016dUnder Exposed by Johan Sundelin
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opoty2016eYoung Outdoor Photographer of the Year – David Rosenzweig
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2016 Outdoor Photographer Of The Year Category Winners
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Behind every powerful image is a powerful story.

Canon’s Tales By Light

talesbylight01aUniting exploration, photography and the natural world, Tales by Light offers a rare glimpse into the eyes and minds of some of Australia and the world’s best photographic storytellers – Art Wolfe, Darren Jew, Krystle Wright, Richard I’Anson and Peter Eastway.

talesbylight01bShot in stunning 4K resolution, the six-part television series follows these five extraordinary photographers as they push the limits of their craft in little-known, little-covered and little-understood corners of the Earth.

talesbylight01cExperience the challenges, successes and moments of joy as these masters of their fields work to capture the perfect image. Driven by an insatiable desire to explore cultures, wildlife and landscapes through the camera’s lens, they blur the lines between art and photography, showing us our world in a new light.

talesbylight01dProduced by Canon Australia and award-winning cinematographer Abraham Joffe, Season One was shot in 15 countries over the course of one year.
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Behind every powerful image is a powerful story.
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Gorgeous Libraries, begging to be browsed

Gorgeous Libraries, begging to be browsed

Gold accents and spiral pillars add a sense of opulence to this den of information in one of the best-preserved cities in the western world. Finished in 1722, it has been updated over the years to include a ceiling by Jan Hiebl that adds a contemplative air to the rich surroundings.
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librairies12bTrinity College Dublin Library
The biggest collection of books in Ireland, the Dublin Library was originally designed with a flat roof, but was later raised to accommodate more books. Dark wood and marble throughout, one need only see the “Long Room” to be dazzled.
— – —

librairies12cGeorge Peabody Library
Johns Hopkins is known for scientific achievements and advances in medicine much more than artistry or mechanics, but looking at the Peabody you’d never know it. Floor to ceiling Greek revival, it’s delicate latticework at the top and dense columns below.
— – —

librairies12dStuttgart City Library
Opened in 2011, the minimalism of Stuttgart is proof that ornamentalism isn’t required for beauty to be attained. Looking for all the world like an Escher painting given life, it’s pristine cleanliness and striking lines speak of efficiency intersecting with aesthetics.
— – —

librairies12eIowa State Capitol Law Library
There’s much more than corn to be seen in the heartland of America. Completed in the late 1800’s, the Capitol Law Library of Des Moines is a Renaissance transplant filled with five stories of legal precedent interconnected by spiral iron staircases wending around ash and chestnut wood.
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21 of the Most Gorgeous Libraries, Begging To Be Browsed

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Blue Sky Days

Tomas van Houtryve is an artist, photographer and author who engages critical contemporary issues around the world.
In 2013, Tomas began working on Blue Sky Days, a drone’s-eye view of America. Images from the project were first published in Harper’s as the largest photo portfolio in the magazine’s 164-year history. The series was awarded the 2015 ICP Infinity Award and honors from POY, World Press Photo, the Photographic Museum of Humanity, and the White House News Photographer’s Association.

tomasvanhoutryve09a tomasvanhoutryve09b tomasvanhoutryve09c tomasvanhoutryve09dBlue Sky Days by Tomas van Houtryve
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Photography Jobs From Around The World

Place your DSLR on a tripod, adjust the lens to get the best possible composition, get the focus right, choose appropriate ISO setting, change shutter speed and aperture, go to timer mode and select five seconds, and then click. Being a photographer, these are things I never get tired of. It’s fun being a shutterbug, as you might also agree if you are fond of clicking as well. The ever changing world always throws perfect compositions at us, one of the reasons we never get tired of this hobby whether you are into fashion photography, or wildlife shooting, or one who just loves to roam around your city and click.

PhotographyJobs09a PhotographyJobs09b PhotographyJobs09c PhotographyJobs09d PhotographyJobs09e PhotographyJobs09f PhotographyJobs09gPhotography Jobs From Around The World
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Colorful Destinations Around the World

Colorful Destinations Around the World
Whether it’s the white of the Taj Mahal or the blue of Bora-Bora’s waters, a specific hue can affect how we remember a place.

NGcolorful07aPhotograph by Jaap Hart
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NGcolorful07bPhotograph by Frans Lanting
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NGcolorful07cPhotograph by Ander Gillenea
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NGcolorful07dPhotograph by Le Duc Tho
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NGcolorful07ePhotograph by Frans Lanting
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Colorful Destinations Around the World
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Life is Better At The Top

Life is Better At The Top

Rooftop07aPyramids at Giza – Cairo
Though the hotel itself bears the unremarkable name of the Pyramids Inn Motel, if you climb to the roof, you’ll be treated to one of the best views of the Giza pyramids to be found anywhere. Lined up along the horizon like Rockettes, it’s a wonderful sight, so long as it’s not obscured by sandstorms.

Rooftop07bBasilica di Santa Maria – Florence

Rooftop07cBarcelona – Spain

Rooftop07dCé La Vi – Singapore

Rooftop07eTour Montparnasse – Paris

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