“The shapes, shadows and textures of today’s architecture offers a wealth of composition opportunities.”

Jim Riche, in his series Urban Abstracts takes us through a tour of possibility, showing us how the contours of a building can move with the eye in such a way that the building seems to dance its way across your screen. The symmetry and the light of these manmade constructs are displayed beautifully.

jimriche02a jimriche02b jimriche02c jimriche02d jimriche02e— – —

Urban Abstracts by Jim Riche
more in:
Adore Noir
Issue 036 • February 2017

USA Landscape Photographer of the Year

The USA Landscape Photographer of the Year reveals the country’s vast and sublime geography.

usalpoty12aSunrise Illuminates Mount Rainier by Alex Noriega
Overall Winner, Adult
Nikon D600, 35mm, f/11, ISO 100. ‘Mount Rainier in Washington dominates the landscape,’ says Alex. ‘I knew I wanted something with a mid ground, and not a simple mirrored reflection from the shore of a lake. I found that spot here, high above Upper Tipsoo Lake, where the trees seemed to perfectly cradle the distant mountain and display the autumn foliage.’
— – —

usalpoty12bHalema’uma’u Crater by Raiatea Arcuri
Youth Winner, My USA
Sony Alpha 7S, 24mm, 20secs at f/2.8, ISO 500. ‘This was captured along the Kilauea Iki trail in Volcanoes National Park,’ says Raiatea. ‘I hiked down into the crater to capture some timelapse shots. However, my lenses fogged up and, disappointed, I hiked back to the top. When I got there, I was greeted by an amazing spectacle. The smoke plume coming out of the active crater looked twisted like a hurricane.’
— – —

usalpoty12cMammatus Makers by Terry Koyama
Winner, Environmental Value
Sony Alpha 7R II, 16-35mm, 1/4sec at f/4, ISO 100. ‘On this day there was storm activity in Kansas,’ says Terry. ‘Mammatus clouds could be seen for miles. The view from the wind turbines was surreal. As the sun set, the sky had an otherworldly red-orange glow.’
— – —

usalpoty12dWaimea Bay Beast, Oahu, Hawaii by Terry Koyama
Winner, Black & White
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 200-400mm, 1/640sec at f/5.6, ISO 800. ‘Although Waimea Bay was breaking, it was not an epic day compared to its big wave standards,’ says Terry. ‘But as the swells rolled into the inside there was more than enough energy to bring the shore break alive. The conditions were ideal as these enormous waves crashed on the shore producing huge explosions of white water.’
— – —

usalpoty12eMain Strike by James Menzies
Winner, Classic View
Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 17-40mm, 20secs at f/10, ISO 320. ‘For many years I have been travelling to Arizona for monsoon storm chasing for two weeks in the season,’ says James. ‘Until my birthday this year, I had failed to obtain any real lightning at the Grand Canyon. On this day an approaching storm started dropping a few bolts, so I got into position at Lipan Point on the South Rim just in case it lasted a bit longer. As the storm approached the canyon around sunset, the lightning increased. As it started rolling over the North Rim, it let loose with one of the most prolific lightning displays I have ever seen. I could feel the heat of the lightning as it was only striking one or two miles away.’
— – —

usalpoty12fCoastal lava tubes by Raiatea Arcuri
Overall Youth Winner
Sony Alpha 6000, 12mm, 0.4sec at f/11, ISO 100. This was captured along the Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii,’ says Raiatea. ‘What makes the Big Island special is the presence of lava tubes. Some of these tubes at the coast cause amazing water motion as the waves push water in and out. It can be an epic experience capturing it! The water can surge up to your waist and recede into the tube, creating a nice waterfall.’
— – —

usalpoty12gA Mysterious Lone Figure by Az Jackson
Winner, My USA
Canon EOS 5D, 24mm, 1/40sec at f/5.6, ISO 800. In this image taken in Brooklyn, New York, we find the lone figure of a man holding an umbrella while walking from the arches of the Brooklyn Bridge. As you can see, the mist surrounds him and helps to create an image of atmosphere. It’s further assisted by the fact that Az has chosen to convert his image to black & white, emphasising the graphic scene.
— – —

usalpoty12hPolytechnic University of Florida by Souvik Dutta
Urban adult – Winner
— – —

usalpoty12iThe Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Fort Point in San Francisco by Kyle Wolfe
Urban youth – Winner
— – —

USA Landscape Photographer of the Year
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Gorgeous Libraries, begging to be browsed

Gorgeous Libraries, begging to be browsed

Gold accents and spiral pillars add a sense of opulence to this den of information in one of the best-preserved cities in the western world. Finished in 1722, it has been updated over the years to include a ceiling by Jan Hiebl that adds a contemplative air to the rich surroundings.
— – —

librairies12bTrinity College Dublin Library
The biggest collection of books in Ireland, the Dublin Library was originally designed with a flat roof, but was later raised to accommodate more books. Dark wood and marble throughout, one need only see the “Long Room” to be dazzled.
— – —

librairies12cGeorge Peabody Library
Johns Hopkins is known for scientific achievements and advances in medicine much more than artistry or mechanics, but looking at the Peabody you’d never know it. Floor to ceiling Greek revival, it’s delicate latticework at the top and dense columns below.
— – —

librairies12dStuttgart City Library
Opened in 2011, the minimalism of Stuttgart is proof that ornamentalism isn’t required for beauty to be attained. Looking for all the world like an Escher painting given life, it’s pristine cleanliness and striking lines speak of efficiency intersecting with aesthetics.
— – —

librairies12eIowa State Capitol Law Library
There’s much more than corn to be seen in the heartland of America. Completed in the late 1800’s, the Capitol Law Library of Des Moines is a Renaissance transplant filled with five stories of legal precedent interconnected by spiral iron staircases wending around ash and chestnut wood.
— – —

21 of the Most Gorgeous Libraries, Begging To Be Browsed

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Mosques, Temples, Churches and Synagogues

Mosques, Temples, Churches and Synagogues

religioussite12aAl-Masjid an-Nabawi, Medina, Saudi Arabia
Home and tomb of the Prophet Muhammad, Al-Masjid an-Nabawi spreads out rather than up, allowing for a sense of openness and an interaction with nature that is central to the faith of adherents.
— – —

religioussite12bCathedral of Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil
The modern design of this sweeping comes from Oscar Niemeyer who made it with the intent of two hands reaching skyward to receive divine blessings. Inside and out it is unlike any other cathedral in the world, prominently displaying the intermixing of contemporary building styles with matters of devotion.
— – —

religioussite12cSheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
One of the few mosques in the area available to non-Muslims, Ramanathaswamy boasts more than 80 of the sterling marble domes. The entire structure is interlaced with delicate floral artwork and glittering stones, but the build is only traditional on the outside. Inside is more modern, offering a seamless melding of new and old.
— – —

religioussite12dEl Castillo, Chichén Itzá, Yucatan, Mexico
A starkly symbolic representation of the darker side of faith, El Castillo, the Mayan crown jewel of Chichén Itzá carries not only time-honored architecture, but also walls of skulls and scenes of warrior worship that marked the culture that would one day be wiped out by European invaders.
— – —

religioussite12ePhraya Nakhon Cave, Thailand
Stunning and serene, the perfect combination of natural beauty and man-made wonder allows this humble subterranean temple to be one of the most photographed places in the world, yet pictures cannot do the gentle, natural experience justice.
— – —

from: « 21 Amazing Mosques, Temples, Churches and Synagogues »
by M. W. Byrne

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The Best of Architecture Photography

Book of Inspiration

architecture11a« Future History ! »
John Kosmopoulos
— – —

architecture11b« Stripes »
Markus van Hauten
— – —

architecture11c« Mosque Sheikh Zayed »
Julien Gerard
— – —

architecture11d« Architecture in Amsterdam »
Jelle Harberts
— – —

architecture11e« Ribbons »
Sajin Sasidharan
— – —

architecture11f« Colored XIV »
Andreas Paehge
— – —

architecture11g« The Eye »
Maciej Radochonski
— – —

The Best of Architecture Photography
by Camerapixo

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These pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

Based in Siena, Italy, the Siena International Photo Awards garner submissions from photographers in over 100 countries around the world. The winner receives €1,500 (about $1,666 USD) as well as the coveted Pangea Prize.
The subject matters range from landscapes to subtle portraits to dramatic encounters in the animal kingdom, with categories such as nature, sport, travel, architecture, and a student division for up-and-coming photographers under the age of 20.

siena11aFirst place in People and Portrait: « Mother and Son » by Jiming Lv
— – —

siena11bPhoto of the Year: « Sardine Run » by Greg Lecoeur
— – —

siena11cFirst place in Travel: « Strawberry Greenhouses » by Leyla Emektar
— – —

siena11dFirst place in Open Color: « Phan Rang Fishing Net Making » by Danny Yen Sin Wong
— – —

siena11eFirst place in Sport: « Arctic Urban Skiing » by Audun Rikardsen
— – —

siena11fThird place in Open Color: « Central Black » by Isa Ebrahim
— – —

siena11gThird place in Architecture: « Windows » by Roberto Tagliani
— – —

From: « 33 incredible, award-winning photos that will make you fall in love with the world »
more at The Insider
— – —

siena11hThird place in Nature: « Galaxy Dolomites » by Ivan Pedretti

Serge Najjar: A Closer Look at the Ordinary

A Closer Look at the Ordinary
Serge Najjar

sergenajjar11aTwo Missing Pieces
— – —

sergenajjar11bReflected Red
— – —

sergenajjar11cZebra Facade
— – —

sergenajjar11dRed Closed Box
— – —

sergenajjar11eRubik’s House
— – —

Serge Najjar: A Closer Look at the Ordinary

Upcoming exhibition
January 6 — February 25, 2017

at Catherine Edelman Gallery