Speed merchant: James Wright on capturing motorcycle action

British superbike photographer James Wright has earned himself an enviable reputation for catching the thrills and excitement of motorcycle racing. He explains to CPN Editor David Corfield why quality and consistency keeps his customers coming back time and again…

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Superbike photographer James Wright shares his workflow for capturing top-speed action!

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The Drama of the Downhill | Christian Walgram

Award-winning sports and action photographer Christian Walgram spends nearly a quarter of a year on the world’s best ski slopes, capturing remarkable action images from skiers competing in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup. CPN Editor David Corfield discovers the challenges and rewards of capturing split-second action…

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The Drama of the Downhill
Christian Walgram

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Jan Kasl | Action Sports Photography

26 year old Prague based action photographer, Jan Kasl has already worked with various well known brands and riders and produced some excellent photographs. His passion for action sports along with photography has brought him into the world of professional athletes, breathtaking performances, inspiring people and amazing places all around the planet. He not only focuses on perfect timing, weather conditions and sunlight but also makes it a point to think conceptually and discover new techniques and get out of his comfort zone.

Jan Kasl | Action Sports Photography
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The Guide to Action & Adventure Sports Photography

Hiking, biking, skiing, skating, climbing, rafting, fishing, surfing—outdoor and adventure sports photography is a wildly popular niche that puts the photographer where the action is. What drives photographers to pursue this type of action is typically a love of the outdoors, sports and adventure that inspires or complements their passion for creating compelling visual stories.

In this guide, The Guide to Action & Adventure Sports Photography, we hear from photographers who have won one of the most exclusive action and adventure photography photo contests—Red Bull Illume. Photographers share the impact winning has had on their careers, tips to master storytelling and market their work, plus a look at the gear they use, and of course, tackling the elements.

GuideAASP02aChris Burkard

GuideAASP02bClark Fyans

GuideAASP02cJody MacDonald

GuideAASP02dStuart Gibson

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The Guide to Action & Adventure Sports Photography

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