Polaroid Socialmatic™ Camera


socialmatic” Socialmatic LLC announces they have signed a MoU agreement with C & A Marketing, the company grants rights to produce and market cameras and accessories under the Polaroid brand owned by PLR IP Holdings, LLC. The specific products covered under the terms of the deal is a new camera named Polaroid Socialmatic™ Camera. The agreement includes items as camera bags, lenses, filters and other camera accessories. “

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This day in history

anseladams001Ansel Adams Birthday

Nice article “10 Things You Didn’t Know About The American Photographer” with photos, a good read at : huffingtonpost.com

“Today is the birthday of American photographer and noted environmentalist, Ansel Adams, who is famous for his monochromatic landscapes and heartfelt enthusiasm for national parks. The photographer would turn 111 years old if he were still alive today.”

Happy Birthday Ansel Adams!

Roman Vishniac

Rediscovered – January 18 – May 5, 2013

romanvishniac01 romanvishniac02 romanvishniac03 romanvishniac04 romanvishniac05Roman Vishniac Rediscovered brings together four decades of work by an extraordinarily versatile and innovative photographer for the first time. Vishniac (1897–1990) created the most widely recognized and reproduced photographic record of Jewish life in Eastern Europe between the two World Wars.

These celebrated photographs were taken on assignment for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the world’s largest Jewish relief organization, from 1935–38, yet this exhibition follows the photographer’s long and accomplished career from the early 1920s through the 1950s

This exhibition introduces recently discovered and radically diverse new bodies of work by Vishniac, and repositions his iconic photographs of Eastern Europe within the broader tradition of 1930s commissioned social documentary photography. The exhibition is organized by ICP Adjunct Curator Maya Benton.”

From The International Center of Photography

Infrared Photography Inspirations and Tips

irphoto01 irphoto02 irphoto03 irphoto04“… The cheap solution for infrared photography is to use processed E-6 film strip as filter. The filter you want to use completely depends on your desire for getting results. There are many filters available in the market but B+W 77nm 093 F-PRO is quite good in removing the visible spectrum.
The Best way to do infrared photography is to convert your camera into an IR one. This gives more space for doing your photography. DSLR’s have low-pass filter which block the infrared light, so by replacing this filter with infrared sensitive one. By doing this, the camera becomes highly sensitive to IR light, as it is to Normal light. …”

by Mohamed Rias at smashingtips.com