Cherry Blossom in Colour

“I would like to see your photos of cherry blossom. You could show anything from a macro of a bud or single bloom, to branches or entire cherry blossom trees. Other things such as people can be shown in the image, but the cherry blossom must be dominant. All images must be in colour.”

Cherry blossom 2
by Borut Pihlar
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Cherry blossom
by Pamela Liu
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Sakura and anime-girls
by Yaroslava Gromova
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Ring-necked Parakeet
by Emma Durnford
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Cherry blossom in Virginia
by Jhafrix
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Cherry Blossom in Colour
Created and judged by Robert Snary
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House of the Rising Sun, Morning mood …

Landscapes by Lazar Ioan Ovidiu

House of the Rising Sun
Misty morning in Apuseni mountains, Romania
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Morning mood
A dream morning, from a colorful autumn, Romania
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Between Seasons
A sensational afternoon at Alpe di Siusi, after a snowstorm code red, which led to a imbinare between seasons
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Window to dreams
A moment of light at Piz Boe, Dolomites, Italy
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Red Ridge
Perfect mirror in a special morning, Dolomites, Italy
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Landscapes by Lazar Ioan Ovidiu
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Perspective: a small thing that makes a big difference

It sounds cliché to say, “it’s all a matter of perspective”, but in photography a slight change in your camera’s position can make a big difference to the overall look of your final image. Let me take you on a recent expedition to a local field to show you what I mean.
by Peter Baumgarten, Olympus Visionary

The Formula
Well, there really isn’t one, except perhaps – move and shoot (or is that, shoot and move). Each scene is different, but your viewer will be far more engaged if you offer an unusual view of your subject. Some suggestions include;
Shoot higher than eye level
Shoot lower than eye level
Shoot straight up or straight down
Move in close or back away
Frame your subject – use a door, window, arch, tree branch (this is a whole blog post on its own)
Switch lenses or focal lengths (again another blog post)
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Perspective: a small thing that makes a big difference
more by Peter Baumgarten
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The Essence of Feminine Beauty

Tatiana Lumiere is an international award-winning portrait photographer specialising in women’s portraiture and fine art conceptual photography which highlights the elusive and fragile essence of feminine beauty.
She is known for her creative use of natural elements such as water and fog. Combining photography and digital painting with precise posing results in the creation of timeless portraits that look more like artworks than photography.

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Tatiana Lumiere
Philadelphia, PA and Sarasota, Fl
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