The Sea has Stories

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of red and cosy up with the Winter issue of White Horses. Issue 29 opens with a stunning image by Paul Smith of Nic Brewer at Noosa, and flows into the rich collection of stories and photos that has made White Horses so treasured.

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The Sea has Stories
White Horses | Issue Twenty Nine

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It’s Time to Get Soaked in Passion

Water is a highly sensual playground, and can serve as an exciting alternative to the bedroom. From the shower, to bathtubs and Jacuzzis, pools, the ocean, lakes, rivers and brooks, there is a great deal of sexual pleasure that you can experience in water-considered by many to be a sensual and erotic aphrodisiac.

WET submerges you into new depths of ecstasy. Featuring full-color, highly artistic and titillating photographs, shot on location in Los Cabos, Mexico, the book provides readers with suggestions for various aquatic venues and sex positions, aqueous foreplay and masturbation techniques, methods for simultaneous orgasms underwater, recommendations for water-friendly sex toys, as well as sexy games you can play in and under the water.

Testimonials and anecdotes from people who have engaged in aquatic sex are also included. No matter what your particular situation, making love in the water can take you a step away from your typical love life and add some spontaneity and adventure to the mix. WET is an ideal book for honeymooners or people who treasure “vacation sex.”

Wet: Erotic Adventures in Water by Ellen Kate
Photography by Allan Penn

Landscapes by Fabian Roßhirt

Fabian Roßhirt is a professional landscape photographer based in Germany. It is his passion to capture unique moments in a photo. He loves to share his knowledge of digital photography to inspire even more people for this passion, in particular landscape photography – once you have started with it, you can never stop it. He is an expert in digital image processing with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

St. Sebastian in Ramsau
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Alpine Treasure
Evening light at the beautiful mountain lake “Hintersee”
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Es Pontás
Crystal clear water at Es Pontás
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Light in the Dusk
Sunset at Lighthouse Cap Formentor on Mallorca
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Landscapes by Fabian Roßhirt
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West Greenland’s Tales

Greenland is a land of harshness and contrast. Dark and freezing-cold in winter, in summer it changes its face and bathes in sunshine for months on end. In the west of the huge island lies Disko Bay, a haven of still water and beautiful landscapes. The magnificent Sermeq Qujalek (Ilulissat Glacier), which connects to the bay through the 60km long Kangia Fjord, is one of the world’s fastest moving glaciers, constantly producing enormous icebergs, which float along the fjord to be dispersed in the bay. After a long summer where the sun never sets, it first touches the horizon in late July, producing unbelievable light on the bay and its icebergs. This is the perfect timing to set sail among these giants, capturing the arctic night in all its glory.

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Travel to Magic Greenland
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Trees, Woods & Forests

In this category we celebrate the tree in all its diverse forms. From the gnarled old oak to the mighty redwood, from the garden apple tree to the wild forests, we are inviting you to show us how important trees are in our lives and in the health of our planet. Winning tree images will reveal the treasures of our great woods and forests as well as the beauty of a solitary tree. How do people and trees live side by side in one world? How does a tree create a sense of well-being? The judges will be looking for tree images that seek to address these questions, as well as those that portray the simple beauty of our planet’s trees.

‘Misty Bayou’
by Roberto Marchegiani
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‘In Flames’
by Paul Marcellini
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by Andy Farrer
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‘The Ancients’
by Paul Marcellini
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‘Autumn Sunset’
by Tim Burgess
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Trees, Woods & Forests
Single entry award winners – Competition 12
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Water, water everywhere, make your shutter blink…

Water, water everywhere, make your shutter blink, water, water everywhere, show us what you think (sorry Coleridge). This is the round to embrace H2O, whether you’re photographing cool splash art, misty waterfalls and milky seas or you have something meaningful to say about this life-giving substance.

Safe From Harm
by Doug Richardson
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Tides | Australia
by Lee Mumford
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Drama Drangarnir
by Kai Hornung
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Frozen in Time
by Jacquie Matechuk
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by Handytdj
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Water | Photographic Competition
Part of Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2019
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” …today everything is on Instagram, everything is online, everything is posted right away and it lasts for 24 hours and then your photo is done… “

Water photographer Ben Thouard’s new photo book, “SURFACE,” takes you on a visual journey inside and underneath Tahiti’s best waves.

What’s your favorite image in the book?
There are a few, but one is defnitely the cover. I shot it over a year ago and I decided not to show it to anyone. I didn’t want to just release the photo on social media or on the web—which was really hard to do for one year. Nowadays with social media, when you shoot something it’s almost instantly online.

That’s another reason why I really wanted to work on this book: today everything is on Instagram, everything is online, everything is posted right away and it lasts for 24 hours and then your photo is done. It’s forgotten. As a photographer, it’s a really good tool, but it’s also really frustrating. I didn’t want to work on a collection of photos for Instagram. I wanted to work on something tangible.

Ben Thouard
Interview by Ashtyn Douglas

more in Surfer Magazine
volume 59 – Issue 5

On the cover:
While 99.9 percent of surf photographers spend the majority of their time aiming their lenses at what happens on the face of a breaking wave, Frenchman Ben Thouard has made a career out of capturing the ocean’s beauty beneath its surface. “This photo was taken at Teahupo’o last year,” says Thouard of the sub-surface image on page one of this issue. “I was exploring the underwater world, not giving too much attention to the surfers, and more to what happens under the surface. The light reflecting on the bubbles underwater fascinated me. At some point, I dove under water and just let go a ton of air while diving under the wave so when I turned back to shoot the waves I would have all my bubbles into the frame. I decided to focus on the bubbles and have a surfer in the background. It took me a few tries until I got the shot.” Photo by Ben Thouard