Global Roaming | Chris McLennan

Chris McLennan is a New Zealand based travel photographer who works for tourism industry clients around the globe. He has photographed in over 50 different countries to date and has received a number of internatonal photography awards. He is an ambassador for camera brand Nikon and computng giant HP. He also holds endorsement relatonships with Lexar, Lowepro and AquaTech.

Actually to call him a travel photographer is something of a misnomer, as Chris works across travel related genres such as lifestyle, adventure, wildlife and natural history with equal aplomb. The fact that all of these necessitate travel – because his clients and shoot locatons are spread all over the globe – is perhaps the strongest link. In this feature, we’ve chosen to focus on his lifestyle and adventure imagery.

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Global Roaming by Chris McLennan
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In Love with the Ocean

Sofia Resing by Cintia Barroso Alexander

In Love with the Ocean
Photographs by Cintia Barroso Alexander
Styling by Grace Maier
Model: Sofia Resing
Hair & Make up: Nina Tatavitto (Louisa Artists) sponsored by Hickenbick
Production: Maier AgencyFilm: André Schmidt
Post Production by Kristina Woldanowski
Location and special Thanks to Grand Isle Resort and Villas Exuma
Text : CW

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Photographs by Jon Kolkin

Work exploring the landscape, capturing the motion of water where it meets the earth.
Utilizing camera movement, combined with the photographic element of time, to create evocative images.
The photographs display a sense of graphic design within a universal theme of harmony and balance.

jonkolkin12a jonkolkin12b jonkolkin12c jonkolkin12d jonkolkin12eJon Kolkin is known for his minimalist style, stripping away all distractions and focusing on the sole of his subject matter. Like many artists before him, Jon has had a love affair with both the arts and the sciences. He was first introduced to photography as a young boy working in his father’s darkroom. He expanded his artistic horizons, becoming a nationally recognized clarinetist who toured Europe with the National Youth Symphony.

These passions, combined with his fascination with the sciences, resulted in Jon’s decision to pursue a major in chemistry at Emory University with a minor in the Arts. After college he received a degree in Medicine and has been a practicing Hand Surgeon for over 29 years. However, he never abandoned his love for the arts, taking photography courses at night while simultaneously completing his residency in Orthopedics. Jon has found novel & unique ways of combining his dual passions. He travels around the world as a medical volunteer while simultaneously working on photographic projects. Jon serves on the faculty of the Maine Media (Photographic) Workshops and is a frequent lecturer on the topic of using photography as a tool for achieving personal growth.

His captivating images have won numerous awards and have drawn the attention of private collectors throughout the United States and abroad. His work is also included in corporate & museum collections as diverse as the Ritz Carlton, the Carter Center for International Peace, Emory University, the Maine Museum of Photographic Art and Bank of America. Jon’s artwork has also been featured in numerous solo & group exhibitions around the country and in prominent photography magazines such as B&W, Color and Camera Arts.

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Photographs by Jon Kolkin

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WATER features Canadian artist Edward Burtynsky’s exploration of humanity’s increasingly stressed relationship with the world’s most vital natural resource. Between 2007 and 2012, Burtynsky travelled the globe, from the Gulf of Mexico to the shores of the Ganges, crafting an ambitious representation of water’s increasingly fragmented lifecycle. In enormous, color prints Burtynsky’s aerial images trace the various roles that water plays in modern life—as a source of healthy ecosystems and energy, as a key element in cultural and religious rituals, and as a rapidly depleting resource. Sometimes elegant, sometimes haunting, the abstract pictures hover between the worlds of painting and photography, forming a compelling global portrait of water that functions as an open-ended question about humanity’s past, present, and future relationship with the natural world.

PAM_Cerro_Prieto_Geothermal-Mexico PAM_Pivot_Irrigation-11-High_Plains PAM_Rice_Terraces-2-Yunnan_Province



PAM_VeronaWalk-FloridaPhoenix Art Museum presents global portrait of water in new photography exhibition.

Steele Gallery
July 1, 2016 to September 18, 2016

WATER by Edward Burtynsky
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Liquid Mountains by Dave Sandford

Liquid Mountains by Dave Sandford
Dave Sandford, who is best known for his sports photography, spent October to December capturing images of the waves of Lake Erie. Each photo shows an eerie immensity and power that can be found on the lake. The series is called “Liquid Mountains”, which is an accurate description for the waves that come in the surprisingly shallow lake.

DaveSandford02a DaveSandford02b DaveSandford02c DaveSandford02d DaveSandford02e DaveSandford02ffrom:
“Images show beauty, immensity of Lake Erie’s waves”
by Sophie Kruse

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Barbara Vaughn

Vaughn’s vibrant, large-scale photographs use the natural world to explore abstraction and the visual and cognitive phenomena of perspective. Through her unique approach, Vaughn is able to create images that appear almost wholly disconnected from her original subject matter—mainly the protected harbors of the Aegean, the Adriatic, and the East Coast.

Because these waters are in constant motion, the reflections caught in a small fraction of a second are not readily discernible as distorted vessels, buildings, lampposts, and other manmade entities. By so dramatically detaching an image from its context—in this case, a continuous sequence of imperfect though readable impressions etched across the waters’ surface—Vaughn prevents us from easily recreating the original subject. In so doing, she pushes us to engage our powers of imagination in unexpected ways.

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Barbara Vaughn

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500 Reflections Photo Contest Winners
Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shot showing reflections in this limited photo contest. We truly appreciate the collaboration of the many photographers that provided their feedback voting for their favorite shots helping us find the following winners:

reflectionsPC01Congratulations People’s Choice “Rocky Reflections” by patrick9x9

reflectionsPC02“Infinity Reflection” by davidrelph

reflectionsPC03“Symmetry” by craigcolvin

reflectionsPC04“Dawn on Lake Salubria, Bath, NY” by Annette_O69

reflectionsPC05“Fishing boat Lamai Koh Samui 27-05-14″ by rhino886

reflectionsPC06“Moraine Lake Sunrise” by jameswheeler

reflectionsPC07“Windy Climate” by F8user

reflectionsPC08“Foliage Reflection” by Eddienguyen03

reflectionsPC09“b&wreflection” by RJHPhoto

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